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ADSS Review: Find out All the Reasons to Enjoy ADSS Broker

ADSS review

When you are in our line of business, most of the time you encounter scammers in various forms. Therefore, we were very happy when we could write a positive review for a change – this time about ADSS.

ADSS is a legitimate broker with quite an appealing offer, so stick around and let’s cover all the good things about this broker in our ADSS review.

General information
Name: ADS Securities LLC
Regulation status: Regulated (FCA, SCA)
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings
Website link:
Active since: 2011
Registered in: UAE
Contact info: Email: [email protected]

Phone: +971 2 657 2414

Trading platforms: ADSS, MT4
The majority of clients are from:
  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Canada 
  • United States 
  • India 
  • Italy 
Customer support: Yes (online form, live chat)
Compensation fund: No

Regulation Info

The ever-important trading license is something many brokers do not have. In turn, they try to trick people in various ways that they have one or they simply act as if a license is not important and do not mention it anywhere. This cannot be said about ADSS, however.

ADSS is a part of ADS Securities LLC registered in the UAE. This abbreviation stands for Gulf Cooperation Council and it brings together six countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrein, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. The main office of ADSS is in Abu Dhabi and it has a legitimate license from the SCA.

On top of that, and, in our opinion, a more reliable license is the FCA one from the UK. We are talking about a Tier-1 regulator here, which means your funds are extra secure.

Why is Regulation So Important?

Regulation in the world of Forex is everything. Look at it like this. You would not trust a doctor or a policeman without a license, so why would you trust a broker?

Regulatory frameworks are set in place to protect traders. A regulator imposes strict rules to limit the possibility of brokers going rogue. Those rules include high minimum operating capital, low leverages, no bonus plans (not all regulators), etc. This way, you are not exposing yourself to extreme risks when trading, and stand to lose little, generally speaking, as a result.

Iron Gates FX or JPY500 are prime examples of brokers who do not follow the above rules. They operate without any supervision, which allows them to scam people using nefarious tactics. In those cases, you have no regulator to turn to, because no one watches over the scammers and cannot punish them for stealing, so always beware of this!

ADSS Profile

Coming back to the broker in today’s review, adss has a lot to offer, but let’s start with the platforms. You have two options with the adss broker – MetaTrader 4 and the adss proprietary platform. 

If you ask for our opinion, we would always choose MT4 over any other platform except MT5. It has a wider variety of tools, greater functionality, and a user-friendly interface, and the adss mt4 download is available on mobile as well. What more can you ask for?

Moving on to the adss account types, you have a three-horse race between:

  • Classic – $100
  • Elite – $100,000
  • Elite + – $250,000

As you can see, the initial deposit is not that high, although there are cheaper alternatives on the market for as low as $5. You can enjoy adss trading with a 1:500 maximum leverage.

We would want to have seen lower leverage, however. Having it this high can be a double-edged sword, especially if you are new to Forex. The concept is simple, the higher the leverage, the bigger the gains, but the risk also goes up. If you are only starting your Forex journey, this broker is probably not the best choice for you as high leverage can bring you more harm than good.

Among notable financial instruments, we would highlight adss forex and adss securities, and you can try trading them using the adss demo account.

Is This Broker Safe?

Yes, ADSS is 100% safe. They have two licenses, one of which comes from a Tier-1 regulator, immensely boosting their reputation and trustworthiness.

Additionally, the broker openly states all important information about its business. You can find everything you need on the adss website, including the regulation info, trading environment details, adss contact number, and the adss client portal.

Transparency is crucial in Forex and if you see a broker hiding key pieces of information like Konohafx does, that is your sign to move on.

Trader Reviews – Sharing Experiences

We have come to the most beloved section of our articles and that is trader reviews. Those bring us a real perspective on what a broker is all about and show us red flags if there are any.

We are happy to report that ADSS is very well-received in the community. It is verified on Trustpilot and it has 10 total reviews with an average rating of 4.1 (out of 5).

The majority of clients had fantastic experiences with the broker and they were not afraid to go into details. One satisfied user said: “I have found ADSS to be a trustworthy broker in my two years of trading with them. Their platform is stable and reliable, and I have never experienced any issues with withdrawals or deposits.”

Another trader focused on the ADSS platform, saying: “I enjoy trading with ADSS’ trading platform because of how easy it is to access different markets and different from one simple account. You can easily switch between markets, without any additional fees.”

How Does the ADSS Platform Reach Clients and Who Are They?

As mentioned, ADSS has a main office in UAE but operates in several other countries as well. Their clients mostly come from:

  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Canada 
  • United States 
  • India 
  • Italy

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

Another great side of adss is their deposit situation. Funding your account was never easier than with adss, as it accepts a bevy of payment methods, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • GSD Pay
  • BipiPay

The broker does not charge you any commission for deposits, but there are some adss withdrawal fees. ADSS incurs a $15 withdrawal processing fee and additional bank expenses might apply. There are no inactivity fees either and we would also like to point out that before depositing even a dime, you have to do a KYC verification.

Reasons To Enjoy This Company

There are many reasons to consider adss. The first one is safety, which their two licenses guarantee. Secondly, we have their trading environment. Traders can have differing opinions on this, and we agree that adss is not for everyone.

The minimum deposit is not that high, but leverage is. This can either be extremely enticing to you or be a major downside, depending on your risk tolerance at the moment. However, other benefits are there to sweeten the pot like the adss app you can use on your PC and mobile phone and the range of tradable instruments.

Long Story Short – ADSS

Having read our ADSS Review, we hope you got a clearer picture of this broker, which helped you make up your mind about them. But we also want to stress that you do not have to force yourself to like ADSS. There is no one-size-fits-all situation in Forex. 

One broker might be great for someone, but bad for you, and that is perfectly fine. If this is the case, you can always come to us for advice. We will go with you through our free consultations where we can discuss every question you have.

FAQ Section

Is ADSS a good broker?

Yes, ADSS is a good broker. They have reliable licenses and a solid overall trading environment.

What is the minimum deposit at ADSS?

The minimum deposit at ADSS is $100. This is not too high, and even traders on a limited budget can open an account, but there are cheaper options on the market as well.

How do I withdraw from ADSS?

You go to the ADSS client portal and you file a withdrawal request. The requests are processed relatively quickly, but they also come with a $15 fee.

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