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Gio Fx Gain Review: Reasons You Should Not Trust This Broker

Gio Fx Gain License and Funds Security
Company Gio Fx Gain
Address n/a
Email n/a
Phone n/a
Minimum Deposit 500$
Leverage n/a
Bonuses n/a
Regulation Unregulated
Warning No

Although Gio Fx Gain broker’s website is currently down, we cannot rule out this broker as a threat that still lurks. There is a possibility that the broker’s website may be reactivated, or appear under a new name on a new web address. That is why today we are going to present to you the research that we have conducted, so you can avoid this investment scam should you come across it.

Although Gio Fx Gain tries to present itself as a legitimate broker, offering users a forex trading account, a stock trading account, a crypto investment account, a BTC mining account, as well as a binary options trading account, this is not a place where you can make a profit. If you are still not sure, read the Gio Fx Gain Review to the end.

Gio Fx Gain License and Funds Security

Gio Fx Gain claims that the headquarters of the company is in Great Britain, with an address that immediately seemed suspicious to us. This is because Great Britain is famous for the strict regulations that make it difficult to get a trading license.

The information we found on the broker’s website is that Gio Fx Gain is “officially registered as a subsidiary of Aviva Plc”. It turns out that no company under that name is on the UK financial regulator’s registers.

The only company we found in the registry is under a similar name that reads Aviva Investors UK Fund Services Limited, with the only approved domain of this company being This means that this company has nothing to do with Gio Fx Gain broker.

This brings us to the fact that Gio Fx Gain is lying about its regulation and headquarters. The biggest problem with unregulated brokers is that their users are at risk of misuse of personal data and the money they have invested.

Trading Platform Available at Gio Fx Gain

Gio Fx Gain presented itself on its website as a provider of MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 trading platforms, which really meet the high standards and all the needs of traders. But it turns out that there is no trace of these platforms, and the broker does not own the other platforms it claims to own, such as the binary options platforms and BTC mining platforms.

It is clear that Gio Fx Gain does not own a single mining or trading platform, and this should not be surprising. Many fraudulent brokers also do not own trading platforms even though they also present themselves on the website as offering a revolutionary trading platform.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

The only payment options that Gio Fx Gain allows are in cryptocurrencies. The basic cryptocurrencies that are allowed are Bitcoin and Ethereum, while for others a request is sent, and they can be Litecoin, Cash, and USD Tether.

This is a favorite method with fraudulent brokers, as this type of payment cannot be reversed. The minimum deposit that Gio Fx Gain broker requires is 500 dollars, which is too much when we consider that other, regulated brokers, micro orders are worth 5 to 10 dollars.

As for the withdrawal, it is carried out in the same way as the deposit, but we doubt that the broker will allow you to submit a withdrawal request because it often turns out that the brokers prescribe exorbitant fees and unrealistic conditions to approve the request.

Gio Fx Gain Offers Bonuses and Promotions

It regularly happens that fraudulent brokers give their users bonuses under certain conditions, and these conditions are usually a turnover of the bonus from 30 to 50 times, which in this case also includes the already paid deposit.

At Gio Fx Gain broker, we were unable to find a bonus offer and the promotion it gives, but we do not rule out that the company gives investors who invest money a welcome bonus or a bonus according to the type of account they have chosen.

How the Scam Is Implemented

All scammers use pretty much the same fraud scheme, including Gio Fx Gain. The way this broker runs the scam is as follows. The broker will present themselves on the website in the best possible way so that they receive as many investors as possible.

They will say that they are regulated, that they have a license, that they offer innovative trading platforms, and that they have incredible trading conditions that they offer to their users. Then, as a payment method, the broker will set cryptocurrencies, which are impossible to track or prove who actually owns the e-wallet.

Usually, through bonuses, they make it impossible for users to request a refund and thereby buy themselves time until one of the regulatory bodies puts them on the blacklist of scam brokers.

Gio Fx Gain Summary

Gio Fx Gain is a broker you don’t want to do business with. They are exactly what a broker should never be, and their offer is not worth going to market.

Of course, this has never prevented fraudulent brokers from finding a user to defraud. The most important thing is to be warned in time. If Gio Fx Gain reappears on your website, we advise you to bypass it.

Is My Money Safe with Gio Fx Gain?

Your money is most certainly not safe with Gio Fx Gain broker.

Is Gio Fx Gain a Regulated Broker?

Gio Fx Gain is not a regulated broker, as we have pointed out in our review.

What Is TheGio Fx Gain Minimum Deposit Amount?

The minimum deposit with Gio Fx Gain broker is $500.

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