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CoolWallet Review – Is It a Secure Crypto Storage?

CoolWallet Review

The main reasons people list why they purchase hardware wallets are their design and visual appeal. CoolWallet is a hardware wallet designed for securely storing cryptocurrencies. 

It’s a compact, credit card-sized device that connects to mobile devices and supports Bluetooth. Allowing users to manage crypto assets through a mobile app. It offers features like biometric authentication, multi-coin support, and the ability to make transactions on the go while keeping your private keys offline, thus enhancing security.

It provides CoolWallet Pro and S hardware wallets and the CoolWallet App to ensure the most cohesive cold storage protection for digital assets. We will put that to the test. Evaluating user feedback.

General information
Name CoolWallet
Type of the company Crypto Wallet
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2017
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan
Customer support Available
Compensation fund Within 14 days after the cancellation process

User Feedback

Unfortunately, with all the great offerings, it appears the reviews are not as clear and neat as the platform states it is. On a well-known source Trustpilot, the crypto wallet received a poor score of only 2.3. 

However, after further research of online CoolWallet reviews, we found a few sources, such as, that evaluate the reputation and platform features. Yet we can’t analyze this since that is not actual client feedback, and that isn’t giving a full user experience. 

We found on Reddit a user who recently purchased a wallet purely for its aesthetic appeal, mentioning its sleek credit card size and CDC branding. Some users also appreciate the expansion of the hardware wallet market beyond Trezor and Ledger, suggesting that having a less recognized hardware wallet might offer additional security.

Feedback From Platform Reddit

While researching their socials, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, we found a link to their Reddit account. However, the CoolWallet Reddit profile is not available, indicating the platform is banned from the site and no user can access the profile. The explanation is they are banned due to being unmoderated.

Additionally, we found comments from Reddit that alert users to avoid CoolWallet. Stating there are a few problems that are crucial for its reliability. Highlighting that the platform has a wide surface so there is more chance of getting attacked.

Social Media – YouTube Presence

Delving into the presence on social media, we found the platform is active on YouTube. However, the videos span from 5 years ago to the platform uploading a video 2 months ago. YouTube Channel holds 1.65 thousand subscribers. 

Even though not being active recently, users and potential investors who want to commit to the platform can benefit from these video clips. This crucial information could help and guide users for a clearer approach to how to use the platform. Videos included like ‘Introducing the CoolWallet S’ or ‘Setting Up Your CoolWallet S For The First Time’. 

CryptoWallet App

With the CoolWallet app users can easily navigate between Cold and Hot Wallets, with the Cold Wallet offering advanced security mechanisms and the Hot Wallet ensuring a streamlined transaction process. For individuals who are interested in reading about trading education, check out our Prosperi Academy Review

It possesses real-time scanning and alerting to safeguard against phishing DApps and assess the security of received assets. The app also offers a wide range of choices for swapping coins/tokens. Currently, the app supports over 10 main chains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and others. 

CoolWallet S

Credit Card Sized Portability. Bendable, water resistant, and tamper-proof for extra durability. It is described as the thinnest cold wallet in the world. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies that are constantly updated. 


Ultra-thin Lightweight  Blockchains Coins/tokens
0.8mm 6g 14 10,000+

The wallet is rechargeable and it takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. The standby time is around 2-3 months. Comparing different crypto wallets is a smart move. Therefore, read our MetaMask Review to evaluate distinct pricing points and offerings to make your decision-making process easier.

CoolWater Pro

Looking into the CoolWallet Pro, we found that it’s a compact hardware wallet with cold storage technology packed into the size of a credit card. This device offers complete control over the user’s digital assets, allowing them to access anywhere. It connects offline to mobile devices within a 10-meter distance and requires physical confirmation for every transaction.


Ultra-thin Lightweight Blockchains Coins/tokens
0,8mm 6g 35+ 12,000+

It’s designed for professional crypto users. It allows clients to plug directly into the world of DeFi, DEXs, and other apps. 


Looking into CoolWallet price ranges, we found multiple products available on their official website. Offerings are two CoolWallet hardware wallets, as well as 

CryptoWallet Pro – USD 149

CoolWallet S – USD 99

Many users debit which CoolWallet crypto wallet is the better choice, and what is the difference between them. To sum up, CoolWallet S is a standard version while CoolWallet Pro is the advanced version. They both ensure the security of storing and trading crypto, the differences are in the number of supported blockchains and coins/tokens. 

We advise potential buyers to visit the official website for up-to-date pricing information. Websites are prone to change their site appearance, web forms, and pricing ranges. There can always be a better discount offered, so check out the site.

With CoolWallet options, users can buy additional:

CoolKeyUSD 99

  • steel wallet made from the most durable metal, with fine edging to avoid any hand scraping
  • fire and water-resistant steel wallet for protection 

How to Connect CoolWallet to MetaMask?

Engaging with CoolWallet MetaMask, note that newer versions support MetaMask integration, so users can connect their CoolWallet Pro to MetaMask. The download is available on App Store and Google Play. Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers are supported by MetaMask. 

If interested in setting up the MetaMask and connecting it to the crypto wallet, users should go to the official website. While guiding their user through videos and other practical options, the platform provides a step-by-step guide to ensure users understand every aspect.

Concluding Thoughts on CoolWallet

In conclusion, while the platform boasts features like biometric authentication and multi-coin support, user feedback sparks concerns about its safety. But we must say, despite mixed reviews, its compact design and compatibility with popular cryptocurrencies make it an appealing option for some. 

We always advise that potential buyers should carefully consider all the pros and cons and further evaluate the platform themselves. So users, don’t get lazy, read all online reviews, and get valid data to ensure any platform is reliable.


What is CoolWallet?

It’s a hardware wallet where users can manage their crypto assets through a mobile app.

Is CoolWallet Pro Safe?

It seems it is. It boasts features like biometric authentication, multi-coin support, and real-time scanning to safeguard against phishing attempts. However, some user feedback and reviews, and an overall lack of sources, suggest the platform isn’t that reliable.

How Does CoolWallet Work?

It works by securely storing users' private keys offline while allowing them to manage their crypto assets through a mobile app.

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