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CoinMarketCal Review: Great for Enterprises, Not so Much for End Users

CoinMarketCal Review

It is difficult for contemporary cryptocurrency investors to find a centralized news outlet for all their current and future prospects. Today our article will take a look at a crypto calendar, a media which specializes in tracking various crypto related events.

Our CoinMarketCal review will take an in-depth look at this service, and see whether it’s worth your while.

General information
Name CoinMarketCal
Type of the company Software development / Trading tool
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in France
Contact info 8 Pl Roger Salengro 31000 Toulouse France

[email protected]

Trading platforms Proprietary mobile app
Majority of clients are from India, Turkiye, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Customer support Yes – email, Telegram
Compensation fund No

Who Owns CoinMarketCal Brand?

CoinMarketCal crypto events and market data collector is owned by CoinMarketCal SARL, a limited liability company registered in France:

CoinMarketCal Information

First established in 2017, the company has also launched their website during the same year. The web presentation, however, somewhat lacks transparency when it comes to introducing the developers and owners of the project. 

We did manage to trace them, and Anthony Ribeiro (CEO) and Jérôme Chesne (CTO and co-founder) seem to be the main representatives.

Company has several social network profiles that include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X which is the most active one with over 100k followers.

Pros & Cons

Available for free download from Google Play and App Store, the CoinMarketCal app sports a relatively high rating but not from an overall large number of reviews. 

Most of the clients report about being satisfied with the variety and accuracy of information provided. There’s no doubt that such information combined with tools like EzAlgo could potentially provide an edge on these volatile markets.

Alas, there are comments that suggest the app is being used primarily for advertisements and that it often lags, slows down to a halt and search filters don’t always tend to apply.

CoinMarketCal reviews on ProductHunt are almost 100% positive but with no constructive feedback.

Pros Cons
Free app App comes with adds
Customized search filters Mobile software is often slowed due to adds
Real time market data provided Search filters don’t always work
Access to CoinMarketCal API supported Reported crashes
Watchlists available Advanced options for enterprises only
Support for coins, tokens and NFTs

CoinMarketCal Accounts and Costs

As an end-user, all you have to do is subscribe to one of the bots or install the app, and it’s pretty much smooth sailing. CoinMarketCal Atom news feed is particularly popular. If you want to find out more about trading bots, we recommend reading our SwiftCoin review.

While the setup for CoinMarketCal crypto calendar is easy and intuitive, users will soon find out that they have relatively limited control over the type of information they’re viewing. Still, there is a search option that lets you quickly pinpoint the exact info you’re looking for.

CoinMarketCal Crypto Calendar

Additionally, clients can also vote on the credibility of the particular calendar event, which makes the whole platform function as democratized and self-regulated media to an extent. This is also good for CoinMarketCal airdrop tracking.

CoinMarketCal Events Calendar

Businesses, on the other hand, have much more control over the whole situation. The CoinMarketCal ADA coverage is an excellent example of how business plans function.

Depending on the type of account, companies can expect different conditions. There are two principal plans, with the Basic plan being essentially free, albeit limited in functionality.

CoinMarketCal Basic Plan

The Premium plan is the name of the game, however. With the starting cost of $129 per month, Premium users have many more options and a lot more control over what information they are releasing and in which manner.

CoinMarketCal Premium Plan

Premium also comes tied in with free monthly advertising. As this entire crypto platform is centered around ad revenue, one can easily see why this is such a good deal.


What is CoinMarketCal?

CoinMarketCal is a crypto calendar and data collecting website established in 2017.

Is CoinMarketCal Legit?

The business is legally incorporated in France as a limited liability company.

Is CoinMarketCal Real or Fake?

While the platform does provide some good information, it is important to understand that it mostly caters to businesses. The data can appear skewed through advertisements.

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