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GetMonero Review: Brief Look at the Original Monero Platform

GetMonero Review

There are few cryptocurrencies that focus on complete anonymity the way Monero does. This, unfortunately, is a double-edged sword that has placed it in the spotlight by many regulators.

Today we take a look at the soft wallet solution that keeps the entire Monero coin infrastructure afloat. Without further ado, let’s examine all the pros and cons of this solution in our GetMonero review.

General information
Name GetMonero
Type of the company Crypto wallet
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2014
Registered in Data is hidden
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms GUI wallet, CLI wallet
Majority of clients are from United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil
Customer support No
Compensation fund No

Who Owns GetMonero Brand?

There’s no one founder or developer behind GetMonero wallet. The project as a whole is a product of the engagement of a large community. As a community driven operation, it doesn’t have one corporate entity behind it or a leadership team or a CEO. Therefore, it is impossible to pinpoint one organization or a specific person behind the firm.

Legal documents claim that legal disputes are solved under the jurisdiction of South African courts. Due to lack of corporate details, however, we had no base for our search for the business entity. This lack of transparency almost matches that displayed by illicit firms like GMT Markets.

Riccardo Spagni is often mentioned as one of the key people of the project. This person has faced multiple accusations for fraud.

Monero as a crypto currency is not legal in the US and due to anonymity and regulatory concerns, it is getting banned in regulatory strict countries and delisted from reputable exchanges. On February 20th Monero was delisted from Binance.

Pros & Cons

GetMonero reviews can’t be found online in a large number. For example, their unclaimed Trustpilot page only features two reviews with the highest rating. 

There are some threads on Reddit that make you question the credibility of the product, however. Users are complaining about the wallet balance being zero when it isn’t and assets take a long time to show up in total balance.

Pros Cons
Compatible with hardware wallets Anonymous origin leads to widespread delisting
Simple/advanced mode Lacks transparency on company and ownership
In-app fiat conversion No mobile app
30+ languages supported Insufficient reviews
Local or remote nodes available Limited compatibility for GUI version
Fully private and untraceable Support relies on community to resolve issues

GetMonero Features

As a cryptocurrency wallet, the GetMonero app is nothing special. What distinguishes it from other similar products is that its origin is almost totally anonymous.

The group that developed the software is only known as “CoreTeam”, which is supplemented by the Research Lab, anonymous workgroups and volunteers. The high compartmentalization of the project is so complete and effective, it seems as though the wallet itself appeared out of thin air.

Currently, there are two main archetypes of the wallet available through GetMonero download. The GUI wallet is a community developed program that features a graphic user interface.

GetMonero GUI Wallet

The other solution is the CLI wallet, which, as the name suggests, operates through a command line interface. There is no GetMonero price attached to either of these solutions, as they are both open source.

GetMonero CLI Wallet

Both of these wallets have their own pros and cons, with the CLI version having a much steeper learning curve to the GUI version. CLI, however, is compatible across many other platforms. With a GetMonero login, users can install the CLI client on nearly any computation device currently in use.

GetMonero CLI Client

In contrast, GUI is limited to computers running Windows, Linux and macOS. 

Either way, potential clients are recommended to carefully explore all pros and cons and decide if using this wallet would benefit them or not. Since research is important, we also advise you to go through due diligence when it comes to other tools, like Forex King EA, for example.


What is GetMonero?

It is the original online platform that launched the Monero cryptocurrency. It doubles as the host for the necessary wallet software.

Is GetMonero Legit?

The entire infrastructure revolves around complete anonymity. This goes for users, but for developers as well. Unfortunately, it also means that it is impossible to verify the legal status of the entire enterprise.

How to Download GetMonero Wallet?

The wallet is available for download for free directly from the website. It is available in multiple versions for a number of operating systems.

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