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Gainium Review: Vaporware Trading Bots May Endanger Your Income

Gainium Review

Trusting your money for a copy of a video game from a shady developer is a good recipe for a bad experience. These guys are pushing it a bit too far with a monthly subscription for an alleged premium software solution for the online investment market, while being completely anonymous as a company.

It’s a good chance that this is a fast money grab with no real substance when it comes to program functionality and operation. Find out why we don’t recommend this trading solution in our Gainium review.

General information
Name Gainium
Type of the company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in Singapore
Contact info Address
Trading platforms Smart Trading Platform (alleged)
Majority of clients are from Italy, Spain, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Customer support Telegram, Discord
Compensation fund No

Anonymous Ownership

Company operating under the name of Gainium Pte. Ltd. is an incognito conduct, that claims to be operating out of Singapore. It is only fair for the future customers to know what they’ll be paying for, but this firm doesn’t seem to agree. This website shows little transparency.

Although no official regulation by law is mandatory, every service provider should be honest about what their line of work is, and who leads the company. Nothing here is known – neither a registration number (UEN), nor the exact physical office address.

Singapore Government Agency Website provides a search engine for firms registered in Singapore. After looking for Gainium, we found nothing. There’s a number of service providers that do not need regulation by law, but are properly transparent about who they are, like Bulenox is, for example.

Product Essentials

The idea behind the Gainium crypto trading platform is to provide a framework for the development of personalized trading bots. This framework allegedly offers a wide variety of different applications, and is compatible with Bull, Bear and Flat markets.

Bots are said to offer high flexibility and accuracy, with a slew of advanced functions such as employing web hooks, external technical indicators and various testing amenities. It’s all claimed to function seamlessly with multiple exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, OKX and ByBIT.


Not investing the entire amount at a time is often a good idea. To help you manage your funds more accurately, there’s DCA Bots. Their function is to lower the acquisition cost of your assets. 

That is effectively done by splitting the investment to be used at more favorable times and for more attractive prices. Additional benefit is that the volatility risk is lowered and it provides a safer strategy than investing one larger amount of cash. 

Grid Bot

Taking advantage of price fluctuation is done with the help of Grid Bot. The idea behind this algorithm is to detect multiple points to invest small amounts of money. Placing orders at identified time stops creates a chunk of orders that are placed above and below the current price of a product. 

When the market moves and the prices start rising or dropping, the profit is taken based on the difference between different orders. This strategy is especially effective when there’s no clear market direction. 

Combo Bot

Best combination of the two previously described bot strategies reflect the successful implementation of a Combo Bot. By enriching the grid trading with the usage of DCA orders, a unique bot type is created for a constant profit generation. All that is achieved while avoiding risking a larger quantity of cash at the sole start.  


Some bots tend to make errors in the crucial moments of high appreciation or depreciation of assets. With backtesting tools, traders may use historical data to run their bot in volatile market situations for which we already have a known outcome.

This utility allows traders to set up the behavior of their trading bots in order to provide satisfactory performance when such situations occur in the future.

Use Cases

Identifying the most profitable strategy to yield the highest results is a complex task. Automated trading bots facilitate strategy execution by making sure it is always properly implemented without external involvement of factors like emotions.

Another set of solid reasons why automation of trading is far more effective is that the bots are far faster and less time consuming. Their disciplined decision making isn’t affected by emotional bias. Additionally, the bots can work 24/7 on the market that never sleeps, which cannot be said about human traders. 

These systems can also follow multiple strategy implementations at once and placing multiple orders, as well as processing the market information instantly and while conducting other operations. Another feature human traders cannot pull off.

Monthly And Annual Accounts

All Gainium trading bot services include an unlimited number of paper trading bots, including the free account. The company only allows account creation by linking an already existing Google, Discord or Gmail account, which might indicate a phishing operation, so keep your guard up.

Here’s an overview of subscription costs:

  • Free – 1 live bot
  • Basic – $25/month, 3 live bots
  • Advanced – $50/month, 15 live bots
  • Pro – $100/month, unlimited live bots

The company currently offers a launch promo discount for all their subscriptions. All monthly plans are down 30%, while annual plans are 44% off.

Still, if this price seems too steep for you at the moment, you can always try trading with a prop firm like AqreFx, or try our service instead!

Paper Trading Account

Paper trading accounts are available for free, and are compatible with a large selection of crypto exchanges. Users may reset these accounts at any time if their virtual currency gets depleted. 

Although the number of paper trading bots is advertised as unlimited, the firm still maintains the right to impose a soft limit at their own discretion.


Investors that decide to enter the crypto world before learning at least the essentials are automatically jeopardizing their capital. To some extent, this company understands that and provides the basic learning tools for beginners. 

However, it is evident that there’s nothing offered that looks like a course, live lessons or interactive learning materials. The whole educational program is based on articles on basic concepts related to crypto and automated trading.


We can neither say that this firm is the right choice for automated trading tools or that they’re completely bogus. However, considering that they’re still relatively new to the market, they have yet to prove as reliable. 

In the meantime, before you decide to put in large amounts of your own money into trading opportunities and proposals, we’d like you to consider prop trading. The biggest advantage to this form of investing is that you’re doing it with other firm’s funds, not your own! 

If you contact us promptly, we can arrange a zoom consultation with the representatives of an admirable prop firm that funds traders with up to $180,000!


What is Gaininum?

This is a company from Singapore that develops automated trading bots for crypto.

Is Gainium Trading Bot Trustworthy?

There’s no user reviews to confirm it or deny, and the company is still new on the market to determine that. However, we have some concerns, considering that the firm is anonymous.

What Is Prop Trading?

Prop trading is being funded as a talented trader to invest using a firm’s capital. You don’t pay anything and eventually just split the profit.

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