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Elliott Wave Forecast Review: Does Quality Justify High Costs?

Elliott Wave Forecast Review

The risk involved with the online investment business comes in many forms. One of these is the difficulty to recognise reliable educators in the sea of charlatans. See our Elliott Wave Forecast review, where we analyze one Forex educator and discuss the pros and cons of this company.

General information
Name Elliott Wave Forecast / Eme Processing And Consulting, Llc.
Type of the company Trading education
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2010
Registered in Florida, USA
Contact info 7090 Nw 173rd Drive Unit 201 Hialeah, Fl 33015


[email protected]

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Malaysia, Canada, Germany
Customer support Yes – email, phone, live chat, Telegram
Compensation fund No

What is Elliottwave-Forecast.Com?

Providing financial education services is not a heavily regulated line of work. If the firm does not actually provide any investment advice, it needs only to be registered as a business entity.

The firm’s legal documents are all well in order. The parent company which operates Elliott Wave Forecast analysis and education platform is named EME Processing & Consulting LLC.

It is registered in the state of Florida, and appears in the DOS Division of Corporations register. The business itself was established first in 2005, but has been in passive status for the majority of its history. 

The website, on the other hand, was created in 2010 and has never been offline for a prolonged period of time. Hence, the company has been operating in full capacity whilst not being marked as active with the authorities.

Expensive Idea About Quick Riches

Instead of the “one trick that will get you rich” approach commonly seen with swindlers like NextLevelFunding, this firm is focused on technical analysis.

On their Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Elliott Wave Forecast TradingView and Pinterest, subscribers can see numerous up-to-date charts, complete with simple commentary on the events. The firm may also be seen on TikTok and YouTube.

Some of the more attractive offers include 1-1 tutoring, trading signals and numerous education plans. The plans are especially attractive to Forex beginners.

User Feedback Implies Dissatisfaction

There’s a few issues when it comes to Elliott Wave Forecast reviews you find on popular platforms. The TrustPilot page reveals that the firm is not the educational powerhouse that they claim to be, with only 6 reviews.

The majority of comments are negative, and indicate issues common with various swindlers – recurring subscriptions that can’t be canceled, and customer support ignoring the issue.

Trading Forecast

The live trading room consists of watching the company expert on screen for 1 hour while they open positions and interact with traders. One of the more viewed ones is the Elliott Wave Forecast stock market forecast. Besides this live session when the professional displays how concrete techniques developed by the company are used, there’s also trading signals given live. 

These are tightly related to Forex, stock and commodity trading and the firm promises their signals to be accurate and timely. 

Traders are supported in order to make lucrative decisions on a total of 78 Instruments, which means there’s more product forecasts offered. For example, one of the more popular are the Elliott Wave Forecast S&P500 trading signals. 

Educational Packages

Worldwide retail and institutional clients can find educational solutions and trading signals offered in different packages. 

However, the plans differ. With a bit more confusion than needed, learning materials are sorted in separate packages if that’s the only thing you want to buy. If you want other resources included, you will have to take a look at subscription plans. 

For starters, we suggest you check out the Elliott Wave Forecast free education, such as the E-book you can apply for on the site. 

Platinum Educational Package – $1999.99

This all-inclusive package includes 4 seminar recordings users can view at whatever time they wish. There’s also a 10 (ten) hours of one-on-one training with a member of the team of educators the company employs. Additional hours of this sort of training can also be added later.

Premium Plus Educational Package – $1199.99

This bundle contains 2 recordings to preview at any time the user wishes to. There’s also a total of 6 (six) hours of training with an educated employee who is a member of the professional team. This also allows consultations and if customers wish, and provides insights into the quality of the gained knowledge.

Premium Educational Package – $649.99

This suite contains one educational recording, with a total of 3 (three) hours of customized training program with a Forex veteran. The recordings contain guided lessons that explain various elements of the company’s theory, but also the basic knowledge about trading. In addition, there’s also 3 hours of mentorship with a professional. 

4 Educational Seminar Recordings – $499.99

Only given in the form of downloadable videos and lessons, this basic package allows you to learn about the Elliott Wave principle. There is also educational information about  wave structures and sequences of swings, with trading execution seminar also being available.

Subscription Plans

The web presentation of available monthly plans presents a detailed comparison of the subscriptions, as well as the information about what each one features. Elliott Wave Forecast stock market

Depending on your interests and preferences, but also your available capital, you can choose a plan. We have to warn you that these are not in the least as cheap as advertised, like in the case of Optimal Traders:

  • Silver – $99.99/ per month
  • Gold – $199.99/ per month
  • Platinum – $299.99/ per month
  • Diamond – $399.99/ per month

In comparison to the educational content that is paid one time, these purchases are needed on a monthly basis to enable features like Elliott Wave Forecast indicators. The available payment methods are PayPal and credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Amex) which is comforting, considering that you can issue a chargeback if the service is not as promised.

Tired Of Unverified Educators? Try Prop Trading!

Despite the promising offer, variety of educational materials and 1 on 1 guidance, the company apparently still fails to impress users. On top of that, the Elliott Wave Forecast cost is quite steep, so you should think well before making a purchase on this site.

With that in mind, we have to say that education does matter, but at a fairer price. If you don’t want to risk your capital and still make money on financial markets, you should reach out to our prop trading firm. We fund talented traders with up to $180.000!


What is the Elliott Wave Forecast?

The website represents a learning programme with subscription plans for daily trading signals and guided lessons.

Is Elliott Wave Forecast Legit?

The company is legally incorporated and does seem to exist. However, their service remains questionable due to low user ratings and absence of reviews.

Is Elliott Wave Worth Learning From?

Judging from the website offer, it seems like there’s a lot to learn and be educated on. However, credibility of service is not guaranteed, so contact us for a better insight on how to trade without risking your own funds.

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