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AnyCoin Capital Review – Warning Sings All Over The Place

Overview of AnyCoin

AnyCoin Capital is a daughter company of NanTrade LLC. This entity is registered in the country known as a hub for scammers. That’s St. Vincent and Grenadines. Since 2022 they provide trading services worldwide.

But to see if they are doing that legitimately as they claim, read our latest AnyCoin Capital review. But don’t miss also latest updates on Kurmay Global and ProfitiX reviews. Much new information is waiting for you.

Company Nan Trade LLC
Headquarters St. Vincent and Grenadines
Warning N/A
Platforms Web trader
Minimum Deposit 1.000 EUR
Leverage 1:100
Spread N/A
Review Rating Average 4.2 on Trustpilot

How Are You Protected at AnyCoin Capital? License and Security

With registration in SVG, they are trying to stay anonymous. Financial Securities Authority (FSA) is not issuing trading licenses for a long time. Mostly because of many scammers that registered there. Thus, AnyCoin Capital scam broker presents itself as licensed there. That’s a first warning sign.

On top of that, the company listed on its website numerous regulatory bodies where they allegedly have licenses. Thus, none of these institutions have ever dealt with this broker. Especially not Tier 1 regulators like CFTC, NFA, SEC, FINRA or any other.

With this in mind, you know that everything on their website is there for one reason. To attract you to deposit big amounts of money.  But your money is not protected at all.

Trading Platform Overview

At least a bit of invested money went to software development. Besides web trader traders can use as well desktop and mobile versions of the same trader. However, such a platform is not even close to being trusted as Meta Trader. Or even lately popular cTrader.

Investment scam operated by AnyCoin Capital is based on manipulation. Whether of a client or market data. Which is possible with the software that they have. Instead, we suggest everyone try a Tier 1 licensed broker with MT4 at least.

 AnyDesk and TeamViewer

Important to realize is that this broker promotes third-party remote control apps. For example, AnyDesk and TeamViewer. This way they can access your device and do whatever they want.

Whether to collect personal information, banking information or even transfer funds. But once you realize that it’s too late.

Account Types at AnyCoin Capital

For a non-licensed broker that openly lies about regulation, they have quite a high minimum deposit. With AnyCoin Capital scam broker there are 8 account types available.  Those are:

  • Mini                          1.000 EUR
  • Conservative             5.000 EUR
  • Standard                   10.000 EUR
  • Tax-Advantaged        25.000 EUR
  • High-yield                 50.000 EUR
  • Diamond                   100.000 EUR
  • VIP                           250.000 EUR
  • Wealth premium        1M EUR

Important to realize is that all benefits of accounts are related to help from their market analysts. Leverage goes up to 1:100, while all regulators they mentioned allow way lower leverage than that. Moreover, the broker promotes bonuses that are strictly banned by many regulators. Especially in Europe. Mainly due to malicious clauses that prevent traders to withdraw money.

Thus, the big disadvantage is missing demos and micro-accounts. But also an Islamic account which is popular nowadays.

Deposits and Withdrawals Process

There is a vast of funding methods presented on their website. However, if you can really use all of those it’s questionable. Even more, knowing that this is a scam broker. That will most likely persuade traders to deposit money via less trusted options like cryptos. Anyway, you can choose between:
Debit/Credit cards

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • QIWI
  • Sofort
  • Bitcoin

However, without a transparent withdrawal policy, everything is possible. We also discovered that even funding methods are not as they claim to be. Looks like this scam broker uses the Cardeta payment service which is known for fraudulent activities.

How is the Scam Performed?

The company is luring traders through campaigns to register first. Once you do that they will relentlessly call you and try to trick you into depositing. But that never stops. They will do that over and over again until they get out everything from you.

Some scammers are even ready to pressure traders to get loans. But once traders want to collect their profits broker starts making excuses. Everything is perfect as long as you are giving money to them. But once you want to take it out they make up withdrawal fees, inadequate documentation, taxes and many more. In the end, traders end up with frozen accounts and no contact from the broker whatsoever.

Get Helpful Information Delivered Directly To Your Inbox

Let us know first what was your experience with this broker. But also if you have any questions regarding trading companies. If you would like to know more about trading companies and how to stay safe, get in touch with us.

Our specialized team can provide you with detailed information and guidance. But also can help you to recover money if you were a victim of a scam. Contact us today and book your first free consultation.

AnyCoin Capital Summary

The company is misleading traders heavily. They are openly lying about licensing. With a missing demo account, you can’t test their services. On top of that, they are lying about funding methods and there’s no withdrawal policy. Every single aspect of this company is pointing to an illicit scam. Avoid at all costs, because they don’t have regulations to protect you.

FAQs About AnyCoin Capital Broker

What Kinds of Accounts Does AnyCoin Capital Have?

There are 8 different account types, all requiring more and more money for miserable benefits.

How is My Security Ensured When Using AnyCoin Capital?

It’s not ensured. There is no regulation or any other fund protection measure.

What Funding Methods Are Accepted at AnyCoin Capital?

The broker claims to accept various funding methods. But in reality, they use fraudulent Cardeta.

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