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AXCapital Review – Truth Behind A-xcapital.Com

AXCapital Regulation and Security of Funds

Now, where do we begin with this one? AXCapital is a completely anonymous yet very active online trading scam website. If there was a competition between fraudulent websites on who’s the least transparent, AXCapital would definitely win.

Not only can you find no details on the company’s actual location, history and regulation, but there’s no owning company name even. Just a fictive US address.

In Term and Conditions, where the company name should stand, there’s a text saying ‘’insert company info’’ as if the creator just copy/pasted this document from another place.

The advertisements and shiny promises don’t fail. The entire site consists of claims about AXCapital providing a range of features, which allow users to maximize their investment returns. With the help of trading experts, cutting-edge analytics tools, and the least of your own effort, you are supposed to earn tremendous amounts of money.

The fairy tale goes on and on, but there’s not a single solid proof of any of it being real. AXCapital in reality doesn’t own a trading license. Attempts at opening an account ended with a notification about registration failure, so we couldn’t even get to the trading platform to test it.

We implore you to read this AXCapital review carefully, especially in case you planned to invest here!

Company N/A
Website – active
Address 3212 River Rd, Frankfort, MI, 49635
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Warning N/A

AXCapital Regulation and Security of Funds

AXCapital website

Trading license issued by a jurisdictional Forex regulator is evidence that your broker of choice is safe for investments. That is ensured by contracts with top tier banks that allow the safe-keeping of clients’ funds in segregated accounts. The company can’t misuse these funds when they are separated from their operational capital.

Apart from the strongest deposit protection, clients enjoy the highest safety of data and information. Users can safely trade, knowing they can’t lose more than they’ve originally invested thanks to negative balance protection. Investment risks are avoided with the limitations set on leverage.

In case the company collapses, clients can be compensated with the amount they’ve invested, in accordance with compensational plans and the financial ombudsman.

Last but not least, every broker with a proper regulation is obligated to pass the complete transaction info to the supervisory financial body to ensure transparency.

Now, depending on the location, some brokers can offer bonuses while others don’t. EEA and UK residents have no access to promotions while US traders do.

Even if the site address was fake, we still checked the NFA regulated members list for AXCapital. Of course, this bogus broker wasn’t in the register of the US brokerage houses with certificates. Checking the databases of FCA, BaFin, AMF, ASIC, IIROC and CySEC gave the same results. Beware! This broker is offering you financial services without permission from the responsible regulators!

AXCapital Supported Trading Platform

We can only assume how high your expectations of AXCapital trading platform are after seeing all the advertisements about its excellency. While we’re terribly sorry to disappoint you, we had to investigate the real state of things.

AXCapital confidently claims to offer an incomparably fast and reliable trading software. All of it is for naught when we couldn’t open an account at AXCapital to test these bold statements. The process of opening an account kept failing and taking us back to the sign up page with a warning about registration failing.

With no option to set up a live trading account or a demo one, we couldn’t get to the trading area. So all in all, our access to the trading platform was denied.

Brokers with necessary regulations and licenses will allow you to test their trading conditions and software with just a demo account. Their offers always contain several platforms and trading parameters that benefit traders. AXCapital is a scammer without any of that.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

AXCapital didn’t see it necessary to publish the depositing and withdrawing information. Every attempt at a transaction is a wild guess and a step into the unknown with this unscrupulous agency.

Perhaps we would have been able to at least tell the minimum deposit requirements from the client area but the account registration failed.

Terms and Conditions state that there’s no fee for deposits and withdrawals via credit cards. Charges apply during wire withdrawals and they can range from 25 to 50 EUR.

Submitting a withdrawal request for the bonus amount is possible only after you have traded at least 1 lot for every $5 bonus. On top of that AXCapital charges an inactivity fee of 5% or 25 EUR/USD.

How the Fraud Is Conducted

One of the factors that help you recognize a scammer quicker is their tendency to overcharge everything. Basically, what AXCapital does is make you pay for depositing, withdrawing, trading, not trading and inactivity. They will even ask money from you for the bonuses that are supposedly gifts!

If you decide to withdraw anything, you will face a series of difficulties. First and foremost there’s the despicable trading volume requirement. In the case of AXCapital, you have to trade 1 lot for every $5 you were gifted with. Even if you magically manage to pass the turnover criteria, you will have to fund the withdrawal request. Which, of course, AXCapital reserves the right to decline at any moment.

See how ruthless and unfair AXCapital is towards their customers? All these actions are illegal and unacceptable from the regulators’ perspective.

AXCapital Summary

AXCapital is not a broker you should risk your capital with, our review shows that. In many ways your funds will not be protected. Your entire capital will easily become a subject of misuse, even worse if you give the thief access to your credit cards and bank account. No one deserves that level of your trust. No matter what lucrative returns they may promise.

This broker is just another drop in the sea of scammers that confidently advertise their overpriced, fictive services and products. Jurisdictional regulators oversee the brokerage activity and oftentimes manage to shut down sites like AXCapital.

Unfortunately, with technological advancement, the scamming methods are evolving too. It’s getting harder for the financial institutions battling this sort of crime to keep up. That’s why we should work together on spreading the word about each fraud and warning as many traders as possible. Share with us your thoughts and experience today!

FAQs About AXCapital Broker

What Methods Can I Use to Deposit Funds?

AXCapital doesn’t clearly state the transferring ways, but Terms and Conditions mention wire transfers and credit cards.

What is The Funding Method at AXCapital?

Since we couldn’t access the user panel, we can’t confidently answer that. Don’t be surprised if the only depositing method accepted is crypto.

What Trading Instruments are Available at AXCapital?

AXCapital supposedly offers the possibility of trading Forex, Crypto, Indices and Stocks.

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