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Axsio Review – Is Entrusting Your Assets To a Wise Choice?

Axsio Review

Axsio portrays itself as a leading entity in the brokerage field in Germany, offering online trading services. They claim to assist investors of every level, giving them numerous options in global financial markets.

Potential clients can find Axsio crypto, trading room, platforms, and account types designed to equip users with all the tools and resources necessary for success, whether a beginner or a professional trader. They also claim to offer top-notch customer service, asserting that clients are never left unsupported. 

However, it is ironic that they offer these services, wanting to give a perspective they are reliable, yet, they operate without regulation. The authenticity of these claims remains uncertain since we found no reliable source to confirm they are regulated by an official regulatory body.

Our research team discovered no positive aspect or doing from this entity, which is a major red flag as to why you shouldn’t invest with them. 

Axsio regulation – Licensed Status

Our investigation reveals a concerning fact that this company isn’t regulated. Every client seeking a trustworthy firm must conduct thorough research and make sure that they are regulated by an official body. In Germany, brokerage firms are regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), and being unregulated can mean Axsio broker is scamming its users.

The law requires brokerage firms to be licensed and regulated by BaFin, ensuring they stick to following strict financial and ethical standards. Not being regulated only gives off a picture that the company is disregarding these rules, potentially putting client’s investments at risk. Moreover, our research team discovered an investor warning by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) in Austria against Axsio’s regulation acts.

The warning was issued on January 26th, 2024, on their official website www.fma. Their name pops up as well on the authorized form Consob, the government authority responsible for regulating the Italian markets.

Traders must exercise caution and avoid investing with Axsio since no regulation and the warning from FMA, indicate only negative outcomes when dealing with this entity. Traders must prioritize safety and try only to engage with regulated firms to protect their finances.

Axsio reviews – User Experience

Research conducted on Axsio showed only negative feedback from its users. On a reliable and popular form Trustpilot, the company received a score of 2.6, 4 reviews total, all 4 giving them a 1 star.

The main problem people have is with Axsio’s withdrawal and return policy, their deceptive practices, and failure to deliver them, leading to financial losses for investors. Affected individuals turned to immediate assistance from debt collection.

We advise users of that option as well, and if you have any other problem with this company, feel free to contact us. Additionally, if you are on the lookout for a proper trading education, be sure to read our review on Gemify Academy

Where’s Axsio Present?

This Forex operator has a presence in multiple regions. After conducting research, we discovered that the distribution of clients is in the following:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Croatia

Since all listed countries are in the European Union, there are laws mandatory for brokerage firms operating in Europe and are designed to protect investors, ensure market process, and retain financial stability.

Minimum capital €730 000
Client funds segregation
Compensation scheme up to €20 000
Leverage restriction 1:30
Bonuses Banned

Nevertheless, Axsio without regulation means they do not operate by these rules, hence them being unreliable, and we highlight again not to fall victim to their shady actions. 

Trading Accounts – Is Trading Profitable?

We are going to list Axsio trading accounts stated on their website and what those accounts allegedly offer.

Standard – USD 10 000

  • Up to 25% margin credit 
  • Business Academy
  • Weekly market overview
  • Account manager

Bronze – USD 25 000

  • Up to 30% margin credit
  • Daily market overview and portfolio progress report
  • Work with portfolio manager
  • 24/7 account monitoring

Silver – USD 50 000

  • Up to 35% margin credit
  • Daily market overview and portfolio progress report
  • Work with portfolio manager
  • 24/7 account monitoring
  • Monthly meeting with certified accountant

Gold – USD 100 000

  • Up to 50% margin credit
  • Daily market overview and portfolio progress report
  • Work with portfolio manager
  • 24/7 account monitoring
  • Monthly meeting with certified accountant
  • Weekly live stream trading webinar
  • Year-end summary with certified tax specialist

All accounts posses leverage 1:200. They also list a VIP and PRO accounts which offer higher leverage and other beneficial services. On another note, if you are looking for a stock research tool? Search no more, read all about it in our review MarketBeat 

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

If you’ve deposited funds with Axsio, as we already said in this review, consider requesting a withdrawal right away. However, in researching Axsio’s feedback from its clients, this company is known to resist returning user’s money.

If you were a client who used Visa or Mastercard, both cards allow chargebacks within 540 days for victims of investment fraud. Always contact your bank first for assistance. 

The best chance of recovering your money from them, explore all available options. We state that this problem also happens with regulated firms, but since this entity is unregulated, having problems with Axsio withdrawal is expected.


In conclusion, when you take a glance at Axsio, this may appear like a legitimate brokerage firm, offering innovative trading platforms and promising high returns. However, every possible aspect that this company had to prove they were trustworthy, collapsed.

As our team dug even deeper, there were only more warning signs giving a clearer picture of this entity’s actions. From operating without regulation to facing negative feedback from clients and warnings from financial authorities, Axsio’s reliability is more than just questionable.

We advise potential investors to make exercising caution mandatory when they decide to embark on their trading experience. Always conduct thorough research before committing funds to any brokerage company. Check reviews, verify their regulation status, and seek advice from experts.

Not just this case, but all scam brokers we review, serve as a reminder of the importance of careful examination of a broker in the financial industry, where fraud and shady practices are unfortunately very common. 


What is Axsio?

It’s a company operating without regulation, they scam people and clients should avoid this broker

Is Axsio a Legit Broker?

No, they are unregulated and have an investor warning from an official regulatory body FMA

How to Choose a Good Trading Company?

Make sure they have a proper regulation authorized by the official authorities, and read all reviews online, positive and negative reviews help in choosing the right choice

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