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SHUAA Capital Review: Wealth Management With Tradition and Experience

SHUAA Capital Review

Few companies can draw on the experience of nearly half the century of operation. One such is the firm we’re taking a look at today in our SHUAA Capital Review.

This wealth management giant boasts an impressive portfolio, and a nearly impeccable success story. Indeed, you can hardly find a more suitable partner for financial growth.

General information
Name SHUAA Capital psc
Type of the company Wealth Management
Regulation status Regulated wealth management company
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link

Active since 1979
Registered in UAE
Contact info Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai The H Hotel, Offices Tower Level 15 – Office No. 1502 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


[email protected]

Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India, United States
Customer support Yes – phone, email
Compensation fund Available

Long History of Good Practice

Founded nearly 45 years ago in 1979 as Arabian General Investment Corporation (AGICO), the SHUAA Capital psc has managed to become one of the investment powerhouses over the years.

The journey was not without its hurdles, however, and the company had problematic periods as well. In 2009, following a global economic downturn, 48.4% of company shares were acquired by Dubai Banking Group through convertible bond restructuring.

After careful reorganization the company exited its non-core investments, including retail brokerage division in 2011. With the balance sheet now strengthened, the firm is plowing through the market, announcing in 2020 a new entry into the real estate market of Montenegro worth US$118 million.

None of this would be possible without rock-solid regulation and legal backing. The company operates numerous subsidiaries and branch offices, and has 10 regulatory licenses. Most notable of these are from SCA and DFSA. Additionally, the firm is a registered participant of the DFM, a stark contrast to some quasi legal entities like Guarda.

Blemished Track Record

In September 2008, the world learned the latest SHUAA Capital news, as the DFSA took legal action against the company. The independent regulator has identified two counts of illicit behavior.

These include purposely manipulating the market in order to artificially increase recorded value of assets in a company’s financial books, and subsequent obstruction of DFSA investigation.

Ultimately, the case was settled with numerous sanctions undertaken against the firm. One of these was financial, with the company ordered to pay $850,000 for market manipulation, and $100,000 for obstruction.

You will notice similar legal disputes with other wealth management firms like Raymond James.

Social Platforms and Promoting

As a high profile wealth management company, the firm has unusually open public relations. It operates numerous social media profiles, including ones on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, CrunchBase and YouTube.

The company net worth and share value may be tracked in realtime on TradingView and Reuters websites. As the company deals mostly with institutional clients, there are no user-created SHUAA Capital reviews.

Asset Management

SHUAA Capital asset management is a complex field which comprises several subgroups of services. All of these are delivered to private and institutional clientele, and with special dedication and diligence from one case to another. 

Let’s get to the gist of it and learn more about what each of the services covers and what you can expect from the company’s employees, professionals and specialists. SHUAA Capital price is dependent on the required type of service.

Public Markets

Established by one of the SHUAA Capital subsidiaries known as SHUAA GMC Limited, Goldilocks is an open-ended fund with a long-term goal to ensure high rate returns and minimize the risks. Since it was established in 2015, the Fund outperformed regional and some global indices with over 200% return.

The Fund itself operates with the support of other shareholders. The investment approach is first built on productive fundamental analysis and identifying the Goldilocks candidate. Ultimately, the philosophy includes constructive activism and creating value for all shareholders.

Private Markets

SHUAA Capital securities private market is focused on identifying promising companies looking to enhance their performance. At that, the company aims to unleash the value of such firms mostly through acquisitions. 

As an active private equity investor in the Middle East,  the company has professionals that have specialized in various fields, such as financial services, real estate and energy. The list of investments available under the umbrella of private markets segment includes:

  • Anghami
  • Stanford Marine Group
  • Grandweld
  • NCM Investment

Real Estate

The expertise these professionals have reached covers ideas, structuring, funding, debt planning, asset management and other aspects. 

The experts and the real estate market don’t sleep. Therefore, it’s of crucial importance to constantly be on the lookout for new investment possibilities, with focus being on both debt and equity investments.

All across the MENA region, the company is known for offering high-end residential units, offices, retail homes, warehouses and hospitality assets. Besides this area, they’re also actively dealing with real estate in the United Kingdom (Northacre) and Eastern Europe.

Debt Investments

Alternative financing and similar solutions always come in handy at some point during every firm’s existence or for private individuals. This platform provides alternative solutions for acquiring capital through private debt strategies, as well as regional corporates and other owners of funds. 

Considering the fact that the company tends to clientele from the MENA zone, it’s also important to mention the fact that the conditions of the debt planning are in accordance with the Shari’a foundations. 

Strategies employed by the SHUAA Financing Opportunities Fund are:

  • Real estate and asset lending
  • Venture debt
  • Alternative lending 

Investment Banking

Institutional clients in the Middle East are often choosing to purchase the company’s services related to investment banking. The essential purpose of this service is to help companies acquire capital needed for the firm’s growth. Another crucial service is advice on merges, as well as acquisitions and disposals. 

It shouldn’t be forgotten the firm’s specialty being a range of credit products, securities services and fixed income. Coming up with simple solutions to complex financial problems and situations is what has ultimately made tens of thousands of clients pick this firm. 

One solid proof of that is the fact that over the last 3 years, the company has completed over $5 billion in landmark transactions.  


Whether you’re a small or a larger business, or an individual investor, should you need alternative financial solutions, this company can be your partner in it. 

Lest we forget that despite the years of practice and widespread business and financial influence, the company has had its ups and downs. Regardless, this conglomerate of smart wealth management has stood as a pillar of success and prolific business.

If you, however, consider yourself to be talented enough to be the sole creator of your financial future, you should try our funded trading program. Through our offer, you can get funded with up to $180.000 for trading. Contact us to find out how.


What is SHUAA Capital?

It is one of the leading wealth management and investment companies currently in business.

Is SHUAA Capital Legit?

Yes, the company is a completely legitimate business entity with an impressive portfolio. There are numerous fraudulent copycats, however, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is SHUAA Capital a Regulated Investment Firm?

Yes, the company has over 10 regulatory licenses from some of the strictest financial jurisdictions.

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