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RightFX Review: A Study of Features and Performance

RightFX Review

RightFX may seem like a good broker. However, after conducting a thorough investigation, we have some concerning results to share with you. One of the most glaring issues with RightFX is its lack of regulation, which immediately raises a lot of suspicions. 

We encountered numerous technical problems while navigating their site. Despite trying every button labeled “open account,” we could not create an account at all. 

Without access to these features, we can’t speak to the quality of RightFX’s services. However, based on what we did observe, we cannot recommend investing in this broker. In fact, we firmly advise against it.

Are you still considering RightFX as a potential investment platform? If so, we urge you to read on for our in-depth RightFX review. Stay tuned!

Headquarters United Kingdom
Regulation No Regulation
Leverage 1:500
Minimum Deposit $100
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex
Platforms MT5
Spread 1.4

License and Regulations of RightFX

It’s worth noting that RightFX claims to be based in Britain. This would require them to hold a license with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Britain’s regulatory body. However, after conducting an investigation, we found no evidence to suggest that RightFX is FCA-regulated.

In fact, it seems that RightFX actively disregards one of the FCA’s fundamental policies – limiting leverage available to retail clients. While the FCA caps leverage at 1:30, RightFX allows up to 1:500. This not only reveals their disobedience to FCA regulations but also indicates a higher risk of financial loss.

Brokers with an FCA license are required to follow strict guidelines to combat scams and protect traders from volatile market conditions. This includes reporting daily trades and keeping segregated client accounts to prevent price fixing and other fraudulent practices. Besides, FCA-regulated brokers must maintain a minimum of 730,000 euros in liquidity to withstand market turbulence.

Choosing to trade with a broker licensed by the FCA assures security that unregulated companies like RightFX or TigersFM cannot guarantee. It’s crucial to prioritize partnering with regulated brokers to ensure a safe and good trading experience. Please familiarize yourself with the different regulatory environments to understand the protections available to you.

Trading Platform Available at RightFX

RightFX allegedly offers access to the highly reputable MetaTrader 5 platform. Everyone has heard of this top-notch trading venue. However, as you know, we were unable to create an account with the broker and only saw a login screen.

The quality of the trading experience ultimately depends on how effectively the broker utilizes the platform and provides traders with the necessary tools. In the case of RightFX, we cannot speak to the quality of their use of MT5, as we could not fully explore the platform.

It’s always essential to prioritize partnering with a broker that offers a robust trading platform. Such a broker is able to effectively leverage its features to improve your trading experience. As you consider potential brokers, be sure to research their use of the platform. This will ensure that it aligns with your trading needs and preferences.

RightFX – Account Types

RightFX markets itself as a broker that caters to many traders by offering three different account classes: Pro, VIP, and ECN. However, it’s critical to note that these may not actually provide the benefits or features promised by the broker. In fact, based on our investigation, RightFX seems to be a scam broker. The account types may simply be a ploy to lure unsuspecting traders into investing their money with the promise of better trading conditions and profitability.

Pro, VIP, and ECN accounts may claim to offer exclusive benefits. However, in reality, these benefits may not exist or may be purely cosmetic. Some scam brokers use these tactics to appear more legitimate and attract more clients, only to cheat them out of their funds once they have invested.

As a trader, it’s essential to be extra careful when evaluating different brokers and account types. Always do your due diligence and research any broker you’re considering partnering with. Look for reviews and feedback from other people online, and be wary of claims that seem too good to be true.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

RightFX accepts only cryptocurrency payments as a deposit and withdrawal method. Some traders may prefer the anonymity and security offered by crypto. Yet, it’s important to note that this payment method may not be as safe as it seems when dealing with a potentially fraudulent broker.

In fact, the use of cryptocurrencies may be a red flag meaning that RightFX is operating as a scam broker. Keep in mind that crypto transactions are hardly traceable, making it easier for fraudulent brokers to disappear without leaving a trail.

Moreover, the lack of other payment options may also be a sign that RightFX is not a legitimate broker. Reputable brokers often include many payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets.

Please beware when dealing with brokers that only accept cryptocurrency payments. Always make sure to thoroughly research any broker before investing your money, and look for reputable reviews and feedback from other people. Ultimately, it’s wise to choose a broker that offers a variety of secure payment options and has a transparent regulatory history. This will ensure the safety and security of your funds.

How Does The Scam Work?

Today, it’s easy to fall prey to the traps of fraudulent brokers. They employ a range of tactics, including the promise of massive profits. But don’t be fooled! These dishonest brokers will push you into investing and participating in fake trades, with the sole intention of taking your assets. It’s essential to be wary of offshore brokers who use criminal tactics to appear credible, including claiming to be licensed by renowned authorities. 

Before investing, conduct research by reading reviews and seeking advice from independent financial advisors. It’s crucial to protect your personal and financial data. Be careful who you trust and disclose information to, as scammers always prowl. 

Always prioritize your safety, and never compromise on it. It’s worth noting that RightFX and Global GT share several similarities, including being unregulated firms with a history of swindling their clients. It’s prudent to steer clear of such entities to safeguard your assets and peace of mind.

RightFX Summary

RightFX is a broker that claims to be based in the UK. Yet, our investigation revealed that it is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, this corporation allows leverage of up to 1:500, which is much higher than the FCA’s 1:30 limit. As a result, we do not recommend investing in RightFX. 

Similarly, we were unable to create an account with the broker, so we cannot speak to the quality of their services or the MetaTrader 5 they allegedly offer. RightFX offers three account types: Pro, VIP, and ECN, but it’s critical to note that these may not provide the benefits or features promised by the broker. Please be mindful if you decide to trade with this broker. 


Is RightFX Regulated?

No. This company is not regulated and you should avoid it.

What is The Minimum Deposit for RightFX?

The minimum deposit requirement that this broker asks for is $100.

Is RightFX a Trustworthy Broker?

No. This company is not trustworthy, and you must avoid it.

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