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Flowbots Review: Your Money Flows Into Liars’ Wallets

Flowbots Review

What was it that ultimately branded this company as a fraudulent organization? It wasn’t the poorly made website in broken English, nor was it the expensive service cost. We can certainly tell you that it wasn’t even the complete dedication towards developing advanced tools for a single, niche trading platform.

It was the fact that these tools and plugins are intended for use in a bogus platform, owned by a dangerous clone company. Learn more in our Flowbots review.

General information
Name Flowbots
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Ninjatrader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands
Customer support Yes – online form
Compensation fund No

Software Development Company or Something More?

FlowBots is a trading software company, whose products are allegedly used by most prolific traders in the world of online trading. 

The tools they assert to develop aim to empower every retail trader to up their game and achieve their financial goals. All of that would be great if we could actually verify any of the claims found on the website in question. 

The confusing legal papers don’t pinpoint a single company behind the website and contact information lacks concrete addresses, phone numbers and physical locations of the conduct. Whoever is behind this scheme is completely anonymous. Well, not quite, as we did discover an affiliation with a notorious criminal.

Connection to

As a group of software developers, the people behind claim to specialize in Flowbots AI software, strategies and tools for the Ninjatrader.

Now, the link given on this website takes viewers to, where you’re urged to download their trading software. This concrete online trading terminal is owned by NinjaTrader Group, LLC, a clone of an NFA-regulated firm – NINJATRADER BROKERAGE LLC, with the NFA ID of 0339976. 

If that isn’t enough of a confirmation, then please check out the CNMV and IOSCO warnings on this con artist that tries to engage in providing online financial services without a valid license.

Being a developer of trading tools for an illicit software and trading company doesn’t make Flowbots any better than any common fraud. Going with a properly regulated firm like Invast, for example, could be a far more profitable decision.

Strange Traffic Statistics

There’s literally dozens of different videos showcasing the alleged success of the Flowbots NinjaTrader Replikanto software on YouTube. You may also find additional content on the company profiles found on Facebook, Instagram and X.

This, coupled with the fact that the was launched in 2017, you’d naturally think that there would be some client feedback. Looking for Flowbots reviews on popular sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber, however, was a fruitless effort.

It’s important to remember that the software vendors themselves have stated that all of the provided information is from various tests in a simulated environment. The question remains, then, how much of the shown information is actually reliable, and how much did the developers tweak themselves?

Products and Pricing

The entire product portfolio found on the developers site includes several trade copiers, order tickets and indicators. Each of them has a certain purpose and price. All, however, represent add-ons and Flowbots Expert Advisors that are compatible with the said Ninjatrader and only meant to work on this platform.

Replikanto – up to $299.00

For now, Replicanto represents the first and most reliable Ninjatrader trade copier. It is designed to replicate orders from a Leader Account to multiple follower accounts, depending on the chosen method of replication. 

Some of its most advertised and top features are the ATM Copy that manages the exit orders instead of copying them from the leader account. 

Follower Guard feature aims to protect follower accounts in particular conditions so they do not receive the copied orders from the leader account.

Other alleged features that are marketed as prestigious are Export/Import, Stealth Mode and Scalper/Ticket Integration.

The license costs vary from $199 for the lifetime one on a single machine to $299 for a lifetime license for two machines.

Replikanto Additional Machines – $50 to $100

If you have a necessity to link together additional machines to your existing Replikanto network, you may do so at discounted prices.

Below are the bulk discount costs for a lifetime license on additional machines, per unit:

  • 2 to 4 – $95
  • 5 to 7 – $90
  • 8 to 10 – $85
  • 11 or more – $80

Replikanto Remote Credit – $15 to $250

Available only to those that have purchased Replicanto prior to buying this feature. This add-on allows sending trades over the internet. On the checkout page during the purchase you may choose the ID of the account that is intended to be credited. 

Average Price SuperDom Column – up to $129

This widget adds an average price calculator to the software, with FIFO, LIFO and Average methods being supported.

It calculates an average price of all day trading filled orders, including real average price calculation, PnL with or without commissions, execution flags and more. All of the information is calculated and displayed in real time. 

Scalper Ticket – $49 to $129

It is known that intraday traders need to be increasingly tentative during their day trading and position opening and closing. To simplify the process of sending orders, this tool is created. Like the rest of the tools, it also requires a license in order to be activated.

Average Price Indicator – $29 to $39

This is yet another tool only compatible with the Ninatrader platform. It shows in the Ninatrader Chart. It is required in cases when the traders wish to enable the Ninjatrader SuperDom column for the TrueAverage Price.


The add-on program offered by this company does seem like they genuinely contribute to the trading environment. However, no matter the quality of the presented software, we need to remember that it is still developed for a proprietary application run by a blacklisted broker.

Don’t risk your funds trading with an unverified service provider. If you’re looking where to invest money with a company that can truly bolster your portfolio, then look no further than our proprietary trading firm. 

With our proprietary trading account, you may receive up to $180,000 in funds, so don’t delay – book a free Zoom call today!


What is Flowbots?

It is a virtually unknown developer that produces addon software intended for use with an unregulated broker.

Is Flowbots a Legit EA?

No matter the quality of Flowbots products, they are still developed for use in a shady app. This means that ultimately, we cannot say that the company is legit.

How Much Does Flowbots Cost?

Basic Flowbots Replikanto costs from $149 all the way up to $846 for the full lifetime package, albeit on a single machine. The program relies on multi-machine parallel execution, which means that it costs many times over the shown sums.

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