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CBS Trading Review – Discover All Aspects Of a Student-Led Organization

CBS Trading Review

Let’s jump straight into the CBS Trading review, shall we? CBS Trading is an organization established in 2019 by a group of students in a business school, focused specifically on trading education.

In 2020, CBS Trading launched the biannual CBS Trading academy, an in-depth program providing its participants with essential knowledge and guiding them in the financial market. In collaboration with Saxo Bank, the academy offers access to the bank’s trading platform, providing practical experience to their participants.

They often organize educational events featuring important people from the trading scene, covering market forecasts, investment strategies, and more. What our research has shown is that these events cater mostly to students of all levels, making them accessible for beginners while offering valuable information for members who have started their trading journey.

However, we are here to disclose whether CBS Trading education is the right choice for aspiring beginners taking their first steps into trading. 

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General information
Name CBS Trading
Type of the company Trading education
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2019
Registered in N/A
Contact info email
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom
Customer support Web form, messenger
Compensation fund N/A

CBS Trading reviews – Feedback

Sadly, there is no official user feedback that can confirm CBS Trading’s organizational doings. We found no reliable CBS Trading reviews and there appears to be no publicly available opinions regarding their activities, events, or the trading community.

However, on a world-known platform LinkedIn, we can see and confirm their partnership with Finansforbundet. This factor can impact an individual’s decision-making process when selecting this organization.

Yet again, the lack of user and member online feedback may spark a challenge for clients, students, or even pro traders, seeking to assess the organization’s performance, or suitability for their needs. 

Where is CBS Trading present?

What our research team found is that CBS Trading organization has a strong influence in the following areas: 

  • United States
  • Denmark
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Our research team has discovered information on associated members and their educational backgrounds. Our findings regarding their academic experience indicate that the majority studied at the Copenhagen Business School, followed by the Helwan University of Cairo, as well as the University of Valencia, and the University of Denmark.

CBS Trading – Application

If users are interested in learning about trading and investing, they can easily apply for CBS Trading Academy. They are looking for students who are motivated, with, of course, a keen interest in financial markets. Dedication outside of regular studies is required, as well as being fluent in English. Full attendance is mandatory to complete the program.

We found that the steps regarding CBS Trading login, and registration are straightforward.
For registration, one must include their CV and a motivational letter (should consist of 350 words), also, all documents must be submitted in PDF format. 

CBS Trading Academy – Is It Profitable?

The CBS Trading Academy offers a 5-week training program on financial markets, catering to all levels, whether you are a student, trader, or investor. On another note, if you are in need of an authorized trade firm, be sure to look at our review on InstaForex.

Participants learn trading skills on the Saxo Trader Pro platform from professionals who work in the industry, to develop personalized investment strategies. Statistics from the fall of 2020 show that there were:

  • 218 applicants
  • 52 participants
  • 23 programs
  • 14 nationalities

The program can have a beneficial impact on a person’s knowledge in trading and investing, from basics to advanced strategies. Influence from Saxo Bank professionals using the Saxo Trader Pro platform. There are 5 sessions offered:

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Investing/Trading
  • Session 2 – SaxoTraderGo Platform Walkthrough
  • Session 3 – Equities/CFD, Commodities, Fundamental Analysis
  • Session 4 – Fixed Income Markets
  • Session 5 – Chart Analysis, Trader Psychology

Our research on the CBS Trading price range found that on the general questions form, all events are free. They host the Trading Academy twice a year, and if someone wants to participate, they have to apply. Members get a certificate, which is a huge plus, given that they attend all sessions.

CBS Trading – Other Collaborations

As mentioned previously, Saxo Bank is their primary partner. The bank was established in 1992 and does online trading. Their multi-asset form offers a wide range of tradable products, providing CBS Trading users with valuable experience.

As well as their other partner, Finansforbundet, a Danish union with 55,000 members in finance, boosts career development through counseling, legal assistance, and educational events. Students can join for free and benefit from their sponsorship.

On their site, it states that CBS Trading organization also had a collaboration with these entities:

  • Maj Invest
  • Netcompany
  • Nord Investments
  • Kameo
  • HC Andersen Capital
  • Formuepleje

Final Take on CBS Trading

In conclusion, CBS Trading offers a platform worthwhile for students and aspiring traders to delve into the world of trading and investing. Assuring they bring education and practical experience, the organization also offers a valuable opportunity for clients looking to improve their financial knowledge and skills.

Since they are partnering with Saxo Bank, an official company, as well the inclusion of the Saxo Trader Pro platform in their program adds a level of professionalism and industry exposure that is beneficial for potential members.

However, being a student-led organization, CBS Trading may not offer the same level of reliability and credibility as more established institutions in this specific field. While the organization’s efforts are impressive, as well as their events being free, some traders may prefer to explore other options for their education.

It is important for potential participants to carefully pick their options and consider their priorities before committing to not just the CBS Trading Academy, but to similar programs. We must highlight again that we respect this organization because it is student-based. At a young age, exploring and learning about this specialized area of trading, committing to it, and dedicating time and effort to create and sustain this organization is admirable.


What is CBS Trading?

It’s a student-led organization that offers trading education, established in 2019

How Much Does CBS Trading Cost?

Their events are free of charge, if you want to participate in the CBS Trading academy you have to apply

How to Choose the Right Trading Firm?

Always choose with caution, read all pros and cons, use reliable reviews and feedback, and always make sure the company is regulated

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