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Bullexo Review – Who Is Behind Bullexo.Com Broker?

As an online trader, you can come across a Bullexo broker. At first sight, you might be fascinated with its modern webpage resembling one of the legitimate-looking websites. 

Leverage 1:600
Regulation No
Broker Site
Headquarters n/a
Minimum Deposit 500 USD 
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex provider
Platforms Browser-based platform
Spread 0.2 pips

Moreover, you can be tempted to invest with this forex provider. But what if we told you that it would be a great mistake? So, continue reading our Bullexo review and find out who is behind the broker.

Bullexo Regulation and Funds Safety

Bullexo broker review

Let’s start with the most important aspect of trading—the safety of funds. In the forex trading industry, it is ensured by strict legislation. So, every online financial trading company must be licensed and regulated by a respective financial market regulator.

In terms of regulation, we don’t even know where to look to check out Bullexo’s trading credentials since this company doesn’t reveal any information about headquarters on its website. Only unregistered and unlicensed brokerage firms hide their jurisdictions, because, otherwise, it will be easier to find out that they are not legit.

Anyway, after closer scrutiny of Bullexo’s website, the name of SVG FSA (Financial Services Authority) can be noted. However, it is nonsense to put the logo of FSA on the webpage when Bullexo is neither a registered business in SVG nor authorized by FSA. Besides, SVG doesn’t regulate its forex brokers.

As a result, we can conclude that Bullexo is not only unauthorized but a completely anonymous entity, which is the main component of an investment scam. Hence, traders are strongly advised to avoid this untrustworthy company.

Trading Platform Overview

In connection with Bullexo’s trading software, it is an internet-based trading platform that is fruitless for trading due to its lack of functionality and proper tools, especially if we compare it to the latest trading programs, such as MetaTrader 4, Meta Trader 5, cTrader, and Sirix. 

Only credible and well-established FX brokers offer these powerful trading systems, enabling safe and successful trading. It is, therefore, not surprising because these trading programs are user-friendly, accessible on every device, and have many useful features like stop loss, expert advisors, economic calendars, market analysis, unlimited pending orders, automated trading, and copy trading.

What Account Types Does Bullexo Provide?

For the sake of argument, let’s see what real trading accounts are available at

  • Standard account: 500 USD, 1:100 leverage.
  • Education account: 5,000 USD, 1:200 leverage, access to MT5 platform.
  • Specialty account: 25,000 USD, 1:400 leverage, access to MT5 platform.
  • Pro account: 100,000 USD, 1:400 leverage, access to MT5 platform.
  • Titanium account: 150,000 USD, 1:600 leverage, access to MT5 platform.

This offer is outrageous for several reasons. First, the 500 USD minimum required deposit is too much since you can start trading with genuine brokers for less than 10 USD. 

Second, leverage is too high since it is limited to 1:30 for retail clients in most jurisdictions. 

Finally, Bullexo claims it offers Meta Trader 5 (MT5), but it is a big fat lie used just to lure people into investing.

What Can Be Traded on the Bullexo Market?

You shouldn’t put your faith in this illegal broker’s promise that you can access over 16K tradable assets such as the following.

  • Energy commodities: natural gas, electricity, wind power, crude oil, and coal.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.
  • Currency pairs: AUD/CAD, CHF/JPY, EUR/GBP, USD/NZD, and USD/ZAR.
  • Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.
  • Soft commodities: wheat, rice, soy, corn, and sugar.

If you want to trade with peace of mind and plenty of trading instruments under favorable trading conditions and on modern trading platforms, then the safest option is some Cyprus-based, German-based, UK-based, Australia-based, or US-based broker firms.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures for Bullexo

Before proceeding with funding and withdrawal methods available at Bullexo, we want to emphasize that there are no money withdrawal guarantees with unlicensed broker companies. 

Speaking of Bullexo, it only supports crypto wallets. Now, this means of payment wouldn’t be a problem if we talked about legitimate brokerage firms (since they also accept credit/debit cards and wire transfers). But, since Bullexo is not trustworthy, accepting only crypto payments is suspicious because they are difficult to trace and reverse, and as such, are employed by scam brokers.

Moreover, Bullexo doesn’t reveal enough details on this matter, such as withdrawal fees and processing time for payoffs. Anyhow, taking account of all this, we are skeptical if withdrawals are even possible with this bogus brokerage firm.

Bullexo Scammed Me – How Can I Get My Money Back?

A financial swindler can sometimes be very convincing. As a consequence, scams can happen to anyone! Don’t feel ashamed if you are one of the victims of the Bullexo scam. Keep in mind that you can get your money back but you must act promptly.

Cyber security experts advise notifying respective authorities, seeking professional help, and leaving negative Bullexo reviews on relevant websites to alert others. If you need assistance with anything related, contact our company today.

Remember, don’t invest your money unless you are 100% sure it is a safe broker, and always be careful about easy earnings.

Bullexo Summary

In summary of our Bullexo broker review, just to stress important issues concerned with this broker scam.

  • Regardless of the trendy-looking Bullexo website, this bogus broker is not transparent about its headquarters, holds no broker’s license, and operates without complying with any regulations; meaning, it can be involved in fraudulent trading activities with no consequences.
  • If this phony broker wasn’t untrustworthy and illicit, its services still wouldn’t be able to compare with legit companies’ offerings.
  • Bullexo claims that it provides the award-winning platform (MT5), in reality, you get access to only subpar trading software.
  • Its minimum deposit is 500 USD, which is fifty times more than what genuine companies require; you can open a live trading account with a leading forex provider for as low as 10 USD.
  • On top of that, Bullexo accepts only crypto payments, lacks clarity about withdrawal fees, has a too-high 1:500 leverage, and doesn’t offer a demo account option.

All in all, trading with Bullexo doesn’t worth your time, money, and associated risk. Think twice before taking risks while investing money, and only go with FX brokers with proven experience and reputation.

FAQs About Bullexo Broker

Is Bullexo A Legitimate Broker?

No, it is an unlicensed broker operating with no supervision and not abiding by any legislation.

What Is the Minimum Deposit at Bullexo?

It is 500 USD, which is too high when compared to the 10 USD required by legitimate brokerage firms.

What Methods Can I Use to Deposit Funds at Bullexo?

Traders can fund money only via crypto wallets, which raises a red flag since this method is preferred by scammers.

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