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Professor Pips Review – Is This Trading Education Platform Safe?

Professor Pips Review

Are you ready for all the juicy details regarding ProfessorPips Academy? Let’s jump right in. The company is owned and operated by Professor Pips  LTD. Allegedly registered in London, United Kingdom.

Various factors indicate this company is legitimate, like having a presentable site with transparent details of its offerings. However, the pieces of information we found regarding Professor Pips Academy review and feedback do not seem promising.

So if you were wondering and considering committing to this trading form, we are here to disclose why you should think twice. Here are key signs to watch out for to spot potential fraudulent firms.

General information
Name Professor Pips Academy
Type of the company Trading education
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2020
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email 
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain 
Customer support Email, web form
Compensation fund Available

ProfessorPips Online Reviews – Any Positive Feedback?

Digging deep into the Professor Pips reviews, we have found barely any positive feedback. On a popular platform, the academy received 82 reviews with a score of 1.8.

Users have expressed strong dissatisfaction with their experiences, citing various issues. Investors reported losing their money, describing the company as a “big scam” with a guarantee of losing their investment.

Some clients described wrongful tactics from the company, including pressuring them to provide bank details and making harassing phone calls. 

Reviews stating attempts to scam their users are a clear indication that this company is not trustworthy. Patterns of negative experiences should only advise future clients to avoid these kinds of companies.

Readers who want to learn from a trading company that is well-rated on official platforms, be sure to read our review on Knightsbridge Trading Academy

Where Are ProfessorPips Clients From?

Our research team found various domains where ProfessorPips Academy has influence.

  • Romania
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

In the UK, trading education firms are not required to be regulated by an official regulatory body, (FCA for example). However, they must comply with certain laws and regulations, particularly those related to consumer protection and advertising standards. 

Overall, trading education firms are not directly regulated by the FCA, they should be aware of the FCA’s regulations regarding financial promotions, to ensure client protection and ethical business practices.

While being regulated can provide a level of assurance regarding a company’s legitimacy, many reputable trading education companies operate without specific regulatory oversight.

Offerings – Packages and Courses

ProfessorPips packages say it’s tailored to different skill levels, from beginner to elite, with each package including courses, tutorials, various study materials, and more. All packages include the Trading Essentials Course and eBooks.

Beginner Intermediate Trader Elite
USD 279 USD 559 USD 1099 USD 1649


  • 47 Lessons
  • 1 Hour Study Time


  • Technical Trading Course
  • MT4 & MT5 Tutorials
  • Economic Calendar
  • Cryptocurrency Calendar
  • 104 Lessons
  • 2 Hours of Study Time


  • Technical Trading Course
  • MT4 & MT5 Tutorials
  • Economic Calendar
  • Cryptocurrency Calendar
  • Daily Market News
  • 104 Lessons
  • 5 Hours of Study Time
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Assignments


  • Technical Trading Course
  • Strategic Trading Course
  • 3 High-Probability Trading Setups
  • MT4 & MT5 Tutorials
  • Economic Calendar
  • Cryptocurrency Calendar
  • Daily Market News
  • Daily Market Research
  • 155 Lessons
  • 10 Hours of Study Time
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Assignments

While this company does offer what seems like a valid trading education service, our research suggests that this firm may be a scam. If users find themselves in a situation where they’ve already deposited money and they refuse to refund it, there are steps you can take.

Keep all emails as proof of your refund requests, as well as any refusals on their part. If you experience any further problems, be sure to contact us. If you are looking for a reputable trading education platform, be sure to take a look at our honest 2ndSkies Forex Review


Here is the list of all Professor Pips courses available and what they offer.

Trading Basics.

  • Which products can be traded on financial markets
  • Understanding unfamiliar terms commonly used across trading platforms
  • Avoid making the most commonly made mistakes

Technical Trading

  • Fundamental analysis explained and the tools it uses
  • Technical analysis explained and how it identifies trading opportunities
  • Using time-tested chart patterns and indicators

Strategic Trading

  • Trade using Japanese candlestick patterns
  • Trade using Fibonacci trading tools and Elliott wave theory
  • How to use proven trading strategies

Going back to complaints and reviews, the only feedback regarding their courses seems to be fake and written by the company itself. Users saying they didn’t even sign up for a course but still receive phone calls daily.

Our theory is, that with Professor Pips free video lessons, users are eager to learn more about trading through various platforms. The option right away is appealing since it is free of charge, clients register using Professor Pips login or sign-up, and ta-da! That’s how the academy gets all the information.

This is a classic repetitive scam company tactic like calling their victims to extract information, such as bank details. This pattern is well-known, and people are becoming more aware of these schemes.

Final Take on ProfessorPips Academy

To sum up, individuals seeking to invest with this company must be aware not to fall victim to Professor Pips scam. Our investigation reveals a concerning pattern of negative feedback and potential scam activity. Despite its seemingly legitimate appearance, the user reviews paint a different picture.

The overwhelming majority of reviews express dissatisfaction, with many users reporting financial losses and deceptive actions. Individuals must be cautious when considering investing in any trading education company.

If users encounter any suspicious or fraudulent behavior, such as pressure to provide personal or financial information, they should refrain from engaging further and report the company to relevant authorities.

It is essential to prioritize safety and security when dealing with your finances and to seek guidance from official sources. If you have any concerns or have experienced any issues with Professor Pips, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


What is Professor Pips?

It’s a trading education company owned and operated by Professor Pips LTD, and allegedly registered in London, United Kingdom

Is Professor Pips a Good Trading Course?

We would say that the firm offers valuable options, however, the total absence of positive reviews indicates users should avoid them

How to Find a Good Trading Firm?

Make sure you are getting information from valid platforms, take all the pros and cons into consideration, and make sure the firm follows regulatory laws and operations

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