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Accurate FX Markets Review: Learn More About this Broker

Accurate FX Markets

Accurate FX Markets, If an interested investor tried to find out more about the owning company of Accurate FX Markets, they wouldn’t be able to get any data at all. The firm running the site has chosen to remain completely anonymous. This is not something any regulated broker does.

Choosing to keep their virtual anonymity makes this brokerage company highly suspicious. Regulated brokers do not refrain from disclosing relevant information about their company. 

All legal documentation should be provided to serve as proof that the company is running a legitimate business. The only name that these documents contain is AFXM LLC. 

Accurate FX Markets Quick Overview

Accurate FX Markets trading platform overview

Accurate FX Markets, based on the claims from the official website, should be offering trading tools that allow for building efficient trading strategies. These trading tools, combined with powerful features and trading platform are to bring the best trading experience. 

However, no detailed information is provided considering any of the offered features and trading tools. Without the relevant information and a chance to get to know a broker, investors can hardly be motivated to put money into that business. Utmost caution is advised when dealing with this broker.

Leverage 1:1000
Regulation Not regulated
Headquarters N/A
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex
Platforms MT4, MT5
Spread From 0.0

Regulation and Security at Accurate FX Markets

No obvious proof of being a legitimate business makes this broker untrustworthy. Being regulated means obtaining a license that sets a certain standard that defines the way a company runs its business. 

Legitimate brokers are obligated to strictly follow the rules set by jurisdictional regulators. Breaking any of the set standards would cause the financial authority to take legal action against the broker. 

Accurate FX Markets isn’t regulated and doesn’t reveal what the owning company is. This itself should be enough to repel potential investors. When a brokerage firm is shady, the best choice is not to invest at all. 

Available Trading Platform at Accurate FX Markets

Accurate FX Markets advertises a trading software that is seemingly making trading accessible and profitable. It is supposed to be a cutting-edge investment where clients are able to buy/sell crypto easily and highly profitably. 

Many more features are listed, such as an interface easy to use, free market data and news, different chart types, 6 pending order types, built-in indicators, and others. 

Unfortunately, boasting about reliable software doesn’t necessarily mean the platform is fully functional and not used in a manipulative way, especially by unlicensed brokers. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Accurate FX Markets funding options

Accurate FX Markets only accepts deposit transactions via crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRCC20), and BNB). Supposedly, they’re currently working on implementing other payment methods. 

It is known that scammers and other frauds are preferring crypto. This is done to make the chargeback harder for the customer. The minimum amount required for the deposit is $250.

The withdrawal process isn’t clearly explained, but the Terms and Conditions do state that all the services the company provides are subject to charges and the client may be asked to pay commission, taxes, fees, and other derivative funding.

Offshore Brokers Scam Tricks

Always be advised to be attentive to phonies that sound like professional brokers. They offer their expensive services for an extensive cost. All the favors they provide are pricey and the main motive is getting the investor to put money into it. 

For a certain price, customers are supposed to get assistance and useful trading advice from experienced brokers. This is done while manipulating the trading software in a way that deludes customers into believing they are trading. 

By the time the investor has figured out their scamming scheme, their money has already been stolen. The withdrawal process is made even more difficult by imposed fees and unexpected conditions.

Accurate FX Markets Summary

Despite all the claims about being regulated and reliable, it is impossible to say that Accurate FX Markets is a legitimate and authentic broker. 

Not only is the website missing info on the company’s background and legal documentation, but no functional trading platform is also provided. 

All the facts presented, along with unclear trading variables such as commissions, leverage, spread, and fees, are making Accurate FX Markets sound like another unscrupulous broker. So best beware of this company and make sure your funds are not stolen by simply not investing here. 

If you have ever fallen victim to scams, please share your experience with us! By continuously publishing new data on scammers, more people will become aware of the danger of their presence. 

FAQs About Accurate FX Markets Broker

What Are Accurate FX Markets Deposit Methods?

The only currently available methods of depositing are cryptocurrencies. 

How Do I Withdraw my Earnings at Accurate FX Markets?

Accurate FX Markets has no clear withdrawal policy but states that fees, taxes, and commissions are applicable.

Is Accurate FX Markets Regulated?

No, Accurate FX Markets is not regulated by any financial authority and therefore cannot guarantee the safety of funds.

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