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Brokers reviews

Elliott Wave Forecast Review
Elliott Wave Forecast Review: Does Quality Justify High Costs?

The risk involved with the online investment business comes in many forms. One of these is the diffi…

Funds For Traders Review
Funds For Traders Review: Low Cost Challenges Attract Beginners

Having a shabby website built on a WordPress pattern doesn’t exactly scream “quality investment …

Waka Funding Review
Waka Funding Review: Low Profit Split is The Least Of Your Concerns

Proprietary trading firms are known to be subject to weak regulatory oversight or no legal supervisi…

Chase Buchanan Review
Chase Buchanan Review: Grow Your Wealth With a Professional Service

Expertise, experience and regulation are just some of the benefits of conducting business with this …

Optimal Traders Review
Optimal Traders Review: Optimal Service Comes at High Price

While this firm may be legally incorporated in the UAE, we still have questions about their broker p…

NextLevelFunding Review
NextLevelFunding Review: Next Level Con Devised to Rob You Blind

While the prop trading business is a largely unregulated niche of financial services, some nations a…

Tradiac Review
Tradiac Review: Scandinavian Proprietary Trading Excellence

The market for proprietary trading is growing exponentially. While the quality of business remains q…

Formed Funding Review
Formed Funding Review: Bogus Prop Firm Formed to Rip You Off

Prop trading is an invaluable service for many retailers who lack the necessary budget to make their…

MPFunds Review
MPFunds Review – Well Rounded Service yet Still Fails to Impress

Forex prop firms are all the rage, and companies are constantly trying to one up one another by offe…

WeGetFunded Review
WeGetFunded Review – Not Even a Modicum of Legitimacy

Proprietary trading firms provide a business model that is not yet strictly regulated. They are stil…