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RXK Capital Review: Find Out About This Fraudulent Broker

RXK Capital Funds Safety and Regulation

This RXK Capital review deals with a special investment scam. These “brokers” are taking things to another level with their honesty and sweet talk. Dangerous and unregulated, they offer a false sense of security and innovation.

Keep reading to find out more about this off-shore organization that operates with no supervision. The tricks they use may be interesting to you because they are new to us, and we’ve seen a lot.

Company RXK Capital
Address Grenville Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Email [email protected]
Phone +44 20 3885 0540
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:500
Bonuses Available
Regulation No
Warning N/A

RXK Capital Funds Safety and Regulation

This is one interesting case indeed. RXK Capital is neither regulated nor licensed, but they openly state that on their website under the “Our Regulation” segment. They claim they follow all regulatory obligations placed on regulated brokerages. Additionally, they have an entire web page devoted to showing the steps they take to keep their promises.

RXK Capital broker also states they are working to become regulated by a tier-one regulator in Europe. The amount of effort they placed into making this investment scam seem as safe as possible is honestly impressive.

However, we must mention Saint Vincent and the Grenadines location. As many of you already know, this is heaven for off-shore scam brokers like RXK Capital. Do not let their well-crafted website and insane claims take you away from the truth.

This brokerage is risky because it is not regulated; if they commit fraud, no one but you will be held accountable. They could disappear, and it would be as if they never existed. Stay away from unregulated businesses, especially when your personal information and money are in question.

RXK Capital Trading Platform

 RXK Trading Platform

Their website claims that they provide a trading platform for beginners that is also suitable for intermediate and advanced users. RXK Capital had a lot of good things to say about their software because this is apparently how they plan to appeal to the crowd. They also offer an app version along with the browser one.

All that aside, this is basically a version of WebTrader that is well-known for being used by many scam brokers out there. Not to say that this platform is bad, but it is not an industry standard like MT4 or MT5.

RXK Capital Account Types Available

This brokerage offers five different types of accounts, all of which are classified as “Premium Accounts.” So by choosing any of these account types, you automatically become a premium user. This is important because there are quite a few benefits to it, according to the RXK Capital Brokers website.

The disclaimer that caught our eye, because it sounds pretty shady, states that every PAH (premium account holder) is forbidden from withdrawing money in the first three months. This is a major red flag! Regardless, there are Standard, Advanced, Platinum, Expert, and VIP options to select from.

RXK Offers Bonuses and Promotions

RXK Capital, like many other scam brokers on the market today, offers bonuses and promotions. There is, again, a whole page dedicated to bonus conditions with a lot of clauses. Some of them are quite confusing and alarming.

However, it is not weird that murky statements and undefined scenarios play a role in this manifest, because this is the exact way they can get away with fraud. Bonuses offered by shady brokerages are there to generate income for them, not for you. These alluring promotions are there to blindside you. Do not fall for the easy earnings; that is not how things work.

What is interesting about RXK Capital bonuses is the fact that, based on a geographic location, some bonuses might be available or unavailable. Furthermore, only one trader in the household is permitted to use bonuses and special offers. This is where we were baffled. They also give you the option not to accept a bonus, which is what we would recommend to everyone.

Withdrawal and Deposit at RXK Capital

An overview of RXK Capital ' fast and efficient withdrawal methods in the broker review.

RXK Capital Broker apparently needs to be different in every aspect of its existence. There is a special procedure for depositing funds into the user’s account, and of course, there is a whole page dedicated to that.

First, you need to call the account manager or send them an email, and then they are the ones who are going to deposit the money! That means you would need to give them your highly confidential information, which should be out of the question. A few hours have to pass, and then you’ll be informed that your funds will be processed. This whole idea is insane.

RXK Capital Scam accepts debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and possibly cryptocurrency. There are no fees for depositing, but there is a 5% withdrawal fee for cards and none for bank transfers.

This is all deeply disturbing information, and we are warning you to avoid this broker and to alert everyone you know who might be new to investing.

Unauthorized brokerage scam methods

The main card unscrupulous thieves like to play is manipulating people’s emotions. They target individuals who are new to the trading industry and pretend to be their friends. Also, they use many tactics to achieve this, and the primary goal is to rob them of their money. After all, this is all they are after.

Before investing, look for professional guidance and advice, do your own market research, and do not fall for the stories that are too good to be true. Never risk your finances if you are unsure or ill-prepared. An investment scam can be masked into something that is particularly attractive, so use your mind and not your emotions.

RXK Capital Summary

Not only is RXK Capital completely unregulated and unsupervised, but they are proud of it! This is an investment scam on another level of insanity. We are sincerely expecting that not one individual falls into their trap. Investing money in this company is risky and unreasonable.

We hope this RXK Capital review reaches the right audience. If you ever become a victim of fraud, be brave enough to report it, or we can help you with that.

FAQs About RXK Capital Broker

How Trustworthy is RXK Capital Broker?

RXK Capital Broker is not trustworthy at all. They sell lies and have insane procedures.

Is RXK Capital a Legitimate Company?

No, they fall under no jurisdiction and have no regulatory body overseeing their business.

Are There Any Hidden Fees for Withdrawals at RXK Capital?

RXK Capital swears by its transparency and claims to have no hidden fees. But since they should not be trusted, this might not be true.

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