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Learn 2 Trade Review: Unverified Service Quality Doesn’t Justify Costs

Learn 2 Trade Review

Sometimes the prospect of risk-free trading strategies are too difficult to resist. While there are numerous trading signal providers that have a good and proven track record, it’s still very important to read the fine print and do your own research before spending any money.

The one we’re talking about today in our Learn 2 Trade review is far from spotless. They are in cahoots with a shady forex broker, and their online reputation is certainly blemished.

General information
Name Trade 2 Signals
Type of the company Signal Seller
Regulation status Unregulated / Offshore / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in Marshall Islands (alleged)
Contact info +44 (0) 2031468423

[email protected]

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Germany
Customer support Yes (Email, Online Form)
Compensation fund No

Who is Behind the Site?

The company that claims ownership over the site bears the same name – Learn 2 Trade Ltd. It is allegedly established in Marshall Islands, an offshore zone with a shaky supervisory and regulatory system. Although no regulation in this case is needed, transparency is still desirable and expected.

Trying to establish if the business really exists, we tried looking through the IRI register as the database of registered entities in that country, but no results were found. 

Signal sellers tend to primarily earn as promotional campaigns for brands like Avatrade, Eightcap, Cornix and Vantage FX, but that is not all. Signing up with these sites through Learn 2 Trade brings you discounts and other benefits. 

The website also claims to provide news insight, broker reviews, real-time market events and data, and most of all – the exclusive Learn 2 Trade Forex signals.   

Affiliate to an Illicit Broker

One of the first things that greets you on the website is a ribbon with an advertisement for Allegedly, clients that deposit $250 or more in order to start trading with this broker will get free VIP Learn 2 Trade Forex signals.

This would all be fine and dandy if this broker was reputable. Unfortunately, it just happens that we’re talking about an unlicensed offshore entity with some notoriety among the trading public, similar to HugosWay.

Ratings And Comments

While no firm has a spotless record, it is impossible to ignore the claims of some of the clients. Currently, the service has a score of 3.9 out of some 400 separate ratings.

Many platform users say that the signals are poor, and that predictions provided by this service have caused them significant net losses. If you’re looking for a solution on how to make money in trading, this might not be an appropriate one.

That said, the company has claimed their TrustPilot page, and is regularly replying to the testimonials, even if it were only for damage control purposes. Other platforms like SiteJabber for instance contain no data, which might indicate the involvement of review seller networks.

Activity On Social Media

The key to reaching out to a wide audience today is to be active on social networks. This company has done their homework, and they are active on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Much of the activity happens on the Telegram (over 40 thousand subscribers) online messaging services, with separate room for Crypto signals.

Unfortunately, even with supervision from the social networks themselves it’s not uncommon for some unscrupulous entities like EpsilonFx to slip through. This is why we always advise our readers to cross-reference multiple sources before committing any funds.

Learn 2 Trade Signals & Products

The ultimate goal that the firm claims to aim for is to equip as many Forex traders as possible with necessary information and knowledge to thrive as investors. 

Furnishing retailers with valuable information and market insights ultimately empowers them to invest smartly and achieve their own goals. So how does this platform exactly do that? 

Forex Signals

Two types of Forex signals are provided by the portal:

  • Free Forex Signals
  • Vip Forex Signals

The fee-free signals are available on the Telegram group. Vip signals come with a price, naturally. These are stated to be provided by the trading professionals with years of Forex experience. 

Up to 5 signals can be provided to you daily. The alleged success reaches 79% out of up to 70 trades per month. 

Crypto Signals

In the same fashion as previously described options, signals relating to digital currencies are also divided into two major groups:

  • Free Crypto Signals
  • Vip Crypto Signals

To get free signals, all you have to do is subscribe to the Telegram group for crypto signals. For the Vip option, a subscription plan is needed. Also delivered only by the top players on the market, these signals are guaranteed by the seller to be successful in over 70% of all cases. 

L2T Algo

The Learn 2 Trade robot is advertised as your most reliable partner in trading around the clock. Supposedly based on a complex algorithmic combination, the bot operates in an automated manner. 

It combs through the markets and detects lucrative trading opportunities and then alerts the user via Telegram. It is marketed as a great solution not only for identifying signals but also placing orders on its own and without clients having to manually open trades. 

Subscription Plans

While some of the trading signals with this firm will be provided free of charge, there’s a full palette of different paid services available on their platform. These can be divided into several categories, and come with some pretty hefty price tags attached.

Premium subscriptions:

  • Monthly – £99
  • 3 Months – £199
  • 6 Months – £349
  • Lifetime – £1499

L2T Algo subscriptions:

  • Monthly – £99
  • 3 Months – £199
  • 6 Months – £349

Affiliate Program

Getting other interested parties to sign up for this service gets awarded. Existing members can earn up to 40% revenue split on each new paid subscriber. The commission can be chased in each month as long as your referral stays subscribed.

Trading Education

There seems to be a wide variety of different educational materials available with this platform. Unfortunately, we were unable to review any of them as they are all locked behind a paywall.

The firm provides these courses:

  • Trading Course – £99
  • F1 Strategy Course – £599

Prop Trading – the Future of Forex

We’ve noticed that many inexperienced traders tend to rely heavily on trading signal services. In reality, there is no infallible way to earn money on the markets. If you believe you have the necessary experience to excel as a retailer, take a look at one of our funded trading programs.

We offer up to $180,000 in funding which may prove to be the edge you need to boost your portfolio. Book a Zoom meeting today using a utility on our site, and start your Forex proprietary trading journey!


What is Learn 2 Trade?

The site sells education, signals and a trading bot. Their legal grounds are questionable though.

Is Learn2Trade Worth It?

The opinions are divided, we’d recommend you to practice caution either way.

Is Learn 2 Trade Trustworthy?

As an anonymous offshore company maybe not entirely, but some users do not share this opinion. Perhaps funded trading is a safer option.

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