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LiveTrades Review – Is Lack Of User Feedback a Drawback?

LiveTrades Review

LiveTrades is a financial platform that facilitates trading and investment opportunities. Offering a range of services, this platform enables users to engage in copy trading, access educational resources, and execute trades across various financial markets.

Can you unlock your trading potential with LiveTrades is the question– join us and embark on your journey to potential financial success.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t actual user satisfaction due to the lack of available client feedback, which is a notable drawback. It seems that LiveTrades, established in 2023, is relatively new, potentially explaining the scarcity of reviews. Despite this limitation, evaluations from various sources such as,, and more, shed light on LiveTrades’ platform.

Of the evaluation, LiveTrades stands out as an enticing copy trading platform within the industry, offering a diverse range of expert traders to emulate and promising substantial returns on investment. 

The platform’s reliability is underscored by its user-friendly interface, catering particularly well to beginners. Moreover, LiveTrades garners praise for its overall excellence, characterized by a feature-rich platform, trusted infrastructure, and robust trading model. It appears to check all the boxes expected of a platform of its kind. 

While direct user LiveTrades reviews may be lacking, these evaluations from various sources provide insights into LiveTrades’ offerings and reputation within the industry. Always trust firms that have great evaluation and reputation in the market, such as this reputable brokerage firm Trade Nation Review

Regulation Status

The official website of LiveTrades discloses that transactions processed by the platform are facilitated by WireX Ltd., a company registered under CRN 09334596. WireX Ltd. is authorized by the FCA under the Electronic Money Regulations 2017 (EMRs) for issuing electronic fiat money and payment instruments.

These regulations underwent amendments to align with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In the context of LiveTrades, it can be inferred that the platform operates under the regulatory oversight of WireX Ltd., which is authorized by the FCA under the EMRs. 

This affiliation suggests that LiveTrades adheres to the regulatory laws governing electronic money issuance and payment services, ensuring compliance with industry standards and providing users with a regulated trading environment. Be sure to look for companies that are licensed by official regulatory bodies, such as this brokerage firm FXCC Review

Account Types

Researching offerings of the platform, there are three available LiveTrades account types.

Basic Subscriber

Balance Requirement – EUR 1,000

Profit Sharing – 50% / 50%

Pro Trader

Balance Requirement – EUR 3,000

Profit Sharing – 75% / 25%

VIP Trader

Balance Requirement – EUR 25,000

Profit Sharing – 90% / 10%

Potential clients should note they have available LiveTrades free deposit fee for all account types, additionally, the withdrawal fee is also free, only for the Basic Subscriber type is EUR 25.


When it comes to LiveTrades price range, there is a monthly subscription and the cost for balance requirement. The monthly cost for Basic Subscriber is EUR 99.95, and the billing is after the trading starts. 

For the Pro and VIP Trader accounts, the monthly subscription is free, but there is the cost of the account balance which is EUR 3,000 and EUR 25,000. So, pricing can depend on factors such as the type of account chosen, any subscription fees associated with account features, or transaction fees incurred during trading. 

Copy Trading

LiveTrades copy trading allows users to replicate the strategies of top traders instantly. The platform doesn’t need any prior trading experience, as the platform’s auto-trading feature handles all trading actions automatically. 

How it works?

Creating an account with LiveTrades is straightforward. The first step is to open an account and provide then provide the required information and complete the verification procedures. Next, select the traders or systems, for users who are uncertain about which to choose, there’s the option to opt for a mixed selection.

Afterward, LiveTrades login is available and the final step is to deposit a minimum of EUR 1000 into the account, using various payment methods. Trading commences within 24 hours, and users can observe traders and systems executing trades in the market. 

Live Trades – Guide

Despite their presence on the official website, guide sections currently lack content and details. The platform provides no specific information regarding what users can expect to find within these guides. 

There are three LiveTrades guide options:

  • Beginners Guide
  • Advanced Trading Guide
  • Crypto Guide

While these guides hold promise for enriching the trading experience for LiveTrades users, their current absence of content leaves traders eagerly awaiting their release. As these sections are populated with valuable insights, users can maybe get access when applying or signing in to the account. 

All in all, best to visit the site for up-to-date information, since platforms are prone to changing their appearance, features, and option details.


In terms of its influence globally, the platform boasts a presence across various domains, such as:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • United States
  • Pakistan
  • Germany

It’s important to note that while LiveTrades extends its services to several countries, there are certain limitations enforced by its team. Applications may be denied based on AML/KYC protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

One crucial aspect of LiveTrades operations is its restriction on accepting clients from certain jurisdictions. Specifically, individuals from countries subject to sanctions, such as Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and others, are not eligible to utilize the platform’s leveraged retail trading services. Despite these restrictions, LiveTrades maintains an extensive global network, with its headquarters situated in the picturesque city of Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Referral Program

The platform presents an opportunity for participants who can refer individuals to LiveTrades and receive generous commissions directly into their trading accounts. LiveTrades referral program is accessible to both experienced affiliate professionals and those simply looking to refer their networks of friends and colleagues.

The program works for instance, individuals who refer 1-5 clients can earn USD 1000 along with a 25% ongoing revenue share, and so on. In addition to these enticing commissions, the platform also offers extra bonuses based on referral performance. The bonus can get up to USD 10,000. 

Final Take on LiveTrades – Is It Safe?

To sum up, LiveTrades emerges as a versatile and promising platform for traders and investors.  While the lack of user feedback may be a small drawback, evaluations from multiple sources highlight LiveTrades’ potential. The platform’s affiliation with WireX Ltd., authorized by the FCA, underscores its commitment to regulatory compliance and user security.

Although certain sections like the guide options may currently lack content, LiveTrades’ features and commitment to regulatory standards position it as a promising contender in the financial services industry. 


What is LiveTrades?

It’s a financial platform that offers a range of services, including copy trading, access to educational resources, and execution of trades across various financial markets.

Is LiveTrades a Legit Copy Trading System?

Yes, it operates under regulatory oversight, with transactions processed by WireX Ltd., authorized by the FCA under the Electronic Money Regulations. This affiliation ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

How Much Does LiveTrades Cost?

Its pricing structure can vary based on account types and subscription fees. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on pricing, it's advisable to visit directly.

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