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EliteTraders Review: Con Strategy Perfected To an Elite Status

EliteTraders Review

With an abundance of false Forex professionals selling bogus knowledge nowadays, precaution is of crucial value in finding a reliable educational source. This nameless and shady platform certainly won’t expand your online trading knowledge with their vaporware service. 

There’s nothing elite, professional, sophisticated or elegant about this fake online database of learning materials. Read this EliteTraders review for more information on how the fraudulent campaign earns off Forex novices.

General information
Name EliteTraders
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings 
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Australia (alleged)
Contact info Data is hidden
Platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom
Customer support Yes – Discord, online form
Compensation fund No

Hidden Legal Background

Headquartered in an unknown location in Gold Coast, AU, this anonymous Forex learning platform reveals nothing else relevant to their business. A closer inspection of the Australian business register reveals no additional details, and the same goes for ASIC – financial regulator.

Since there’s no way to contact the company except via online form, we found no address or phone numbers. There’s also several people listed as a part of the company leadership team, but they too may as well be made-up personas. The only one we found on Linkedin was the director – James Lane and he doesn’t seem overly popular or known for this project.

How the Company Promotes their Services

Nobody would blame you if you mistook the company’s many Instagram, Threads, TikTok, LinkedIn and  Pinterest pages for some sort of a supercar TV show. The entire advertising campaign run by the company revolves around two things: fast cars and disrespect towards the cautious traders. 

Sometimes these self-proclaimed educators seem to encourage recklessness with questions like “How hungry are you?”, other times it’s “100% discipline”.

That’s not the only issue, as the social media managers of the firm constantly post outright misleading information. This takes the form of unrealistic trading profits, or false claims about company background or fiscal performance.

User Feedback

For a firm that openly brags about thousands of customers and excellent trust score, there’s surprisingly few actual EliteTraders reviews to be found. The company website also includes alleged client testimonials, but these were not sourced from reliable platforms like TrustPilot or SiteJabber.

Many testimonials that do exist on various ratings sites were posted by review seller networks, something which is often pointed out by actual users. The company’s moderators often remove a lot of user-posted feedback on Reddit in order to cover up the glaring issues with the service.

Assortment of Features

The way the company markets their products, someone may even believe that they’re all you need in order to get rich overnight. If you just buy all their courses and listen to the empty talk about their purportedly prestigious features you will be a millionaire. However, there’s no guarantee you will get what you were promised.

Educational Content

Mostly based on selling “professional grade educational videos”, the EliteTraders trading education asserts that it will teach you how to make educated trading decisions. 

These video tutorials were reportedly created by Forex trading veterans and designed to be comprehensive and user-friendly. There’s no examples given on the site or any other platform, so there’s no confirmation about the service quality. 

Community Chats

Whoever purchases entrance to the platform is directed to join the EliteTraders Discord community. It’s a sort of an educational channel that can help you integrate into the community and get fresh trading ideas. The purpose of the group is to connect traders of various experience levels, knowledge and skills.

Trade Ideas

Daily webinars, educational PDFs, bank reports and lessons from Forex professionals are meant to help novices expand their trading wisdom and enrich their experience. 

Users are led to believe they should follow how these alleged expert traders buy and sell Forex, commodities, stocks and equities. That is supposed to bring them knowledge and success in all markets, if we were to believe the advertisement.

Market Research

This section of the website should be focused on providing market insight to the clients in the form of different articles. There’s a total of 5 articles, mostly delving into forex related topics.

The majority of the page, however, is eaten up by a huge disclaimer, which notes that none of the information should be construed as financial advice. 

Mobile App

Found in the Google Play store, proprietary company app is described as a “comprehensive forex trading app”, which is a bit strange, considering that this is no trading platform. 

This shady software is supposed to help clients succeed in the world’s markets with its helpful features and tools. With a little over 1 thousand downloads, the app doesn’t seem to be overly popular in the field.

Popular and Annual Plans

The website goes into detail what each package features and how much you get per each purchase. Here are the most popular and yearly bundles:

  • Free  – access to community chat and market insights
  • Pearl – £90/month for market insights, bank reports, giveaways, webinars and trade ideas
  • Diamond – £1500/one time for all Pearl features plus 1 on 1 calls with Forex professionals 
  • Sapphire – £180/per 3 month for full package of features
  • Emerald – £540/per 6 months for all features with 1 month free
  • Ruby – £900/per year for 2 free months of all services unlocked

EliteTraders cost per each of the bundles or combinations of them is quite high, so think again if you wish to purchase an unverified service. TradeMiner also seems to offer quite a few tools for better trading experience, but severely lacks feedback from users.

Trading Tools

Trading tools mostly encompass various indicators compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms. The swindlers throw around weasel words about algo solutions and unparalleled insights, but fail to mention how it all works. This is not what you’d find with tools provided by reliable developers like Exodus.

As expected, these indicators don’t come cheap:

  • Golden Gates Algorithm – $250
  • Pivot Points Pantheon – $45
  • Position Planner Pro – $99
  • Trend Titan – $30

Another Con Business of Real Helpers?

Considering everything we’ve seen with this self-proclaimed educator, we cannot recommend their service. The company uses shady advertising methods, and hides a majority of their corporate information.

If you’re looking to start a trading career, then consider our proprietary trading firm. We offer excellent conditions to talented traders, and up to $180,000 in funded prop trading accounts. Book a free Zoom meeting with our representatives to kickstart your portfolio!


What is EliteTraders?

It is a self-proclaimed online trading educator that provides unreliable trading solutions for a high price.

Is EliteTraders Legit?

This business isn’t in the Australian business register, so there’s no confirmation they’re legit.

How to Choose the Right Trading Firm?

Do your diligence and check the company background, reputation and regulation. If this all seems too complex or intimidating, you can always opt for our funded trading solutions.

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