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CoinScreener Review: A Friendly Tour Through Crypto Features

CoinScreener Review

Are you curious about enhancing your crypto-trading game with AI? Dive into our CoinScreener review for a closer look. We’ll explore its features, tackle its challenges, and see how this tool aids newcomers to the crypto world. Stick around for more informative details!

General information
Name CoinScreener
Type of company Signal Seller
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in n/a
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Unknown
Majority of clients are from Turkiye, United States, India, France, Pakistan
Customer support n/a
Compensation fund No

About this Company

Let’s talk about, a platform designed to usher traders into the future of crypto transactions. The company offers many real-time market data, technical analysis tools, and signals. So, we can see that the CoinScreener AI tool is here to help you make better decisions in the busy crypto market.

Established in 2022, positions itself as your AI-driven companion here. Trusted by over 50,000 crypto enthusiasts, the platform monitors 1000+ markets. Notably, it has a daily volume exceeding 100 billion. 

They let you follow top traders, track whale activities, and receive real-time alerts. This is a massive plus in our opinion! Let’s dive further into what this platform brings to the table.

The Challenge

As digital currencies gain ground, understanding market dynamics becomes crucial. We all know this! With blockchain and global tech trends fueling growth, the rewards are tempting, but the risks are complex. This goes without saying!

CoinScreener and similar platforms step in to help traders decipher market trends.

Tip: What is Composer Trade? This firm is all about empowering investors with intelligent algorithms and strategies. They offer outstanding features, and have an eye-catching website design! 

How CoinScreener Aids Newbies

This tool is armed with a proprietary algorithm and data from 1000+ markets. It’s evident that Coin Screener uses machine learning to simplify the trading process.

For beginners, it enhances risk management and facilitates sharing trading experiences.

CoinScreener Features

As this company supports many different features, we will go through all of them here. You will find many things from trading notifications to whale signals. Let’s hop into all of them!

Trading Notifications

Notifications are the main feature here. You get signals generated through advanced technical analysis and AI algorithms. 

Maximize profitability, reduce risk, avoid emotional trading, and stay updated on top traders’ moves.

Top Traders Tracking

Every trader knows the importance of this type of tracking. Also, top traders tracking gives us better insights into what coins to invest in.

You can stay in the loop with notifications about open, closed, or adjusted positions of top traders. Overall, you can truly improve your decision-making process with timely information.

Tip: What is Avatar Securities? Did you know that this alleged US-based company claims to have it all? However, we found many shady details about them.

Whale Signals

We all want whale signals! You can spot insights into major buy/sell trades and historical whale activity tracking. This is extremely beneficial for all crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Understand whale psychology and stay informed about significant market movements.

Unusual Activities

Last but not least, this tool lets you track different activities as well.

Receive real-time notifications about market pumps, discharges, and irregular volume activities. Make sure to stay vigilant with alerts about abnormal volume trading.

CoinScreener Pricing Plans

This trading tool has 2 options when it comes to pricing plans. Let’s take a look:

  • Free Plan: Access buy/sell orders, crypto trading signals, and order history fixed on real-time trades. Still, there are limited details about whales and top traders.
  • Pro Plan ($99/year): Here you can get unlimited CoinScreener signals and insights into whale commands and psychology. As we said before, there are real-time top trader alerts and access to historical data from 1000+ markets. This is something! 

Note: We must note that this trading tool lacks customer support. This is a big disadvantage as it does not instill confidence in our opinion. A good and reliable trading company must include an email and a phone number on its website. 

A Focus on Security

In the trading world, ensuring safety is crucial. This goes without saying. Signal sellers offer insights into training success, but new traders need to explore data independently. Always verify the details of these companies and their jurisdictions.

We all know that trading signals are handy tools. They truly boost market analysis and help us gain momentum in trading. However, most signal providers work without backing. This makes it quite hard to identify the safest options.

Always make sure to select popular and reputable firms to avoid scams. There are a number of them! Know that safety matters in trading, so stick with trusted options.

Trustpilot Ratings

What about CoinScreener reviews? We checked out Trustpilot, and there’s not a single review for this AI trading tool. This is quite unexpected. Trustpilot reviews are usually the go-to for insights, so this lack of feedback is a bit of a disappointment.

In our opinion, this is not ideal. Generally, we recommend sticking to trading bots with a 4.5-star rating or higher on Trustpilot. Safety should always come first, especially in finance. User experiences matter, so keep that in mind.

Unlock Financial Opportunities

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Final Words

So, to sum it up, CoinScreener offers a bunch of cool features on its platform. From real-time trading signals to keeping an eye on whale moves, they’re going for the full package.

But keep in mind, when you’re choosing a trading tool, check out what users are saying. Our two cents? Go for a trading company with good ratings. And, just to throw it out there, our proprietary trading firm is cooking up something sweet – a chance for you to pocket up to $180,000. It’s your call after all! So, stay informed and make those financial moves wisely!


What is CoinScreener?

CoinScreener claims to be a platform for smart crypto trading.

Is CoinScreener a Legit Signal Provider?

Despite its claims, the lack of reviews makes it hard to confirm the legitimacy of CoinScreener.

What is Prop Trading?

Prop Trading, or proprietary trading, offers a chance to earn with firms like ours! Partner with us and earn up to $180,000!

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