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Bullexo Review: All About Bullexo.Com Broker


Bullexo Review, From the moment of accessing the Bullexo webpage, which tries to copy one of the legitimate-looking websites, you will be saturated with false promises. Only less experienced traders can fall for this obvious investment scam. 

Therefore, we have written this comprehensive and honest review to warn people against this fraudster and help them avoid being defrauded. Please proceed to read our Bullexo review for more details.

Leverage 1:600
Regulation No
Headquarters N/A
Minimum Deposit $500
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex broker
Platforms Internet-based trading platform
Spread 0.2

Regulation and Safety of Funds at Bullexo

Bullexo Review

If you closely examine the Bullexo webpage, you will realize that this shady brokerage fails to provide any information about its headquarters, registration, and trading credentials. So, you must guess its jurisdictions. 

The only logical grounds for doing so is that the Bullexo broker is anonymous, unlicensed, and unregulated. After checking the registers of major supervising bodies of financial markets, our assumption is proven – Bullexo is unauthorized.

The unlicensed brokerage is at the same time unpredictable and most probably involved in fraudulent trading activities, which means no money withdrawal guarantees and no money protection. 

Unlike scam brokers, an authorized online financial trading company offers many advantages, ranging from funds safety and insurance to favorable trading conditions and excellent service.

Whether it is a Cyprus-based, German-based, UK-based, or even offshore-based broker, all companies must be approved by a respective financial market regulator, which ensures they play by the book. So, if a legitimate forex provider violates the law, it will be prosecuted and penalized, and its license revoked.

Bullexo Trading Software

Regarding trading software, the Bullexo browser-based platform can amaze only newcomers, but even they will soon realize it is nothing special and inadequate for profitable trading. It lacks lots of features and lags behind modern trading systems. 

The most widely used trading platforms are MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, Sirix, and cTrader; it is no surprise because of their reliability, versatility, and advanced tools such as expert advisors, stop loss, economic calendars, market analysis, social trading, and automated trading. Thus, it is no wonder that leading FX brokers utilize these powerful trading programs.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Speaking of deposits and withdrawals, genuine brokers are transparent and unambiguous about funding methods, processing time, and involved fees. In contrast, you can expect vagueness, inconsistency, hidden fees, and withdrawal issues from a broker scam. 

The same goes for Bullexo, this financial swindler allows you to deposit money only through crypto wallets. That would be okay if it were about a legit company. However, in the case of an online trading scam, it is a warning sign. According to cyber security experts, crypto payments are difficult to trace and reverse and are the preferred method of fraudsters.

As for the minimum required deposit with Bullexo, the company states that a minimal amount is $500, which is higher than the industry standard and represents unnecessary risk. For example, opening balance with leading forex brokers starts at $5.

This unscrupulous broker claims traders can draw out funds through bank wire transfers. However, I wouldn’t take its statement as read due to many withdrawal complaints with similar not-trustworthy firms. In addition, Bullexo charges some unrevealed fees for withdrawals.

Offshore Brokers’ Fraudulent Tricks

About the Bullexo scam, attracts people with its trendy website and service based on deception. Con artists behind this company try to rope traders into investing by offering them profitable opportunities and generous bonuses (in fact, bonuses are banned in most jurisdictions due to mishandling). 

Once they persuade unsuspecting victims to invest, money will disappear, and scammers will make numerous excuses to prevent a victim from making withdrawals. Moreover, they will be persistent in making you invest more. 

When you stop depositing, they will vanish with your hard-earned money. Additionally, fraudsters can reappear under a new company name and approach old victims, offering them help with cashback, which is another sophisticated scam.

If this fraudulent broker has cheated you, don’t feel ashamed, it is important to act fast since getting your money back is possible with adequate help. You can inform the relevant authorities and leave negative Bullexo reviews to warn others.

Bullexo Summary

Bullexo fraudulently imitates a real company with its modern website and boastful offerings. There are too many reasons for not trading with this bogus broker, such as an inappropriate trading platform, not-transparent business, lack of license, complaints about the broker, and so on. 

Its live trading accounts require too high minimum deposits (e.g., from $500 to $150,000) and come with too high leverage (i.e., from 1:100 to 1:600). The leverage is limited to most jurisdictions to 1:30. 

All of these points out that this untrustworthy brokerage will just defraud you. So, don’t buy its offer. Always be careful about easy earnings and think twice before taking any risks while investing money.

FAQs About Bullexo Broker

Is Bullexo a Good Broker?

No, it is quite the opposite. Bullexo is a dishonest scam broker.

What Is The Minimum Deposit for Bullexo?

It is $500, which is higher than the industry standard, e.g., you can set up an account for less than $10 with a credible broker.

Does Bullexo Offer a Demo Account?

No, it doesn’t offer demo account options that are mainly provided by the legitimate brokerage.

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