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Arkham Intelligence Review – Discover Who’s Behind The Blockchain

Arkham Intelligence Review

Typically, platforms’ legitimacy is assessed through registrations and similar processes. However, this platform is free of charge and offers valuable information tailored to specific consumers. Therefore, we believe the usual bureaucratic procedures are not as critical in this context. Users can simply not use the platform if they do not find it necessary.

Let’s do a detailed Arkham Intelligence review and see who can benefit most from this tool.

General information
Name Arkham Intelligence Inc.
Type of the company Blockchain analytics
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in US
Contact info Web form
Majority of clients are from United States, Indonesia, France, Spain, United Kingdom
Customer support No

Who Owns Arkham Intelligence?

Arkham Intelligence is owned by Arkham Intelligence Inc., a firm registered in 2020 in New York, US. According to CrunchBase, the company is involved in AI, Bitcoin, and information technology. 

Based on their website and the statements from the company’s CEO, Miguel Morel, this brand was created with the purpose of helping traders and hedge funds capitalize on the crypto market by knowing who is buying and selling tokens in large quantities. Having the on-chain analytics information can help traders capitalize on the large market movements.

CrunchBase Report

Arkham Intelligence Platform Overview

Arkham Intelligence blockchain analysis can be vital for many traders and investors in the crypto market. Once you open the website, you can launch the platform and enter the blockchain address that you wish to explore. In addition, you can broaden your search and look for people, funds, exchanges, etc.

Then, you can see all the transactions happening on a certain wallet, the entire exchange, or made by a certain person or an investment fund. Having Arkham Intelligence crypto intelligence, you can deduce whether the volume on a certain exchange is larger or lower than usual and make your next move.

The platform itself is user-friendly, and it only requires you to write the name or the address you wish to explore. All the data will appear immediately.

Platform Overview

Who Can Benefit From Arkham Intelligence Analysis?

Any trader, investor, and even businesses can profit from Arkham Intelligence data. As a business, you can monitor your competitors, analyze the blockchain activities of potential business partners, analyze the market, and manage risks more effectively.

As a personal user, you can use the Arkham crypto platform to monitor the performance of your investments. Furthermore, you can use it for market research, analyzing the moves of market influencers and large exchanges. Finally, you can participate in the Intel-to-Earn program and earn rewards through feeding the company with insights or analysis.

Thanks to its ability to connect the wallet to an actual user, this platform might be able to contribute to lowering cybercrimes in the future. If they can manage to identify perpetrators of theft and various other types of crypto fraud, we expect them to lower significantly.

Final Words

Arkham Intelligence is a great source of information for any trader or investor. However, you still need an account where you will use such data. Instead of risking your own capital while testing the information, you can join the proprietary firm and get a funded account.

We advise Funded Trading Plus as an industry veteran with over 2,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot. If you prove yourself as an advanced trader during an evaluation phase, you can earn the right to trade with up to $200,000 in the company’s funds. Why wait? Try not. And if you need any assistance in setting up your account, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What is Arkham Intelligence?

Arkham Intelligence is a blockchain analysis company that allows people to check the activities of certain wallets, funds, exchanges, or individuals behind the blockchain.

Is Arkham Intelligence Legit?

Arkham Intelligence is a legitimate business that was established in New York, US, in 2020.

What Can I Use Arkham Intelligence For?

You can use Arkham Intelligence blockchain data to analyze crypto market movements and make educated investment decisions.

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