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EMG Prime Review: What You Must Know About This Trading Broker

EMG Prime Review

A broker’s website is where you find most of the information about them, so it would go a long way if the web page looks nice. This is precisely the case with EMG Prime as their page has a nice shine to it, sporting a modern design. However, shady brokers also know the importance of looks and often spend a lot of money on it to make themselves seem more trustworthy.

From the tone of what we said, you can guess this article is not going to be a positive one. We could describe EMG Prime as being a talk, no game and you can discover why we say that in our EMG Prime review. Please, read it before investing even a single cent.

General information
Name: EMG Prime
Regulation status: Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators: FINMA
Website link:
Active since: 2021
Registered in: Switzerland
Contact info: Email: [email protected]

Online form

Trading platforms: N/A
The majority of clients are from: Sweden 



United Kingdom

Customer support: No
Compensation fund: No

Regulation Info

The most cherished item in every broker’s cabinet is their trading license, if they have one, that is. EMG Prime cannot say they do, which is an immediate red flag and a cause for concern.

They are based in Switzerland, which makes them a FINMA-regulated entity. FINMA’s register is not that hard to navigate and after a thorough check, we could not find EMG Prime anywhere. This fact makes them untrustworthy and dangerous, but the story does not stop there.

Not only do they not have a FINMA license, but the regulator even put them on their official warning list.

This is an extremely bad sign and one you should take seriously. A warning from any regulator, let alone one as reputable as FINMA, is the only evidence you need to stay away from a broker, which is what we are advising with EMG Prime.

EMG Prime Profile

Found on, this broker has a confusing offer. We’ll explain. So, they have a clear layout in their menu bar, but its insides are not that clear to us. Firstly, when you go to the EMG Prime platform page, they talk about their mission and goals, never mentioning any trading platform by name.

The closest we got to anything more specific was their Terms and Conditions page saying there is an emgprime platform. However, they did not give any more details about it, only that you use it online, which could mean it is a WebTrader, but we cannot confirm this.

Next, we have the EMG Prime account types. The broker does not give you typical options, but rather a:

  • Tax-Free Account
  • Trust Account
  • Retirement Account
  • Savings Plan
  • Term Deposit and
  • Trial (equivalent to a demo account)

We do not know anything about the leverage they offer, instruments you can trade, minimum deposits, or if there is an EMG Prime bonus.

Is This Broker Safe?

We would not give them our money, that’s for sure! Much like with Tradiva and Trubyx, the lack of a license was enough for us to label them as dangerous. However, the FINMA warning was the last nail in the coffin, as they are held in extremely high regard, and if they say EMG Prime is a scam, we believe them 100%.

You do not have to waste your time and risk your money on unregulated brokers when you have so many reliable options. If you want to know what those are, contact us today for free consultations.

Trader Reviews – Sharing Experiences

You can find EMG Prime on Trustpilot, with a 2.3-star rating and 12 reviews in total. There were some positive ones, but 80% of them were 1-star reviews.

One Belgian client had this to say:

“It’s all a big scam. Very aggressive people that continue calling 20 times a day always with other phone numbers. They have more platforms like emgprime, myinvest, phoenixbt, and granimator. Be aware before putting your personal information on it.”

Another one from California went into more detail:

“ originates from which had a very bad reputation in the crypto market. At one point, became during a weekend in June. I was a user of their services at that time and was very happy about the results shown on my wallet and I decided to invest more money having received some advice in that way.”

How Does the EMG Prime Platform Reach Clients and Who Are They?

After some research, we found that EMG Prime targets mostly people from:

  • Sweden 
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom 

They do not have a strong social media presence, so we can assume they do not contact clients through those channels. However, they might gather information on you online, like an email address, and contact you that way, so beware of that.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The deposit and withdrawal situation at EMG Prime is also a big unknown to us. There is no information anywhere on the EMG Prime fees, payment methods, or anything similar. If you are trading with them and want your EMG Prime payout, we don’t know what you could expect. But we are not surprised by any of this, as this type of behavior is common among scammers.

Reasons To Avoid This Company

We could list many of them, but the biggest of them all is their license situation. Like we said about Tradingweb, you cannot trust unregulated brokers, and EMG Prime is just that. It cannot guarantee your money will be safe, so there is no reason to invest with it. Participating in EMG Prime trading is not a good option for anyone, and we encourage you to skip this scammer.

Long Story Short – EMG Prime 

We hope our EMG Prime review found you before you invested any money with this scammer. If you know anyone considering this broker, point them to our article but also to us. We can answer anyone’s questions about Forex and reliable traders for free, so contact us today to start your journey the right way.

FAQ Section

Is EMG Prime Legit?

No, EMG Prime is not legit. They do not have a valid trading license, which makes them extremely dangerous.

What Are The EMG Prime Platforms?

Unfortunately, we do not know. The broker did not provide any information on their platforms.

What Is Minimum Deposit with EMG Prime?

We found no details about the minimum deposit anywhere on their website. This is beyond concerning and a clear sign of shady business.

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