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CapitalEx24 Review: Learn More About This Scam Broker

CapitalEx24 Funds Safety and Regulation

CapitalEx24 is a typical example of a shady broker company, and everything about it is screaming – this is another investment scam, and you should pass on it. They are under no regulations, they have next to no information about their business on the website, and it’s unknown who their CEO is, which is one of the many reasons why you should read this CapitalEx24 review from top to bottom.

Cyber frauds are something that we’ve got used to dealing with daily, especially when it comes to markets like Forex. You shouldn’t be investing your funds in a dealer that has a lot of complaints, withdrawal issues, and other problems tied up to it. Articles like this one will provide you with the necessary information on how to make safe investments.

If you or any of your acquaintances have been working with CapitalEx24, keep in mind that this dealer company is under strong scam allegations.

Company CapitalEx24
Address 51 Annfield Rd BAYDON SN8 8BW, United Kingdom
Email [email protected]
Phone Not available
Minimum Deposit 250$
Leverage 1:300
Bonuses Trading and sign up bonuses
Regulation Unregulated
Warning Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

CapitalEx24 Funds Safety and Regulation

CapitalEx24 broker review

CapitalEx24 is a company located in the United Kingdom. At least, that’s what they claim. But, when we try to find it using the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) register, this firm doesn’t show up. With this information, we can logically assume that they aren’t licensed for providing the services they offer, which makes them an illegal broker.

The absolutely biggest issue and the main reason why a lot of people are calling CapitalEx24 a scam trader is that this company is unregulated. This means that your funds are unsafe, and they could disappear overnight. A common practice with unscrupulous agents is that they deceive you into believing they’re trustworthy, and when you invest, you’ve just become a victim.

Also, it’s of key importance to note that CapitalEx24 was reported by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) – Ontario.

Like said in the beginning, everything you read in this CapitalEx24 broker review will tell you – don’t trust this company and use the recommended agents we’ve listed down below, that do everything by the book.

CapitalEx24 Trading Platform

At the first sight, CapitalEx24 may seem like a legitimate-looking broker, because they claim they are using the best-known platforms in the industry – web-based versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. But, the problem is once you open your account, you will notice there is no information about any CapitalEx24 trading servers.

This is yet one of the online trading, sophisticated scams by a fraudulent intermediary because people are more likely to invest their money in platforms that are industry standards than to invest funds in an unknown trading instrument. If you are one of the victims, don’t worry – scams can (and probably did) happen to anyone. But, always beware of manipulative trading software.

Withdrawal and Deposit at CapitalEx24

CapitalEx24 withdrawal policy says that If there are no active bonus agreements and your account is fully verified and the withdrawal amount is not greater than your current balance, the withdrawal will be handled within two business days. But, as we said earlier, this intermediary is unregulated which probably means there will be some withdrawal issues.

CapitalEx24 only accepts deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. There is a reason why bogus brokers insist on depositing in cryptocurrencies. These kinds of transactions are virtually irreversible.

Whatever amount of money is that you invested, it’s important not to panic. Of course, it would be better if you would think twice before taking any risks while investing the money.

Unauthorized Brokerage Scam Methods

Scam brokers and other cyber fraud companies have extremely experienced employees, which can fool anyone into believing that they’re a trustworthy and reliable choice for trading assets, selling you that story of easy earning. In the end, that’s what they do every day, and make a living from.

If you’ve been scammed by this one or any other fraudulent dealer, it would be great if you could get in touch with us, and share your experience. Remember, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about reporting a scam, because you are helping others not to be deceived. This way, you are stopping phony brokers from finding new victims.

CapitalEx24 Summary

CapitalEx24 is highly likely to be another investment scam, and we strongly advise you to skip this company. They are unlicensed, and they are operating illegally. That means your money is unsafe, and if you have any funds with them, you should act fast.

Let’s not forget the things like unsegregated accounts, unfunctional trading platforms, no guarantees for your funds, and leverage that’s usual for these types of scams. Everything we’ve come across about this broker, and analyzed in detail in this review sends us the same message – it’s a fraud!

FAQs About CapitalEx24 Broker

How Trustworthy is CapitalEx24 Broker?

CapitalEx24 is far from a trustworthy agent. Everything about it is a major red flag.

Is CapitalEx24 a Legitimate Company?

CapitalEx24 is not a legitimate company, because they are operating with no regulations.

Are There Any Hidden Fees for Withdrawals at CapitalEx24?

There are no mentions of the fees, but that does not mean that there aren’t any.

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