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Boss of Capital World Market (CWM) Found Guilty in UK Court for £70M Fraud

Overview of Capital World Market

In a shocking turn of events, the boss of Capital World Market (CWM), Anthony Constantinou, has been found guilty of a £70 million fraud by the UK court. After a seven-week-long trial, Constantinou was convicted on seven counts. This includes fraud by false representation, fraudulent trading, and money laundering. 

This landmark verdict has sent shockwaves through the financial community. What’s more, it exposes the intricate details of a Ponzi-style investment scam. Let’s delve into the case to understand the fraudulent scheme and its implications.

Understanding the FX Scheme Fraud Case

Capital World Market (CWM) emerged as an FX investment firm on the financial landscape, starting its operations in the late 2013s. It continued to exist until early 2015. Positioned as an enticing opportunity, the firm enticed investors with returns of 60% per year on what were risk-free foreign exchange (FX) markets. 

Utilizing word-of-mouth referrals and organized investment seminars, CWM strategically cast its net wide. It started luring victims into its intricate web of deception. That is a fact! Large profits and a reputation built through referrals contributed to the scheme’s success. Individuals sought to secure their financial futures through this lucrative venture.

Unveiling the Details of the Fraudulent Scheme

Investors were enticed with promises of a five percent monthly return on their investments. The initial investment of £50,000 gradually increased to £100,000 as the scam progressed. Still, behind the scenes, the money did not go into foreign exchange as promised. Instead, the ‘returns’ went back to investors using their own and others’ capital.

What did Constantinou do to maintain the illusion of safety? Constantinou assured investors that 90% of their capital was held in a segregated account in Germany, while only 10% was at risk. He claimed this 10% was protected by matching funds in CWM and his personal guarantee. These false assurances gave investors a sense of security. That later led them to believe they were participating in a legitimate investment opportunity.

Note: The landmark verdict in the £70 million investment fraud case sends a resounding message. There are consequences awaiting those who engage in fraudulent financial activities.

Court Verdict and Sentencing Details

May 22nd, 2023 is a momentous day in the legal proceedings. The Southwark Crown Court delivered a resounding guilty verdict against Anthony Constantinou on all seven counts related to the fraud. This landmark decision represents a triumph for justice. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement and the judicial system in upholding the principles of integrity.

Detective Inspector Nichola Meghji of the City of London Police commended the verdict. She highlighted its significance in exposing the actions of a career criminal. This person prioritized personal gain over others’ well-being. A court has unequivocally condemned Constantinou’s calculated deception and disregard for consequences.

Instead of facing justice, Constantinou skipped bail rather than face the consequences. Law enforcement has issued an international arrest warrant to locate and apprehend him. Despite his absence, the court has scheduled his sentencing in absentia for June 9th, 2023.  It ensures that the legal process moves forward and his offenses are taken seriously. 

As Constantinou’s sentencing approaches, the court can consider what punishment is appropriate for his actions. It is a chance to provide restitution to the victims. Also, it is a chance to send a powerful message that financial fraud will not remain unpunished. The international efforts to locate Constantinou reflect the unwavering commitment to justice.

As the sentencing date approaches, the public, the victims, and the financial community fix their gaze on the outcome. The verdict, although delivered in absentia, will carry significant implications. It will reinforce the importance of maintaining the integrity of the financial sector. Also, it will keep away potential fraudsters. It serves as a reminder that justice will prevail. This will happen even in the face of attempts to evade accountability. It also reminds us that those who exploit others’ trust for personal gain will ultimately face the consequences. This is the unwritten rule. 

Significance and Implications of the Case

The Capital World Market (CWM) fraud case has far-reaching implications for the financial industry. The same goes for the victims involved. As a result of the guilty verdict, Ponzi-style schemes are exposed as exploitative. It is the unwritten rule that they prey on investor trust. The case also highlights the importance of regulatory oversight and due diligence in the investment sector. This is mainly to protect investors from fraudulent activities.

We cannot underestimate the impact on victims. Over 250 known victims fell prey to the CWM scam, losing large sums of money. The court’s decision provides some solace for the victims. How? Their claims against Constantinou and the firm can now be pursued more effectively. Yet, it is crucial to recognize that the financial and emotional damage caused by such scams can be long-lasting.

The CWM case reminds investors to exercise caution. Especially when presented with investment opportunities that seem too lucrative to be true. This goes without saying. It’s crucial to remember a few things. Conducting research and verifying firms’ credentials are essential steps to mitigate the risk of fraud.

Note: The prosecution exemplifies the efforts of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Their commitment to holding fraudsters accountable is clear in their pivotal role in securing justice.


It is a strong message that financial fraud is not tolerated. Anthony Constantinou, the boss of Capital World Market (CWM), has been found guilty in the £70 million fraud case. This landmark decision reaffirms the commitment of law enforcement to protect investors. Also, it shows the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the markets.

The case definitely provides some measure of justice for the victims. Yet, the case also serves as a stark reminder of the need for heightened vigilance. The same goes for regulatory scrutiny in the investment sector. As the sentencing date approaches, the world awaits the final outcome of this high-profile case.

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