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Chase Buchanan Review: Grow Your Wealth With a Professional Service

Chase Buchanan Review

Expertise, experience and regulation are just some of the benefits of conducting business with this company. This private wealth management firm has become renowned for their success since its founding in 2015.

Read more about one of the best wealth management firms around in our Chase Buchanan review.

General information
Name Chase Bunchanan
Type of the company Wealth Management Company
Regulation status Regulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2015
Registered in Cyprus
Contact info 1 Nikou Kazantzaki, Office 101, 2nd Floor, 8035 Paphos, Cyprus

+357 25 010 455

[email protected]

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, Spain, Canada
Customer support Yes – email, phone
Compensation fund N/A

Incorporated Cypriot Firm

The business is fully regulated by CySEC, and passported to provide services in the entire EEA MiFID area, as well as Canada and Indonesia. Finansero is another case of a Cypriot-based and regulated service which has an almost spotless reputation.

A company branch was established in the UK and entered into the FCA database in 2016 as an offshore services firm. It is an EEA authorized entity currently in the status of contractual run-off. This means that the firm can no longer accept new UK clients, and exists to serve existing ones.

Another branch was formerly incorporated in the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man, with the name CHASE BUCHANAN PCC LIMITED. The firm is marked with the regional Company Registry as dissolved since 26 Feb 2024. The firm is no longer entered in the IMFSA database.

Who is Chase Buchanan

Rather than a person, Chase Buchanan financial advisors are a group of people specialized in providing top-of-the-line wealth management solutions. One of the main goals of the company, as per the group CEO Lee Eldridge, is to provide high level financial advice for expatriates when moving to another country.

The company has been in business since 2015, with their domain being a bit older and dating back to 2012. The firm currently serves over 2,000 high profile clients in more than 30 countries, with over £1bn of funds under management.

It’s understandable that the confidentiality of the clients will prevent any Chase Buchanan reviews finding their way to rating sites. Still, the firm does not shy away from public eyes. They are available on Facebook, X, LinkedIn and YouTube, and are partnered with David Howell as a global brand ambassador.

Variety of Services

During years of service, the company has developed a plethora of features and a variety of strategies to offer clients of all preferences. The main goal is to provide their users with the most useful and constructive advice when it comes to financing various life goals, such as career, education, pension and others. 

Company representatives have a holistic approach to every separate client, and the firm creates a strategy for each individual case with utmost dedication and precision. We’ll only mention the most popular services the website lists, although the company excels in more than a few domains related to investment planning and offers a number of Chase Buchanan free guides.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning takes a central part in many people’s lives after a certain point. And although many citizens look forward to this period of their life, planning your financial future could be quite stressful. 

The company offers a free, comprehensive guide that can help users understand the perils, benefits and other aspects. This includes planning when to retire, where to live, cost planning, property buying, etc. 

Offshore Investment

Another free guide which can be requested from the site refers to planning your offshore investments. With the growing overseas investment opportunities, it’s crucial for potential entrepreneurs and businessmen to understand some key points. 

By that we mean tax-efficiency, economic stability and risks, as well as potential returns. Chase Buchanan investing excels in financial planning and strategy building when it comes to setting up offshore businesses.


Careful pension planning for British expats has never been more relevant since the departure of the UK from the EU. Whether you decide to go for SIPPS (Self Invested Personal Pensions) or QROPS (Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes), the free guide can help you. 

Since each scheme can offer contrasting benefits, and pension transfers come in different forms, learning all the details about it is recommended before any decision is made.

Education Fee Planning

Planning finances for school fees and education costs is invaluable for all young people who plan to succeed in life. Therefore, advance plans play a key role in any functional strategy. There’s always the question which school to choose, what country is the best for education and what costs to expect. 

The free manual with instructions on various subjects related to this domain of life can help you plan your family’s education and future.

Health, Income & Life Protection

By managing your assets smartly and with the support of the company’s experts, you can create a safer and more pleasant, secure and worry-free future for yourself. 

Before you enter the craze related to buying insurance products which are sometimes useless and just overly expensive, you should educate yourself on the matter. The brochures offered on the site offer valuable details about planning on how to deal with situations such as job loss, injury, illness and other not so pleasant circumstances.  

Tax Guides

Paying taxes is every individual’s daily worry. Since it takes a fundamental place in financial planning, the company offers tax guides. This free advice is aimed at British nationals in Europe. 

Considering there’s several most attractive EU destinations for British expats, the firm offers written guides to taxes in France, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Spain and Portugal.

With this advice and the assistance of the company, clients can safely set up their living in other EU areas, plan their finances and manage them most efficiently.

Residency Guides

UK nationals living in Europe have faced some particular issues related to the UK exiting the European Union. Residency guides that can be found on the site are meticulously explaining the regulations in place, which can help UK citizens make decisions about various aspects of life. 

In the first place, comes a decision about selecting a permanent living place. There’s also issues of transitioning assets and wealth, with the need to plan re-investing in tax-efficient ways.

Should You Consider This Option?

Private wealth management has a relatively high entry point, and is mostly oriented towards high net worth individuals. If you are looking for a reliable service in this regard, however, you can hardly go wrong by choosing this provider.

Otherwise, take a look at one of our funded trading programs. We offer as much as $180,000 in funding for Forex proprietary trading, and we are always on the lookout for talented retailers.


What is Chase Buchanan?

It is a fully regulated private wealth management fund available in over 30 nations worldwide. If you’re looking for a proprietary trading firm instead, have a look at our offer.

How Much Do Chase Buchanan Wealth Management Services Cost?

Unfortunately, the website does not specify any Chase Buchanan fees. Contact the company representatives for more information in this regard.

Is Chase Buchanan Legit?

Yes, this firm holds a CySEC license, which is passported to numerous nations.

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