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Crypto Wealth Expert Review: Is Crypto Wealth Expert the Real Deal?

Crypto Wealth Expert Review

Are you thinking about diving into the world of crypto trading with Crypto Wealth Expert? Hold your horses. In this Crypto Wealth Expert review, we’ll be taking a real look at what this company has to offer, and let’s just say, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Read on for more!

General information
Name Crypto Wealth Expert
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Unregulated 
Warnings from Financial Regulators FCA
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Serbia
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

Unpacking Crypto Wealth Expert

Notably, Crypto Wealth Expert claims to be a seasoned player since 1994. Yet, this is funny as we are talking about a time when the FX market was only beginning to take its first steps.

Moreover, strolling through their website leaves us with more questions than answers. The lack of clear corporate details and the quirky statements are enough. It’s best to avoid this broker, along with another scam called Uptos

No License, No Regulation

This is where things get really interesting. Aside from mentioning SVG courts in their terms and conditions, the Crypto Wealth Expert scam seems to be a ghost in any legitimate database. This is not exactly the kind of transparency you’d hope for from a broker.

Moreover, we can see that they received a warning from the FCA. Beware of that! Make sure to choose safe companies with superb reputations. Go for those regulated by FCA, BaFin, CySEC, ASIC, etc.

An Overview of Their Operations

Launched in 2023, this shady broker targets specific countries and uses some questionable tactics. This includes flooding the web with fake reviews and having boiler room agents on speed dial, ready to persuade anyone willing to invest.

Here is a list of countries they target:

  • UK
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Serbia
  • Norway

Sketchy Trading Conditions

The trading details? Well, they’re not exactly transparent. There are undisclosed trading elements and costs that seem a bit too good to be true.

Notably, spreads starting at 0.93 pips for EUR/USD are extremely suspicious.

Not-So-Impressive Software

What about the software features? This shady firm doesn’t exactly knock it out of the park. Their basic web software is nothing to write home about, and the limited trading tools leave much to be desired.

Even the demo account, initially a selling point, turns out to be a tool for less-than-honorable intentions.

Malware Alert

Security issues? Indeed, they’ve got those too. The trading platform raises red flags about its susceptibility to malware, triggering antivirus warnings during installation.

This is truly not the kind of security you’d want when dealing with your hard-earned money.

Diverse Trading Assets

On the surface, this broker seems to offer a smorgasbord of trading assets. It’s only when you dig deeper that you find inconsistencies between their promises and actual platform functionality.

Let’s take a look at these assets:

  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, ADA)
  • Commodities (Gasolene, Sugar, Gold, Silver)
  • Stocks (3M, Adobe)
  • Indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq)

Account Types

Trying to look legit, the Crypto Wealth Expert broker rolls out various trading and savings accounts. Let’s take a look:

  1. Basic account – $250
  2. Bronze account – $5,001
  3. Silver account – $15,001
  4. Gold account – $50,001
  5. Platinum account – $150,001
  6. Diamond account – $500,001
  7. Black account – $1,000,000

These tiered accounts aim to suit different investor profiles, supposedly giving good benefits.

Note: Their demo account may be a sneaky way for this broker scam to pull you into their web of manipulation. Be cautious – what seems like a harmless trial might end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Crypto Wealth Expert Withdrawal Requests

Are you thinking about withdrawing your funds from this shady company? Brace yourself for a fixed $30 commission and some undisclosed fees and taxes.

It’s not exactly a straightforward process, and the minimum withdrawal requirement is allegedly $50. After all, you may never be able to withdraw your funds from here.

Limited Support – A Lonely Email Address

What if you need to get in touch with support? Well, good luck with that! We can see that the Crypto Wealth Expert Forex scam offers a single email address.

Still, there’s no guarantee anyone will bother replying. It’s all part of their strategy to keep things mysterious. Also, keep in mind that their website is occasionally broken, so you may not be able to see the details you want.

Tip: Blink Trades is a fake firm with bad intentions. The broker is run by a business of the same name from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.                                        

Crypto Wealth Expert Reviews on Trustpilot

Heading over to Trustpilot, the user-generated reviews paint a less-than-rosy picture for this broker. We can see a poor 2.2 stars from over 70 users. This signals a substantial red flag and should definitely be factored into any decision-making.

It’s crucial for users to exercise caution and consider brokers with a more solid track record.

What’s more, it’s a gentle reminder that opting for platforms with stellar reviews, preferably 4.5 stars and above, is a wise move. Especially in the financial domain, prioritizing safety can make all the difference.

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Final Words

This company appears to be a significant FX scam, based on our exploration of its offerings. Please be cautious, and we strongly recommend avoiding such firms. As traders, the burden is on us to choose the best possible offer that aligns with our financial goals.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to explore our superb proposition – a prop trading firm where clients can earn up to $180,000. It’s a choice that puts your financial success front and center.


What is a Crypto Wealth Expert?

Crypto Wealth Expert claims to be a legitimate trading platform, but there are many doubts about it.

Is Crypto Wealth Expert a Legit Broker?

This shady broker is not reliable. Be mindful of that.

Can I Withdraw Money from a Crypto Wealth Expert Trading Account?

Withdrawing from this scam broker is complex. Also, it involves a fixed $30 fee.

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