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Botsfolio Review – Could This Software Be Your Ticket to Success in Crypto Trading?

Botsfolio Review

Several tools similar to Botsfolio are trying to simplify market monitoring and asset trading. Botsfolio crypto bot is a unique trading bot that automates trading decisions based on user preferences and market insights.

Suitable for beginners without coding or trading expertise, Botsfolio’s features, advantages, and disadvantages in the crypto trading landscape will be explored in this review.

General information
Name Botsfolio
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2020
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email 
Trading platforms WebTrader
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Ukraine, Nepal, United Kingdom
Customer support Email, social media
Compensation fund N/A

About Botsfolio

Botsfolio tailors its trading strategy to the assets available on its platforms. Users can set their trading options, plan for future trades, and manage risk with minimal investment. The Botsfolio automated trading bot allows users to automate trades based on their investment strategies or recommendations from the platform. 

After registering, users can input their assets and select a trading strategy that suits their risk tolerance. New users can also visit the website to preview the outcomes of crypto trading strategies before signing up. This crypto trading platform serves as a valuable tool to analyze trading decisions and identify profitable trends. 

Crypto Trading with AI

Botsfolio AI has the purpose of enhancing the trading experience. Botsfolio’s AI algorithms analyze market data from various sources to identify patterns and trading opportunities.

With AI, the platform can suggest trading strategies based on market conditions, risk tolerance, and investment goals. With this, users can potentially increase profits. It can also execute trades on behalf of the user, based on the criteria, without the need for manual intervention.

Overall, Botsfolio aims to provide valuable insights and help users make more informed decisions in the cryptocurrency market using AI.

Performance calculator

Users have the option to use the platform’s calculator to check returns and compare past performance with other markets. Some applicants in reviews said their only wish is there is a Botsfolio app available as well.

Users registered with the platform get the option of Botsfolio to determine the total value of their assets on supported exchanges. The Botsfolio performance calculator can then allocate investments to execute trades, aiming for predictable changes and safe profits.

After entering all assets or connecting their crypto wallets and exchanges, users can receive investment advice from the bot. This bot develops a strategy based on current market patterns and anticipated fluctuations.

User Feedback

The only drawback we found regarding this bot is Botsfolio reviews. Mixed reviews give off signs they aren’t as reliable as they seem. On a popular platform Trustpilot, they received 34 reviews with a score of an average of 3.3.

We found one user who expressed frustration with Botsfolio’s lack of transparency regarding potential earnings, stating that it’s crucial to know approximate earnings before investing. They believe that concealing this information makes it difficult to commit to the platform. 

However, on most negative comments, Botsfolio responded. Here they answered the user by explaining that they can only show past performance and provided a link to their calculator for users to check past performance.

Nevertheless, we also found positive reviews regarding Botsfolio from users who appreciate its effectiveness. One user mentioned that they are a passive investor with limited time for market research, making it easy for them to manage their trading. Overall, the users described the bot as a pretty good platform for automated investing without any hassle.

Pricing – Is It Profitable?

Our research team found four Botsfolio price plans based on the user’s portfolio’s value. Users also get the option to pay annually or monthly.

The pricing plans are:

  • USD 1,000 – USD 3,000 – USD 5/month
  • USD 3,000 – USD 10,000 – USD 10/month
  • USD 10,000 – USD 15,000 – USD 15/month
  • USD 50,000 – USD 100,000 – USD 20/month

The pricing structure of Botsfolio is regarded as more complex compared to many other online brokers, although it is considered better than several others in the industry. Payments can be made in BTC, BCH, ETH, or LTC. 

No matter what the payment frequency is, a 15% performance fee is deducted from your profits. Botsfolio takes a percentage of the user’s profits based on the bot’s profitability, with security fees being separate from this performance fee.

Create Account

To use Botsfolio, users need to follow a simple registration process. These crypto trading bots offer significant potential and can be accessed by paying a reasonable fee, along with a small percentage of profits in digital assets.

New users can visit the website and click on the “register” button to begin the signup process for the platform. Users need to enter their details and Botsfolio will need to connect to the user’s assets. After that, Botsfolio login is fairly easy, and users can choose between active or passive trading strategies.

We always recommend that users trade cautiously and start with a small investment, even when using tools like Botsfolio in the crypto market, to reduce risk.

Account value

Account value under $500 – Free

  • create unlimited portfolios, and use all pre-made portfolios and automation features for free

Account value over $500 – 0.5% yearly

  • create unlimited portfolios, use all pre-made portfolios and automation features for 0.5% of your account value annually

Concluding thoughts on Botsfolio

In conclusion, the platform’s automated features, arranged with its user-friendly interface, make it an attractive choice for investors or those with limited time for market research.

However, the platform is not without its drawbacks, as indicated by some mixed reviews regarding transparency and reliability. While Botsfolio’s pricing structure may be more complex than other brokers, it still offers a competitive option for those looking to automate their trading.

In light of these mixed reviews, potential users are advised to conduct thorough research and examine reviews that align with their specific interests and needs. Careful consideration of every aspect of the bot is recommended before committing to using Botsfolio.


What is Botsfolio?

It’s a cryptocurrency trading bot that t aims to simplify market monitoring and asset trading for users

Is Botsfolio a Good Trading Tool?

It appears to be a good trading tool for individuals seeking automated trading solutions, however, there are some mixed reviews regarding the platform's reliability and transparency

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You can use a demo account that allows you to experience the market's volatility without risking your own money, and also trading with virtual funds won't generate real profits

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