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B-Cube AI Review: Little Known Trading Tool With Big Promises

B-Cube AI Review

Every AI-trading tools developer wants to revolutionize the crypto trading strategies and software, in order to make it accessible to retail investors. The purpose of the cutting-edge AI tools ultimately is to help traders rely on superior algorithms in making informed trading decisions. 

The team behind B-Cube AI claims to harness the power of robot trading technologies in order to bring the complex world of crypto trading closer to common investors. Along with the advanced trading strategies come certain worries, such as pricing and the efficiency of the system.

Let’s discuss how successfully their ideas were transferred to reality and how effective they are in the following B-Cube AI review.

General information
Name B-Cube AI / Acintya Global Holdings SAS
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link

Active since 2019
Registered in 3 Rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Proprietary 
Majority of clients are from France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Indonesia, India
Customer support Yes- Online Form
Compensation fund No

Clean Legal Background

Acintya Global Holdings SAS is legally established in France in 2018. The project is run by the cofounders of the B-Cube AI project: Guruprasad Venkatesha and Erwan Rouzel. These individuals state to have years of experience in software development and are acclaimed entrepreneurs. 

Legal documentation, Terms of Business and Privacy Statement, are available on the website for the audience that wishes to get more information on the conduct and its legal mechanisms. The firm is also transparent with the exact prices, costs and the identity of the other team members, along with their experience and education.

If you wish to get particularities about the enterprise itself, you can visit the unified register of business companies in France by searching for the Siret number provided on the site.

B-Cube AI Reviews: Divided Opinions

Browsing the B-Cube AI reviews on TrustPilot, we found their reputation to be clean as a whistle. It seems that every single one of the clients likes the same three things: customer service, community, and bot efficiency, as if they were written by following a script.

Now, we’re not the ones to point fingers, but this sure smells like review seller networks were involved… Especially when you consider that the bad reviews all present concrete numbers to back their claims. Some clients say that they were still charged for a service a long time after their account was canceled, prompting the user to change their credit card.

So far there aren’t any reviews on other platforms like SiteJabber, which raises further suspicion.

Social Media Profiles

This service provider has a number of social media profiles with a decent number of followers. The most visited is the one on X, with around 14,000, followed by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and finally LinkedIn.

The company can also be found on crypto news outlets like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, where you may follow the current price fluctuations of the BCUBE token.

These social network links provide the necessary advertisements which in turn bring in new investors. It’s important to mention, however, that many fraudulent groups like WaveSolutions actively use social platforms to advertise as well, so these profiles can’t be taken as a sign of honest business conduct.

Unclear Product Range

All over the site we see claims about advanced AI bots, Scanners, bundles with a variety of products included, but nowhere is any of it specified. Visitors opening the site for the first time cannot access a comprehensive guide or catalog of products. 

To be provided with any details pertaining to the concrete tools and software in offer, users have to register an account.

B-Cube Bundles

Among many of these packages, traders can choose whichever they wish to activate, depending on what they estimate is most suitable for their strategy and skill:

  • Bulls & Bears Altcoin – trades only on Binance exchange on Altcoins against BTC pairing. Sentiment analysis indicator detects changes such as trading volume to decide on the coin.
  • Large Cap Positional Spot Bundle – long-only spot market bundle for long positions on BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, or BNB with AI included for optimal allocation of assets.
  • BTC Positional Spot Bundle – AI determines the time spot for most lucrative results of going long on BTC.
  • Large Cap Index Out-performer Spot Bundle – long-only spot market bundle for long positions on BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, or BNB
  • Mega Cap Trend following Spot Bundle – long-only spot market bundle using AI to determine when to go long on BTC or ETH.
  • Large Cap Fiat Out-performer Spot Bundle – long-only spot market bundle that relies on AI to spot the exact moment to allocate these five underlying assets at any time: BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, or BNB.

B-Cube AI Pricing

Depending on which type of service you are opting for, you can expect different price ranges. Clients may opt to buy different Packs, that include service packages, or stake BCUBE to earn discounts for Packs. The full disclosure is available in the table on the website, so we’ll just give you an overview of the basics.


Packs seem diverse at first glance, but they do not differ a lot when it comes to actual service that is offered. 

More expensive packs will yield some benefits, such as included TA screener and SAI indicator (said to be coming soon). The other additions are “Advanced level trading products”, which are not disclosed in detail.

Here’s an overview of monthly subscription costs:

  • Freemium – Free
  • Basic – 19€
  • Basic + – 49€
  • Premium – 99€
  • Premium + – 149€

Staking BCUBE Token

The company provides staking options to their clients as well. Depending on the staked amount, users can earn various discounts for Packs, ranging up to 75% for some services. There’s a number BCUBE staking tiers:

  • Earth – 0
  • Mercury – 5,000 BCUBE
  • Mars – 25,000 BCUBE
  • Venus – 50,000 BCUBE
  • Saturn – 125,000 BCUBE
  • Jupiter 250,000 BCUBE

Referral Program Application

To become one of the members of the ongoing referral program and obtain the promised benefits, users have to register for the campaign separately.

This includes sharing the IBAN for payment of affiliate commissions and SWIFT code. Type of commission is the one acquired from the sales of packages and the base commission everyone starts with is 20%. 

Significance of Funded Trading

Choosing the right AI trading tool could be precious for assisting you on your trading journey. However, you still have to rely on a budget to afford this sort of assistance, which can reduce your investment potential. That’s why trading with a prop firm could solve your problems.

To find out more about our funded trading programme, we encourage you to book a free zoom interview and learn more about how to fuel your trading power with up to $180.000!


What is B-Cube AI?

The website offers various AI-based trading tools designed and developed to facilitate crypto trading.

How Much Does B-Cube AI Cost?

Bundles may vary in price, depending on which features you choose. Costs range from 0€ up to149€ /month.

Is B-Cube a Good Trading Bot?

While the opinions may be divided and the company doesn’t enjoy stellar reputation, the prices are accessible and traders can even opt for free tools to test the efficiency.

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