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Fortune Prime Global Review: Is This Offshore Broker Shady or Not?

Fortune Prime Global Review

We can see that Fortune Prime Global is a broker that is quite popular among traders. It talks about a community of over 10,000 active traders in 30 countries. However, they have one secret! Let’s cut to the chase and hop into the nitty-gritty in our informative Fortune Prime Global review!

General information
Name Fortune Prime Global Limited
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Regulated by ASIC & VFSC
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2021
Registered in Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Contact info [email protected], +61 2 8006 4855
Trading platforms MT4
Majority of clients are from Italy, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia
Customer support Phone and email 
Compensation fund Yes

About This Broker

Fortune Prime Global is a forex broker that includes many opportunities for traders. Now, this broker, working under Fortune Prime Ltd, is registered in both Sydney and Vanuatu.

Yes, you heard that right! It holds valid licenses from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) and ASIC, which ensures it walks the talk. However, let’s address the elephant in the room! We all know that the offshore base in SVG raises eyebrows. But, it happens that some reputable companies eventually open an offshore firm as well.

The platform offers many interesting features and standard trading conditions. Still, it throws a curveball with no demo account.

Trading Conditions at FPG

Let’s focus on their trading conditions now. Fortune Prime Global broker keeps things accessible with different minimum deposits. Notably, they vary for different account types. Let’s take a look:

  • Prime Account: Minimum deposit of $100.
  • ECN Account: Minimum deposit of $200.

Leverage is 1:500, and if you ever need assistance, their support team’s got your back 24/5. Now, what is the real game-changer? We can see competitive spreads starting at 0.0 or 0.3 pips, and the cherry on top – no trading fees on certain accounts.

Tip: Did you know that Expo Trust has a number of poor client reviews? It’s best to avoid this firm! 

Partnership Programs

Now, let’s talk about partnerships. This interesting brokerage firm dishes out 3 different options. These are Introducing Broker, Regional Manager, and Affiliate.

These are some serious programs! We can see they can be your ticket to earning up to $1,000 with clear-cut reporting. If you don’t like the passive sentiment of copy trading or MAM and PAMM accounts, these partnerships are the go-to.

Trading Platforms Available

Now, for the tech-savvy traders, Fortune Prime Global Forex firm supports the leading MT4 platform. We all know that this platform remains a solid choice for traders! MetaTrader 4 and 5 are highlighted in the trading domain!

We’re talking about their popularity, adjustable interfaces, great tools, and a wide range of indicators. After all, we can only say that it is a big plus that they included this platform.

Tip: Are you thinking about investing with Finnetz24? We advise you to think twice! This trading company sends up a flare of concern. 

Investment Programs and Products

This trading company steps up its game with various income-generating options. We are talking about copy trading and joint accounts.

Let’s break it down! First, this broker offers copy trading where traders earn passively through unique experiences. Now, shifting our focus to joint accounts. These are a bit like MAM and PAMM accounts but with a twist. This offers investors diverse avenues for earning through manager-controlled trades.

Fortune Prime Global Reviews on Trustpilot

Are you curious about what other traders are saying? According to Trustpilot, this forex trading company has a solid reputation, earning a 4.2-star rating from 34 users.

It’s a positive sign, and it truly gives us a sense of confidence. However, this is quite rare when it comes to offshore branches. Always remember that in the FX and crypto world, it’s crucial to analyze your options carefully.

We recommend going for trading firms with a stellar 4.5-star rating and above. Indeed, this will give you a safe trading experience.

Why Regulation Matters?

Regulation creates a safe and clear space for both traders and investors. It’s the unsung hero that keeps the market fair and square, protecting everyone involved. Here’s why regulation is a big deal:

  • Security: Regulations set the bar for the best practices. Namely, they make sure you’re safe from fake brokers, tricky businesses, and fake ads.
  • Keeping It Real: By kicking out fraud, dodgy dealings, and shifty practices, regulations build trust among all of us.
  • Behind the Scenes Transparency: Regulations make brokers play by the rules – keeping enough money in the bank and being open about what they’re up to. Also, they make sure your funds are kept separate.
  • Tax Talk: We all have to play by tax rules. Regulations keep everything legal and transparent by making sure traders follow tax rules.

In a nutshell, regulation in FX trading is essential. It’s there to keep the market in check, protect you, and make sure we all trade in a fair way.

Earning Money Trading – Is It Possible?

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Final Words

Last but not least, let’s keep it real. Fortune Prime Global has a lineup of offerings on its site. From the various account types to partnership programs, they’ve laid it all out. Even though it has an offshore branch, this broker is also regulated by ASIC.

As traders, it’s crucial to assess what aligns best with our needs. Remember, making an informed choice is key. And speaking of choices, why settle for less? Explore our proprietary trading firm offer, where you have the chance to earn up to $180,000. It might just be the best path for your trading journey.


What is Fortune Prime Global?

Fortune Prime Global is a broker with over 10,000 active traders worldwide.

Is FPG a Regulated Broker?

Yes, Fortune Prime Global is a regulated broker, licensed by VFSC and ASIC.

How to Withdraw Profits from My Fortune Prime Global Account?

Simply navigate to the withdrawal section on their platform and follow the steps.

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