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Fintel Review: Your Go-To for Smart Trading Moves

Fintel Review

Do you need a solid addition to your trading toolkit? Many people claim that Fintel is the best company for that. Yet, is this true?

Well, our Fintel review is here to break down this financial intelligence company. We will give you the lowdown on its features and how it can benefit investors like you. Let’s hop into more interesting details!

General information
Name Fintel Ventures LLC
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators None
Website link
Active since 2015
Registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Contact info [email protected], +1 858 362 6295 
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from Germany, United States, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Understanding Fintel

So, what is there to know about Fintel Financial Intelligence? It’s a platform that hooks you up with advanced research tools, helping you crunch numbers for smarter investing.

We can see that keeps it real with a straightforward dashboard that’s all about giving you the info you need.

This trading company has been around since 2015, and many people love it!

Exploring Fintel Research Features

Now, it’s time for us to elaborate on the features of this trading firm. Let’s dive in!

Short Interest Data

In a market buzzing with short squeezes, Fintel.IO’s Short Interest Data takes the spotlight. It gives us stocks with high short interest and institutional trading volume. Notably, this is there to provide a heads-up before a short squeeze hits.

The Short Squeeze Explorer, with its grading system, is a superb tool for predicting market shifts. Real-life examples, like Clover Health, show that this platform has the power to predict market moves. We like it so far!

Insider Buying Screen

Taking a closer look at the insider buying screen shows stocks that company insiders are scooping up. We could say that it’s like getting a sneak peek into the future.

Just check out what happened with Cyclo Therapeutics. Insider buying was followed by a stock surge, hinting at something big on the horizon. This feature is gold for investors looking for those hidden gems.

Tip: It looks like Able Trading has caught the eye of quite a few folks. They claim to offer a bunch of perks for traders. But is this platform, with its somewhat underwhelming web interface, really as impressive as it says it is? We don’t think so! 

Dividend Yield and SEC Filings

The Fintel platform doesn’t forget about income investors. Notably, we can see they offer features like dividend yield.

It targets stocks or funds dishing out a solid 4% or more yearly yield. Plus, quick access to SEC filings adds a handy touch for anyone keeping tabs on corporate info. We think this is a plus!

Portfolio Tracker – Seeing the Big Picture

For those curious about the big players in the market, Fintel.IO’s institutional trading activity chart spills the beans on stock movements.

The Portfolio Tracker isn’t your personal portfolio. Yet, it serves up the scoop on how commonly held stocks across ETFs and funds are performing. It’s an excellent tool for catching market trends.

Fintel Plans and Prices

Is Fintel free? It is not, but surprisingly, this platform won’t break the bank. We can see 3 subscription options here, and they are as follows

  • Bronze – $14.95/month – billed at $44.85/quarter
  • Silver – $29.75/month – billed at $89.25/quarter
  • Gold – $95.00/month – billed at $285.00/quarter

You get premium features like ad-free browsing, insider trading data, SEC filings, custom dashboards, and much more. Yes, there’s no mobile app, but if you’re looking for superb features at a good price, Fintel delivers. This goes without saying! 

Fintel Reviews: Insight from Trustpilot

Now, are you wondering what the buzz is about this trading company? We took a peek at Trustpilot, and the verdict is impressive! With a stellar 4.4 rating from 80 users, it’s safe to say folks like what they see.

While a 4.4 is solid, keep in mind that it’s best to opt for companies with 4.5 stars and above. Do it for that extra peace of mind.

Note: Is FT5 legit? No, it is a fraudulent business that wants to trap potential retailers who wish to trade with a prop firm. It’s best to avoid scams like this one and choose the safest option! Our prop firm offers you just that – safety! 

Your Trading Must-Haves

We all want to choose a reliable trading tool to earn some money trading. This is an unwritten rule! Here’s a straightforward guide to help you nail down the ideal trading platform:

  • User-Friendly Navigation: Opt for a platform that’s a breeze for beginners, with a neat and simple interface. Nobody likes a website that is hard to explore. 
  • Learn with Flair: Pick a company that dishes out a mix of educational materials, from webinars to quizzes. This is a must!
  • Research: Quality market research tools are non-negotiable. Focus on platforms offering in-depth insights for sharp trading decisions.
  • Security Lockdown: Your safety is important. So, hunt for platforms with rock-solid security measures, like two-factor authentication.
  • Support that Counts: A solid platform means top-notch customer support. Seek out responsive and savvy agents who’ve got your back.
  • Pro Features: If you’re a trading pro, lean into platforms that have advanced charting and a variety of order types.
  • AI Assistance: Today, some platforms leverage artificial intelligence for personalized advice and risk management. This can indeed help you out! 

Your Key to Profitable Trading

Are you ready to roll in some profits through trading? Making money online just got much easier, and we’re here to guide you with free consultations. Reach out to us today to explore the top forex and crypto trading platforms! 

Now, brace yourself for our latest venture, proprietary trading! Dive into this offer with our proprietary trading firm and potentially pocket up to $180,000. It’s a golden chance you won’t want to pass up!

Final Thoughts

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about choices. This trading tool indeed has many outstanding features to offer, but the ball’s in your court. 

When it comes to options, take a look at our exclusive deal with a prop trading firm! We’re confident it’s a top-tier opportunity, letting clients rake in up to $180,000. The choice is yours, so make a good one! 


What is Fintel?

Fintel is a tool that offers insights through advanced quantitative data analysis features.

Is Fintel a Good Site?

Fintel is a good site, providing diverse features valuable for investors.

What is Fintel Used For?

People use Fintel for thorough market research, focusing on stocks and short interest.

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