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Blockstream Green Review: Pushing the Boundaries of Possibility

Blockstream Green Review

Rare are the developers who have contributed to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem as much as this firm. With their slew of software and hardware solutions, you need not look elsewhere for any of your BTC needs.

Today we take a look at one company that pushes the limits of what blockchain technology can do in our Blockstream Green review.

General information
Name Blockstream
Type of the company Software developer
Regulation status No / None required
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in Malta
Contact info [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Level 3, Valletta Buildings, South Street, Valletta, Malta

Sooftware Proprietary
Majority of clients are from United States, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom
Customer support Email, contact form
Compensation fund No

Incorporation and Line of Work

Blockstream Green wallet was established in 2014, by Lawrence Nahum who is the chief architect today at the company. First established in Montreal, Quebec, the company was discontinued in 2018.

Since then, the company has existed in several locations with headquarters in Malta since 2018. Being transparent and honest about their business, the conduct is far more reliable than companies like Beta-Tech.

As a technology entrepreneur, Lawrence had a vision to bring innovative and disruptive tech to market. Before Blockstream, he was in the position of CEO at GreenAddress ( which claims to be the first world’s company to bring the multi-signature Bitcoin wallet to the market.

The main mission of the company today is to build an advanced crypto infrastructure based on Bitcoin, which is considered to be the safest blockchain. Dr Adam Back (CEO), Erik Svenson and Jeff Boortz are also a part of the project.

Blockchain Development at its Core

The company is well known on the web, and is often featured on various sites and platforms. You may find its official profiles on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Medium and YouTube. Additionally, the firm has its own Wikipedia article, and features a Telegram community group.

The main selling points of the service are ease of setup and use, good accessibility, and a slew of supporting software. The company’s blockchain broadcast satellite network is a huge contribution to the crypto ecosystem in general.

Reputation Suffering From Bias

Clients who are happy with a mainstream service take it for granted, and never bother to comment until they’ve had a bad experience. This is what we see with Blockstream Green reviews on TrustPilot.

Many testimonials are of disgruntled users who complain about customer support they received. Others, however, claim to have been defrauded by a copycat site, or a Telegram group intruder. It’s best to stay informed and keep your guard up.

What is Blockstream Green and How It Works?

The main subject of today’s review is the company’s flagship product. Blockstream Green is a software Bitcoin wallet that combines the security, control and convenience of one single multilingual package.

It is a mobile device software wallet capable of integration with BTC hardware wallets like Blockstream Jade, Trezor and Ledger. The authentication may be performed either through Singlesig or 2FA with additional timelock and backup keys.

Some of the wallet’s adaptability is reflected through full API support and total fee control, and enhanced privacy with no KYC required. The software is available via GooglePlay, AppStore, GitHub and F-Droid.

Other Products

Every pioneer in a field is characterized by persistence. Raymond James is a good example of that. This firm follows a similar path. By employing cutting edge technology and secure engineering, the firm wishes to empower the financial markets. 

Core values that the company nourishes is permissionless innovation, not trusting but verifying and bringing a fair financial system to everyone. Among the other, most popular products, we’ll revise several of them.

Liquid Network

This is a Bitcoin layer-2 which enables issuing of the digital assets, security tokens in particular. Thanks to it, users can execute swaps by employing non-custodial orderbooks. At that, clients ensure their financial safety and privacy because of transactions being confidential and secure.

Blockstream Finance

One area the company prouds on is the financial arm called Blockstream Finance. It serves as a launchpad for Bitcoin-focused financial instruments. 

Blockstream Mining Note (BMN) minimizes the costs of mining by allowing investors to skip running their own mining operation. Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note, on the other hand, creates an earning opportunity for undervalued mining assets.

Blockstream AMP

Digitizing one’s assets has never been simpler with the AMP’s flexible API. Clients can quickly issue assets and at the same time keep an eye on their digital wealth. In the end, granular ownership restrictions are implemented with the help of these two elements, as well.

Blockstream Jade

To secure their Bitcoin, clients are advised to acquire Jade for a price of just $64.99. The company markets their hard wallet as an easy to use, open-source hardware wallet with advanced security. Additional layer of protection is added through Multisig Shield technology.

Blockstream Mining

Blockstream Green mining solutions offered to institutional investors and private individuals are the inventions of the company’s CEO. Company’s modular Bitcoin mining units increase efficiency and conserve energy. That’s why investors are encouraged to host their Bitcoin mine at the firm’s facilities.

Blockstream Satellite

An especially interesting side project is the company’s engagement in broadcasting the Bitcoin blockchain around the world 24/7. This is a free service. It is done in order to nullify network interruptions, thus enabling the areas with poorer internet connection to also be able to use Bitcoin.

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What is Blockstream Green?

It is a crypto wallet software solution developed by one of the most prominent companies in the industry.

How Safe is Blockstream Green Wallet?

The wallet is very safe, with numerous embedded security solutions. It is not the safest, however, and users can instead opt for a hard wallet from the same developer.

Is Blockstream a Legit Company?

Yes, the company is completely legitimate, and is legally registered in Malta.

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