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COIN360 Review: Well Rounded Service For Deeper Market Insight

COIN360 Review

Although apparently owned by an anonymous company, this website tries to provide a free service for all that wish to keep up with crypto price changes and other market news. 

Alas, the seemingly useful and rich offer is overshadowed by somewhat negative ratings which aren’t necessarily justified. For a full insight into what this site offers and potential risks, reading this COIN360 review is advised. 

General information
Name COIN360
Type of the company Trading tools
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2021
Registered in Data is hidden
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from France, Brazil, Turkiye, Germany, United States
Customer support Yes – email, Telegram
Compensation fund No

Who Owns COIN360 Brand?

COIN360 crypto and exchange data aggregator offers free heatmaps, watchlists and widgets for crypto investors who wish to be always up to date with the changes in the industry. 

However, it isn’t clear what is the name of the owning company of this brand. The website doesn’t explicitly reveal their firm’s corporate information. Two important individuals are mentioned on the site: Jens Danielsson (head of strategy) and Van Thanh Le (content manager). Since one of them is from Malta, we tried searching the business register of that country for potential company information:

COIN360 Information

As apparent, no results came up. Transparency is extremely important, which is something established brands like Nansen are very well aware of. In this case, the lack of company details is a sign to be aware of potential risks. Otherwise, you can also check out the company’s social profiles on X and LinkedIn, as well as their Telegram group.

Pros & Cons

Disturbingly enough, the company rating on Trustpilot is only 2.2 stars out of 5. COIN360 reviews posted there openly accuse the company representatives of unsolicited phone calls that go on for days and weeks on end. These agents are quite rude, pushy and don’t take no for an answer. 

The company has replied to these, saying that those phone calls aren’t coming from their official channels. Is the company indeed innocent and has their name sullied by cons or are they just shifting the blame? No other reviews are posted online and these date to 2021 to be reliable in helping us decide.

The company definitely has some benefits to offer, judging from their list of services. COIN360 Android app is available for free at Google Play Store and has over 100k downloads. 

One downside definitely is the fact that the COIN360 iOS version isn’t supported. However, there’s browser widgets, heatmaps and a plethora of other tools.

Pros Cons
Supports a wide palette of coins and exchanges iOS devices not supported
COIN360 download and customization for heatmaps Lack of reviews online
Widgets can be featured on other websites Reviews on Trustpilot accuse of boiler room operations
Live, real time data displayed Lack of transparency about the owning company
Free to use and listings are free as well COIN360 app contains ads
Detailed insight into important metrics

COIN360 Accounts and Costs

First of all, It’s important to mention that creating a new account is simple and quick, while the service is free to use for every member. That itself is a major advantage compared to firms that have unstable fees that depend on the network, like Obvious Wallet, for example.

This is what the sign up form looks like:

COIN360 Sign Up Form

COIN360 coin tracking tools capture important changes in real time and enable users to keep up to date with the volatile markets, all in order to make educated investment decisions.

Heatmaps can be customized and can display coin data, information about exchanges and NFT values, movements and other information:

COIN360 Coin Data

For a more detailed presentation, clients simply have to choose their desired asset, COIN360 exchange or NFT:

COIN360 Detailed Coin Data

Users can also create their personalized watchlists, choose between more than 4.000 tokens and many curated watchlists with popular coins. This feature is also free and is compatible with MetaMask wallet:

COIN360 Personalized Watchlists

Despite the service being free, the app does feature ads. Furthermore, the firm not being transparent about their legal incorporation is a warning sign, so remain cautious, but feel free to explore.


What is COIN360?

COIN360 is a site that delivers latest market data pertaining to crypto currencies, exchanges and NFTs.

Is COIN360 Legit?

We could not confirm if the business is a legal entity. If you want polished service with impeccable safety and transparency, you should check out our prop firm.

Who Owns COIN360?

It is not known who runs the website but two people are mentioned as key individuals: Jens Danielsson and Van Thanh Le.

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