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SuperEZForex Review: Super Easy Way To Get Burned On The Market

SuperEZForex Review

Don’t mistake these entities for shortcuts to your desired profits; the trading signal sellers exist as an unregulated segment of the financial sector.

For each of the reputable companies there are dozens of swindlers looking only to rip you off without a second thought of the greater consequences. Read all about this con circle in our SuperEZForex review.

General information
Name SuperEZForex
Type of the company Signal Seller
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2018
Registered in N/A
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, The Bahamas
Customer support Online form
Compensation fund No

Who is Uncle P and is He Legit?

An anonymous individual or company figure advertising the questionable service is colloquially known as Uncle P. It is not known who this is and what form of education has he acquired, let alone what firm he represents. On the site itself, he’s presented as yet another Forex guru that claims to be able to turn you too into the next trading virtuoso with their magical automated trading system. 

In the absence of any corporate data disclosure, we couldn’t check firm history or background, so it’s completely unknown who runs the scheme. 

Although not necessarily needing a license for this niche, it’s still desirable to have an expert lead your trading endeavors and advise you. This scheme remains completely anonymous without any clarifications on where they’re located and who the leadership team consists of. 

The Great Social Bamboozle

It’s not uncommon for firms dealing with different types of market related businesses to advertise on social media. Unfortunately, the same can be said for swindlers like Fred Trading, and the lack of any SuperEZForex reviews on popular platforms like TrustPilot is another reason for suspicion.

The thing that makes us suspicious of the service is the disparity of information you’ll find in their social media. Let’s list a few:

  • Facebook profile says that the firm provides trading signal services
  • Pinterest calls the company “a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade”
  • LinkedIn lists the service as “Financial Services, Investment, Trading & Financial Risk Modelling”
  • X implies that the firm acts as an “atm card to money” service

Nearly all of these claimed services are strictly regulated lines of work, for which the firm doesn’t have any actual license. Since the actual business model of the company differs, these all constitute false advertising!

The YouTube channel with 25k subscribers is chock full of videos that heavily downplay the actual risks involved with trading and promotes the magical trading system that never fails. Same can be said for TikTok and Instagram affiliate pages, whose owners prey like vultures on novices.

The Ocean Way Trading System

This alleged technological innovation is marketed as a strategy and tool that will lead users straight to Forex success and make all their trading dreams come true.

The SuperEZForex Ocean Wave trading system consists of the following:

  • Trading system
  • Scanner
  • Multi time frame indicator
  • Lot size calculator
  • Step by step installation and a collection of video tutorials

Presented this way, with claims about the system being fully adjustable to position trades, day trades and signal trades, the system surely seems attractive.

It is said to be compatible with MT4 and it costs $299 plus taxes. Whether it works, however, is left unconfirmed, just like the promised SuperEZForex mobile MT4 compatibility.

New Copycat Trading System

The SuperEZForex copycat trading system sounds even more alluring and less demanding in terms of time, effort and skill. 

All you should do is install and run it and leave your computer on for the system to do all the work for you. No more staring at the screen for hours, stressing out and having to practice and learn. Just turn it on and watch it accumulate profit for you for a price of $119 a month.

Sounds magnificent doesn’t it? However, what you should really ask yourself is how realistic any of it really looks.

SuperEZForex EZ scanner

Supposedly a great addition to the collection of tools available for purchasing is the scanner, which is a simplistic dashboard scanner used as an add on. 

Now, this is where things get really funny. The SuperEZForex free tools are “free” for an “amazing” price of only $169 + tax. That is exactly how this tool is advertised and we’re totally confused if the website owners are joking or are just trying too hard to sell their snake oil to Forex novices. 

Scanz is yet another seller of such trading products, but still far more transparent about their entire conduct.

What Is “The Sexy Analyst”?

In an attempt to attract more site visitors and profit from additional SuperEZForex subscription schemes, the site links to another domain,

While seemingly belonging to an entirely different company, the site contains clues that it’s actually a further spinoff on the original in the form of instruction videos. The service itself costs additional $29 per month, 10% of which is allegedly donated to one of the charities from a rather large list.

Advanced Membership Group

For a price of $89 per month, every user that has created their SuperEZForex login can join the group specially formed for those that are also interested in receiving trading signals.

Besides enabling users with access to 8 to 12 SuperEZForex signals per week, the membership also brings live scalp /swing trading sessions, daily dot indicator and bonuses. These are non-standard and include access to a “private” trading community and secret indicators.

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What is SuperEZForex?

It is a suspicious signal seller that charges a monthly fee on a promise to improve your trading profits. Don’t fall for the scam - try forex prop trading instead!

Is SuperEZForex Legit?

The company has been operating for a few years now, but displays dangerous behavior that is common with confidence tricksters.

How to Choose the Right Trading Broker?

Make sure to check the company background and only trust brokers that are regulated, preferably in your country of residence. If you need additional guidance, contact us.

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