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AlphaSense Review – A Game Changer?

AlphaSense Review

AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform utilized by companies and financial institutions worldwide. The platform offers insights from a vast array of public and private content, including real-time broker research, expert calls, earnings transcripts, news, and trade journals. 

It’s trusted by over 4,000 enterprise customers, however we are here to disclose all the crucial aspects of his platform. Including their user reviews, offerings, and overall reputation in the markets, so we can offer our readers clear data if the platform is legit.

General information
Name AlphaSense
Type of the company Trading Tools
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 

Active since 2021
Registered in USA
Contact info Phone, email 
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore
Customer support 24/7 live support
Compensation fund N/A

About AlphaSense

We conducted thorough research about AlphaSense, a trading tool that offers access to proprietary expert insights for more strategic business decisions. They provide an Expert Transcript Library with insights from expert interviews across various industries. Additionally, AlphaSense offers Expert Call Services, allowing users to connect with professionals from their global network of one million pre-qualified experts. 

AlphaSense also provides mobile-optimized tools, including dashboards, an audio player, and search capabilities, allowing users to access their research on the go. On another note, if you are interested in reading about trading education platforms, check out our Professor Pips Review

Different domains were found regarding this platform. Sometimes companies change them for multiple reasons, including branding, marketing, and search engine optimization strategies. 

In the case of AlphaSense and AlphaSense Stream Group (Streamrg), they may be using the Streamrg domain specifically for their expert insights or consulting services. Using different domains may allow them to tailor their messaging and content to different audiences or services while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. 


CEO and Founder Jack Kokko, driven by his own experience of manual research, launched AlphaSense in 2011 to revolutionize the search for insights. He teamed up with co-founder and CTO Raj Neervannan, and they introduced a new search engine. 

An engine that harnesses machine learning and natural language processing to help professionals quickly extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. Their mission is to empower professionals to make informed business decisions swiftly and confidently.

AlphaSense Presence

Looking into where AlphaSense is present, we found influence in several domains.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Singapore

Their headquarters are in the heart of New York, they have employees worldwide with offices in London, Helsinki, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Singapore.Our research team also found AlphaSense making headlines on CNBC, where CEO Jack Kokko discussed the company’s recent Series E funding round, valuing it at USD 2.5 billion.

There are available interviews with the CEO on other well-known news platforms, as well as YouTube. Conducting AlphaSense research, we can say that presence in the media and achievement reflects AlphaSense’s growing influence and success in the market.

User Feedback

In our analysis of AlphaSense reviews, we found mixed feedback regarding this platform. On a review form G2, the platform received 222 reviews with a score of 4,7 out of 5.

One user praised AlphaSense for its customizable dashboards, which allow for a personalized experience when monitoring specific landscapes. They also commended the simplicity of the training process and the helpful customer support.

Another user emphasized the platform’s comprehensive coverage of information, including research, transcripts, filings, and industry news, all in one place. They also found the AI-powered keyword search tool to be accurate and appreciated the daily email notifications.

However, few reviews mentioned the challenge of managing the vast amount of information available and suggested improvements such as auto-generating consolidated reports for public companies. On the topic of negative feedback…

Reddit Reviews – Should This Influence Your Judgment?

On a popular platform Reddit, we came across concerning comments regarding the legitimacy of AlphaSense. Users reported negative experiences with the company, citing issues such as being asked to provide sensitive information, receiving persistent follow-up calls and messages, and concerns about privacy violations related to call recordings. 

Additionally, some users expressed skepticism about AlphaSense’s cost and payment structure and transparency of the company’s operations. Overall, users find AlphaSense to be a valuable tool for their day-to-day work, we can’t exclude users who noted challenges with the platform, dissatisfaction, and other inconveniences. 

These reviews only spark questions about the credibility and integrity of AlphaSense as a legitimate platform for expert consultations. Finding a good trading education is mandatory, read our CryptoAcademy Review to find out if they are the right fit for your trading journey. 


They offer different options for client needs. The platform provides annual subscriptions for all team sizes, ranging from enterprise packages to per-seat options. Users need to reach out, and then they contact clients to discuss pricing.

Desktop App and iOS App are available for both options, with customer support that offers 24/7 live help. The platform offers a content universe that includes private, public, and proprietary content, all easily searchable and accessible in one place. 

Users can save time and stay ahead of market trends in AlphaSense financial report/financial services and asset management by leveraging AlphaSense’s extensive resources for informed decision-making.


Regarding AlphaSense pricing, that information isn’t readily available on their website, which could be a concern for potential clients. They do offer a free, but to get pricing information, users need to fill out a form on their website, and a team member will reach out with customized pricing tailored to the organization’s needs. 

It would be beneficial for AlphaSense to be more transparent about its pricing offerings, as clients must know pricing details before making a decision. Not to be obliged to sign up and make an account to get crucial information.

Open An Account

As for opening an account with AlphaSense, the process typically involves visiting their website and filling out a form with your business email, phone number, role, and country. 

By submitting the form, you agree to AlphaSense’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once submitted, their team will reach out with customized pricing. After registering, AlphaSense login is available, as well as pricing information. Clients can then get familiar with the offerings and features of the platform.

Concluding Thoughts On AlphaSense

In conclusion, AlphaSense emerges as a powerful market platform, trusted by over 4,000 enterprise customers. Despite its positive reputation and user satisfaction, as evident by a high score on G2, there are some unanswered questions by users on Reddit regarding privacy, cost, and transparency. 

While AlphaSense’s presence and achievements reflect its growing influence, the platform could only benefit by working on its transparency and customer satisfaction. Overall, AlphaSense does offer compelling options, but potential users should get valid data and research and consider the platform’s offerings and if they fit the user’s requirements.


What is AlphaSense?

It’s a market intelligence and search platform used by companies and financial institutions worldwide.

Is AlphaSense Any Good?

The platform did receive some negative comments from users, but overall it has great positive feedback from clients, with a high score on G2, and its presence in the media is also a sign of reliability.

What AlphaSense Does?

It offers access to prop expert insights for strategic business decisions.

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