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Lionetix Review: You Should Not Trust This Broker

Lionetix Review

We have to say it up front; this unbiased Lionetix review has left us with more questions than answers. Rarely is there a company we cannot understand or track, but Lionetix broker assured to hide their operating systems quite well

From presenting themselves as a Poland based company, to lying about having a license, there is not much this investment scam hasn’t lied about. 

To be totally honest, Lionetix is completely anonymous and there is not much we know about them aside that they are just a scam.

With that said, let’s dive into this Lionetix broker review to uncover the true face of this offshore fraudulent brokerage. 

But first, read our unbiased Investous and Profit Trade scam brokers reviews. Your funds are in danger with them!

Broker Status: Unregulated broker
Regulated by:  No regulations 
Operating Status:  Active
Scammers Websites:
Blacklisted as a Scam by: FMA
Broker Owner:  Monetrix SP ZOO
Headquarters Country: Poland
Foundation Year:  2020
Online Trading Platforms: N/A
Mobile Trading:  N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus:  No
Crypto Asset Trading: Yes (BTC, ETH, ADA)
CFD Trading Option: No
Available Trading Instruments: Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Islamic Account:  No
Free Demo Account:  No
Accepts US clients: No

Lionetix License and Funds Security

Cryptocurrencies are a good option to make your profits but any cryptocurrency investment done in today’s time is unsafe. It’s especially dangerous when you invest in it with companies that don’t have any licenses.

Just by looking at their website, we knew there was something fishy about them. And while conducting this review, we knew they are up to no good.

Mainly, the company is selling you different investment opportunities. From holding crypto, trading it or even doing an arbitrage. Those are all tricks that combined are very powerful when people are greedy.

So, let’s first begin with the importance of regulation. Any company that holds a Tier 1 regulation, meaning a reputable regulation from EU regulators, the UK, Australia, or similar, needs to follow certain rules.

While Lionetix is owned by Monetrix sp. ZOO from Poland, an EU country, the company doesn’t hold any license. In other words, this means that actual headquarters may be anywhere in the world, and your funds are at risk. On top of that, they have also been issued an official warning from the New Zealand regulatory body FMA.

Trading Platform Available at Lionetix

In regards to the Lionetix trading platform, we’re quite unsure of what to think. As we have mentioned, the broker offers its clients access to buy crypto, stake it, and copy trades from other clients. However, if you check a bit further, you will see that you should open a wallet the company will recommend to you for buying and staking. On top of that,  the company’s employees promise a return of 20-30% on a monthly level.

We can say with certainty that in the investment world, you can never promise an exact % of return.  This is a major red flag and when you pair it with the fact that the company doesn’t offer any specific platform for watching the market, it’s just one big recipe for a disaster.  Lionetix only offers external crypto wallets that should be used for stacking and trading cryptos, not trading.

That is exactly where they try to lure you into believing that they are legitimate. Some crypto wallets are trusted. But to open them, you don’t need a Lionetix broker.

Lionetix Account Types Offered

Unfortunately, there is no information about account types. You will have the freedom to invest as much as you can. After you get that first hard sales call, be careful in giving  your money over. These guys know how to sell stories, but you need to be smarter.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

In regards to the deposit methods, Lionetix has stated on their website they offer the following ones:

  • Visa or Master credit or debit card
  • Poli
  • PayPal
  • Alipay

Now, the thing is, once you click on any of those options, it doesn’t give you access to use them. All of this leads us to believe that the only available option for funding is through crypto. And we can’t stress enough how very unsafe this is when you are working with an unregulated scam broker just like Lionetix.

How the Scam Is Implemented

There are too many ads that can be found online and many of them will include fake stories promising easy earnings. In case you ever decide to leave your personal information in order to find out more about this, some agents will likely try to get in contact with you.

Initially, brokers such as this one or even Profit Trade will ask for a smaller amount just enough to cover the minimum deposit requirement but if you agree, they will begin to persuade you to invest even more. Don’t be sure that you are immune to these fake stories the agents are going to tell you because in reality, it’s much harder to stay firm and be sure the broker is just a phony broker. 

All these fraudsters pose as brokers to take advantage of the general public’s lack of knowledge of trading. And the agents calling are professionals who have many ways to get you on board with making an investment. 

Lionetix Summary

In this Lionetix broker review, we tried to get you familiar with this Poland-based unregulated broker that is trying to look as legit as possible. Not only are they an unlicensed broker, but they also falsely claim to be. On top of this, they have been issued a warning by New Zealand’s regulatory body FMA, for providing scam trading services.

Additionally, some of the most important parts such as account types or available platforms are completely missing from the brokers website, which is always a big red flag. 

In conclusion, it’s best to just stay away from this fraudulent broker or any other alike. Make sure to always read the reviews before investing.

In case you have ever fallen victim to this or a similar scam we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help you get your money back.

FAQs About Lionetix Broker

Is My Money Safe with Lionetix?

No, your money isn’t safe with this Poland-based broker that possesses no licenses for providing this type of service.

Is Lionetix a Regulated Broker?

No, Lionetix has no license and follows no regulations when it comes to trading so stay away from this unregulated broker.

What Is The Lionetix Minimum Deposit Amount?

Unfortunately, Lionetix failed to mention their minimum deposit, but we can assume it to be some outrageously high amount.

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