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Alpha Wallet Review: Crypto Wallet That Goes a Step Further

Alpha Wallet Review

Crypto wallets are quickly evolving to become much more than just a place to store your assets. Many companies are competing to provide the ultimate solution that encompasses advanced features for users, developers and businesses alike.

Today, we will show you one of the pioneers in this heated battle for supremacy. Is this solution all that it’s claimed to be, or are the devs biting more than they can chew? Find out in our Alpha Wallet review.

General information
Name Alpha Wallet
Type of the company Software development firm / crypto wallet
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2018
Registered in Australia / Singapore
Contact info 16 Raffles Quay, #33-03, Singapore 048581

L13 333 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

[email protected]

Trading platforms Alpha Wallet Android and iOS app
Majority of clients are from Malaysia, Greece, United States, Nigeria, India
Customer support Yes – Online form, email, Discord, Telegram
Compensation fund No

Who Owns Alpha Wallet Brand?

The Alpha Wallet app is an open source, multichain wallet based on Ethereum blockchain. The product was developed by Weiwu Zhang (CTO and co-founder), Victor Zhang (CEO and co-founder) and James Brown (lead developer and co-founder).

This brand is owned by two companies. Stormbird Pte Ltd from Singapore (formerly known as Tixbis Pte Ltd) can be found in the Singaporean business register:

Stormbird Pte Ltd Information

The other entity, AlphaWallet Australia Pty Ltd, was legally incorporated in Australia in 2019:

AlphaWallet Australia Pty Ltd Information

The Alpha Wallet website was established in 2018 and is transparent about the company registration and ownership which couldn’t be said about Tackle Trading.

Although not overly popular as other major wallets, the company is present on social networks where they promote their products and keep in touch with customers. Their most active profiles are the ones on X, Telegram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium.

Pros & Cons

Alpha Wallet reviews found on Trustpilot suggest that the clients are overall pleased with the app, but there’s critics on the account of the support team being slow with responses.

One of the major disadvantages is the fact that the app isn’t compatible with internet browsers as an extension. Alpha Wallet Android app, however, can be downloaded from the Google Play store at any time and it’s completely free to use. Reviews there aren’t shown, and neither is the average rating of the product. 

On the other hand, user feedback on the Alpha Wallet Apple Store software is quite positive, making for the average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on a little less than 300 current reviews. Clients also criticize slow responses from the support office, as well as some minor glitches.

Pros Cons
Android and iOS app available for download Not compatible with any browser
Free to use Slow responses from support team
Simple, rapid production and launch of assets Open source security risks
Security compliance Issues from network overload
No 3rd party dependencies
Supports NFTs
Ability to tokenize business products
Integrated web3 dApp browser

Alpha Wallet Features

As a truly open source wallet solution, the software comes packed with features, and the number of supported options is only set to grow in the coming years. Compared to Infinity Investing, this firm doesn’t have to employ high pressure selling tactics in order to attract customers.

Alpha Wallet Options

The developer says that their app was built by web3 engineers for the community, which drives the user-centric architecture philosophy. Seamless integration with dApps allows for different DeFi income options.

Besides lending interest and liquidity pool options, the wallet is also enabled to function with leveraged trading. Alpha Wallet Polygon solution is considered best in class.

Alpha Wallet Customization

The wallet itself boasts the best UI in its class, making the design easy to understand and intuitive, while at the same time allowing a good deal of customization.

Alpha Wallet Game Tokens

Alpha Wallet coin support includes game tokens as well, and may function with over 17 separate titles. Additional WalletConnect makes transfer of assets easy and straightforward. Fully integrated web3 browser is a welcome addition.

Alpha Wallet Blockchain Attestation

Beyond the benefits of open source codebase, the environment features zero third party dependencies. Developers can rest easy knowing that they are getting a full package solution, complete with blockchain attestation.

Alpha Wallet eCommerce Marketplace

To make their solutions more approachable to businesses, the company has openly released numerous case studies for various applications. The environment features smart tokens for various purposes, such as ticket and car ownership tokenization, but also an integrated eCommerce marketplace.

The best news is – this incredible package comes with no strings attached! There are currently no Alpha Wallet fees, although the company does state that they reserve the right to change this policy in the future.


What is Alpha Wallet?

It is one of the most diverse crypto wallets to date. The package includes a comprehensive set of features to cater to any users’ needs.

Is Alpha Wallet Safe?

The wallet is compliant with all safety and security standards currently in effect. There is a danger, though, that malicious third parties can abuse the open source software to try and exploit any loopholes.

Is Alpha Wallet Open-Source?

Yes, the wallet is completely open-source and completely free of any third party dependencies.

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