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Rui Win Capital Review: All the Lies Behind This Scam Broker

Regulation of Rui Win Capital and Fund Security

Rui Win Capital is just another offshore broker falsely claiming to operate from the UK. They provide unlicensed financial services online and give clients the opportunity to invest in forex.

However, judging just by the lack of information the broker offers it is quite clear they are no more than a cheap scam put together to fool as many people as possible.

We recommend you keep reading our Rui Win Capital broker review to learn how to stay away from this fraud and keep your funds safe.

Company Rui Win Capital Ltd
Address Rm302 The Broadgate Tower 20 Primrose Street, London, United Kingdom.
Email N/A
Phone +61481613511 +85269936601
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Warning N/A

Regulation of Rui Win Capital and Fund Security

Rui Win Capital broker review

Rui Win Capital claims to be based in the UK and for this to actually be true they must follow regulations set by FCA. Considering the fact that they do not have any license issued by this regulatory body, it is safe to say they are just lying about their address and operating offshore.

That is quite common for financial frauds of this kind to do, as there are no offshore regulatory bodies that oversee the services these companies provide. We recommend you always stick with a broker that has clearly stated a license number and regulation on its website.

Overview of the Rui Win Capital Trading Platform

Rui Win Capital  metatrader5 trading platform

Rui Win Capital broker claims to be offering the best and most powerful trading platform on the market, but in reality, we were not able to access it at all. It is fairly common for scam brokers to limit their platform access to only those who have signed up for an account.

Whatever the case here, bear in mind that all legit brokers offer reliable trading platforms like the industry standard MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, and if no trading software is available that should be a clear sign you are dealing with an investment scam.

Deposit and Withdrawal at Rui Win Capital

Yet another thing missing on the Rui Win Capital scam website. They failed to provide any details about deposits, withdrawals, and fees, which is of course a huge red flag. Critical information such as this one should never be hidden and a reliable broker would never do so.

This broker decided to share absolutely nothing, demonstrating a lack of transparency, which is an excellent reason to avoid them completely.

Even online reviews were limited, but the ones we found had stated many complaints against the broker and it seems like the withdrawal issues are the number one complaint people report. Essentially, after asking for their funds, the broker disappeared.

How the Scheme Was Implemented

Investment scams can be different from one another, but in most cases, the fraudulent scheme is practically carried out in the same manner. They all lurk for the personal information people left on online ads and once they come in possession of it, the constant emails and calls will start.

Scam brokers are always unregulated but often claim to be or are just registered somewhere offshore, which helps them remain anonymous. If you open an account with such an entity, you should expect endless phone calls. Scammers will constantly try to approach you and make you deposit money as quickly as possible. Remember that urgency is always a bad sign, so it’s probably a scam if someone calls you twenty times per day, asking for money.

Rui Win Capital Summary

This Rui Win Capital review was conducted to give you a good explanation of how this scam broker operates. The fact that they failed to provide even the most basic info and lied about their address is just the first of many red flags. This investment scam allegedly offers its clients an opportunity to trade on the forex market. However, after one look at their website and the lack of something as basic as the platform, it becomes obvious no trading takes place there.

Additionally, they are operating without a license and follow no regulations and therefore offer no safety for your funds.

We also found some complaints about the broker online and all of them state that after depositing the money, the broker disappeared into thin air. Always be cautious where you invest your funds, and stay as far as possible from this unscrupulous broker

FAQs About Rui Win Capital Broker

Is It Safe to Trade on Rui Win Capital?

No, it definitely isn’t safe to trade with this unregulated broker that possesses no license.

Can I Open A Demo Account with Rui Win Capital?

No, this broker does not offer an opportunity to open a demo account to try out their services before signing up for an official account.

What Is The Funding Method of Rui Win Capital?

We actually couldn’t find what funding methods Rui Win Capital broker accepts, as they failed to mention so on their website.

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