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VIG Investment Review – A Not-so-perfect Copycat

Overview of scam broker VIG Investment

VIG Investments is a company that does everything in its power to look legitimate. Thus, experienced traders won’t fall for their dirty tricks. Simply because they know where to look. On the other hand, inexperienced traders don’t know what to expect. That’s why we are here to discover all the flaws of this anonymous broker.

Read this VIG Investments review carefully to avoid becoming their next victim. Other brokers worth your attention you can find in our updated Investous and Smart Trade CFD reviews.

Company Vanguard International Group Limited  
Headquarters Hong Kong (allegedly)
Warning N/A
Platforms MT5 (allegedly)
Minimum Deposit $100
Leverage 1:500
Spread N/A
Review Rating N/A

VIG Investment Regulation and Security of Funds

VIG Investment is owned by Vanguard International Group Limited. However, that’s not an American famous brokerage. But only a copycat trying to scam people around the world. Primarily, they openly lie about their membership and licensing. Allegedly, the VIG investment broker is a member of the NFA. Thus, researching that register didn’t bring up any results.

Additionally, this company claims to be licensed by the FSC  of the British Virgin Islands and SFC (Hong Kong). Luckily for traders but sadly for the broker, the results were the same as with NFA. Therefore, all securities that this scam broker offers fall down the drain.

Trading Platform Overview

With the MT5 trading platform advertised it’s easy to attract traders. Primarily because of the lightning-fast executions and latest technology improvements. However, experienced traders would find a discrepancy. This broker only offers a trial version for download. But the real platform and access to it are not something this broker could brag about.

Unfortunately, before registering and depositing funds you are unable to test their platform. If you can’t get the real desktop version of the platform what to expect for a mobile? After all, these scam brokers never intend to provide you with trusted software. It is advertised just to attract traders into depositing their first funds.

But once you start trading, very likely you’ll be provided with a poorly designed web trader. Not only that it’s poor but also unreliable. Especially knowing that many scam brokers like VIG Investment use such platforms to manipulate traders.

Account Types Available

Another suspicious thing about this broker is their account-type offer. All you can see upon opening account types are guidances for opening an account. Huge red flag for misleading traders. Through the FAQ section, we could find that the minimum deposit requirement is $100. Thus, with such an anonymous broker even a $1 investment is risky.

So, practically all traders get the same shady trading conditions. Nobody has any motive to deposit more money. Except if they are greedy upon seeing fictive high returns. Firstly, don’t fall for it. Secondly, this broker only offers 3 classes of instruments. They don’t offer crypto or stock trading. However, they will gladly accept crypto payments.

Instead of throwing your money down the well, check the brokers from the list below. You will find at least one suitable for your needs. Especially because they can provide you with a demo or even a micro account.

Funding Options at VIG Investment

Another key proof of this bogus scam is VIG Investment funding methods. This broker only accepts wire transfers but also crypto transfers. In general, crypto transfers are a common thing for scam brokers. This way they try to keep their anonymity. Also, these transactions are irreversible. Which is a huge disadvantage for traders. Especially non-experienced ones that are easily convinced of the crypto benefits.

Also, the VIG Investment scam broker has quite poorly explained terms and conditions. Not to mention completely missing the withdrawal policy. Allegedly, the company is processing withdrawals within 24 hours. Thus, for a copycat broker, this is an absolutely bald statement. They already lost their credibility with numerous false statements.

The Fraudulent Techniques

As shown above, the broker will use trusted software or foreign regulators to mimic a legit company. Additionally, they will advertise non-existent services. For example, automated trading options. No person wouldn’t like money falling from the sky. However, if such a successful thing exists why would they need your money?

Nevertheless, after the first deposit, it’s never enough. Their agents will give you numerous reasons for bigger deposits. Until you realize that you won’t see your money back ever again. Unless you reach out to our fund recovery team.

Specialized in crypto transfers and with access to CipherTrace you can find your hard-earned money. Don’t let it slip away because of this swindler. Get in touch with our team already today. Important to know is that the first consultation is completely free. We can advise you step-by-step about the fund recovery process.

VIG Investment Summary

  • VIG Investment is a clone company.
  • Non-transparent trading platform.
  • The company doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy.
  • Numerous negative reviews against the broker.
  • Broker falsely claims to be regulated in the US.
  • Suspicious funding methods.
  • Missing crypto and stocks as tradeable assets.

FAQs About VIG Investment Broker

Is VIG Investment a Safe Place for My Money?

Definitely not. They are misleading traders and they are missing important regulations.

Can I Open A Demo Account with VIG Investment?

No. The only way to test their services is by depositing money and opening a live account.

What Accounts VIG Investment offers type?

None. The broker doesn’t have standard account types offered that is giving any benefits.

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