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Avatar Securities Review: Excellent Option For Professional Market Participants

Avatar Securities Review

If you’re looking for Best Stock prop firms, then you can surely find a reliable partner with Avatar Securities US. The service has a long and proven track record, for which many professionals can vouch for.

So, what makes this New York company such an attractive business venture, and what made so many traders choose them? Find out more in our Avatar Securities review.

General information
Name Avatar Securities, LLC
Type of the company Proprietary Firm
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2008
Registered in New York, US
Contact info (212) 217-2405

(312) 920-7302

(212) 217-2409

[email protected]

[email protected]

Trading platforms Takion, Lightspeed, Sterling Trader Pro
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Italy
Customer support Yes – Email, Phone, Online Form
Compensation fund No

Who is Avatar Securities Prop Firm

The limited liability company that operates the website bears the same name – AvatarSecurities, LLC. Established back in 2008, the firm is a part of a larger holding corporation – Avatar Trading Group, LLC. 

According to our research, the company was incorporated in New York, as the data provided by FINRA and SEC suggests. Being a registrant guarantees that the firm is a safe investment solution.

Although prop firms require no regulation by law, this company is transparent and honest about their firm history, legal grounds and registration specifics. That is what essentially makes firms like this so different from common, unregulated, phony service providers like 7XFX.

Local Branches

As the firm primarily caters to US citizens, they have established several branches in major cities. These include the trading rooms in Phoenix, New York and Chikago, and provide direct access to the Nasdaq PHLX, LLC amenities.

Multiple trading floors offer greater flexibility for professional stock market participants looking to work in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Breaking Down the Offer

Introduced as a multi-strategy proprietary trading firm, the business especially focuses on smoothing the path of equities trading. Regardless of the methodology employed, all are equally considered when facilitating the said process.

The technology, dedicated support office and company infrastructure as a whole is what is claimed to be every trader’s ally on their mission of successful strategy implementation. 

Discretionary Proprietary Trading

Discretionary traders at Avatar are able to solely focus on the trading itself, thanks to the several benefits that are stated by the firm. 

First is the offer of leading DMA trading software paired up with scanning and idea generation tools. Moreover, the network itself is developed and maintained by the engineering professionals and most competent and reliable hardware is implemented. 

Automated and Quantitative Proprietary Trading

Advanced traders at Avatar can enjoy using the proprietary API that allows superior execution. Traders themselves can write to the API using C++, Python or the proprietary web interface.

Avatar’s own API, alongside the scanning and idea generation software transfer ideas into action with no latency and without compromising the efficiency. The whole system is claimed to be so perfected that it softens the line between the automated and discretionary proprietary trading.

Remote Prop Trading

In case the traders prefer conducting business remotely, this prop firm has you covered. Remote DMA is provided through VPN connection, using SSL encryption.

All of the relevant information, including account statements and P&L reports, for instance, is available on the portal around the clock.

This kind of cooperation has some constraints attached, however. It requires a robust network infrastructure that supports speeds over 25 mbps over ethernet, as the company does not recommend Wi-Fi connection.

Limited Online Presence

The slim online presence with this prop firm is enough to tell us that their service is oriented predominantly towards the professionals. While the firm does operate their own X account, it still only has 7 followers and no posts.

Additional social links are available on LinkedIn and Lusha, yet these only contain the general corporate structure. Likewise, we’ve noticed a Bloomberg entry as well, which only notes the company’s nature of business and not much else.

It’s easy to see that the people behind this company have business excellence on their mind, as they do not resort to empty promises so widespread with unscrupulous entities like Admiral Trades.


What Avatar considers their main advantage is the level of development their technology has achieved. That allows traders to conduct their trading plans with speed and precision. 

In terms of risk-management, the smart solution for controlled risk provides additional support for safe decision-making. Let’s discuss how that reflects on the software performance and what your choices are as a trader.


On the forefront of Avatar Securities software is Takion, the next generation of DMA technology. The company trading floors fully exploits all of the advanced features of the software themselves throughout their trading floors.

The software comes complete with 15C3-5 compliant risk mitigation, external linking features, basket trading, Atomic Price scanner, customizable option chains and more.

Lightspeed Trader

Traders that this software is most well built for are intraday, swing, and position traders with over 100 different execution strategies. Quote messaging is enabled on optimized level II, which is especially helpful to the mentioned trader groups. 

Historical intraday chart data provides detailed insight into potential market changes that play a crucial role in predicting the future events and placing profitable orders. Ticker alert tool with block analytics is helpful as well. 

Sterling Trader Pro

Remote access trading is provided by Sterling Trader Pro through direct electronic access to various exchanges and ECNs. The terminal also features advanced routing features, which allow for near perfect order routing, as well as realtime profit/loss information.

Advanced charting package and and programmable keys allows for great flexibility to meet each trader’s specific preferences in terms of input and GUI.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros include multiple trading floors, as well as remote access technology. The company offers various benefits as well, which include tax deductibles, yearly Schedule K-1, and optional medical and dental insurance.

One of the major cons of this company is the lack of in-depth information on their website. It does not contain any information about onboarding, and the potential clients need to rely on a simple contact form in order to get in touch with the firm. 

In addition, the application process is not presented in detail, and neither is the pricing. If traders need to pass a test phase, it is expected of the company to be more explicit on how the process goes.

Other Options to Consider

Due to the absence of any user reviews and vague online presence, we can’t help but warn our audience to be careful if ever engaging with this firm. 

There’s no doubt that the company is led by professionals with competitive technology, but you’d definitely expect more online exposure for a firm established 15 years ago. 

If you’re still in doubt about trying funded trading or not, allow us to tell you that our company can fund you with up to $180,000 for trading. Applying is simple, but if you still need more information on the programme, feel free to book a zoom consultation with our representatives!


What is Avatar Securities?

This is a proprietary trading firm that was established in 2008.

Where is Avatar Securities prop firm based?

The company is based in New York City with offices in Phoenix and Chicago.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Funded trading is an opportunity that talented Forex traders can achieve by showcasing their talent. Pros of being funded are based on the chance to trade with the firm's funds and not your own.

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