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CryptoHero Review: Decoding AI in Crypto Trading

CryptoHero Review

Looking to make crypto trading more efficient? Well, you’re in for a treat with our CryptoHero review. Namely, this is a platform that lets you automate trades quite easily. No coding skills are needed! Only your computer or phone, a desire to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and more, and you’re good to go. Keep reading for more interesting facts!

General information
Name CryptoHero – Novum Global Ventures
Type of company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in Singapore
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms Web Terminal
Majority of clients are from Indonesia, Germany, United States, Brazil, Austria
Customer support Email and Telegram
Compensation fund No

CryptoHero: A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

So, why is this AI trading tool so special? CryptoHero bot is the brainchild of Novum Global Ventures Pte Ltd. This is a multi-platform wonder fueled by AI technology. Run by a team of crypto enthusiasts with over 20 years of market experience, this tool is designed for traders of all levels.

The founders, being market veterans, know what traders need. Moreover, this makes CryptoHero a great starting point for beginners who are still figuring out the crypto landscape. But know that the team doesn’t just stop at providing a bot, as they get the importance of education. That’s why they offer guides to help you get started with your bot-assisted journey with just a few clicks.

Despite its relatively short history, this company has shot up the ranks to become a leading crypto bot. Why? Because the team behind it poured dedication into creating a super-intuitive trading robot.

Setting Up CryptoHero

Ready to kick off your journey? Let’s break down the process into easy steps. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require any special skills. We can say it’s just a few simple moves to improve your crypto trading.

  • Step 1: Secure Your API Key. The API key is your entry ticket into the crypto world. Go to your exchange, get that key, and you’re good to go. Once it’s in your crypto toolkit, you’re ready for the next step.
  • Step 2: Go to CryptoHero’s Website. Open your browser and head over to the CryptoHero website. This is where the action happens—no need for anything fancy. Take charge of your crypto destiny right here.
  • Step 3: Connect Your Exchange. Now that you’re on the CryptoHero AI website, you can add your exchange by inputting the API key you got earlier. And there is one more step after that!
  • Step 4: Customize Your Settings. Here comes the enjoyable part. You can adjust your trading settings based on what works for you. The CryptoHero trading bot is ready to trade the way you like it. 

Crypto & Trading Software

Now, let’s talk about the goods. This trading company opens up a treasure trove of crypto coins. As we started writing our CryptoHero review, we found access to hundreds of crypto assets. And the list is just expanding as the bot partners with more market players.

This trading bot isn’t shy. We can see that it plays nice on major crypto exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, and Kraken. The variety is impressive, for sure! You can trade Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and a bunch of others. 

But it’s not just about trading. They want to bring traders together in a community where ideas flow freely. It adds a fun twist to trading, letting you see what’s working for others and learn from their experiences.

Tip: Uptos provides a web trader – UpTrader and according to them, it is the most advanced platform. What’s more, aside from many shady things, this company is based offshore. Stay away from them in order to stay safe! 

Is CryptoHero Worth It? Wallet-Friendly Trading

You’re probably wondering about the price tag. Here’s what we can see – using this bot won’t burn a hole in your pocket. There’s a free version for you to test all the things and see if it suits your style. And for those craving a bit more, there’s a premium version that won’t break the bank. It is just $13.99 a month or $139.99 annually.

For that, you get 15 bots, 3 API connections, and a bunch of other goodies that take your trading game up a notch. The user experience is a game-changer, and at around $14 a month, you’re getting a steal. That is multiple bots, adjustable settings, historical data, practice testing, and integration with top-notch crypto exchanges.

Tip: Now, what about the CryptoHero Tokocrypto integration? This bot can be used to trade on the Tokocrypto exchange. Namely, users can earn free TKO by trading a minimum of $5,000 using the CryptoHero bot.

CryptoHero Reviews from Trustpilot

Wondering what folks are saying? On Trustpilot, this firm snagged a 3.6-star rating from 3 users. This is rather average. While not hitting the stars out of the park, it’s worth remembering that reviews are essential in this domain.

Now, here’s the scoop. Choosing reliable platforms and brokers is key, and a 3.6-star rating suggests there’s room for improvement. For a smoother ride, aim for those 4.5-star gems on Trustpilot.

Tip: What is EGMarkets? The company is owned by Eagle Global Markets, based in Nigeria. Besides knowing that Nigeria has a loose regulatory body, we have checked for regulation. There’s no sign of it, of course. 

Supercharge Your Earnings with Proprietary Trading

Do you dream of leveling up your earnings in the trading game? You’re in for a treat! Making money is a breeze, and we’re here for free chats and expert advice on top-tier trading platforms. Now, the big news – say hello to proprietary trading!

Team up with us and grab the chance to pocket up to $180,000. This opportunity is waiting for you! 

Final Words

To wrap it up, this firm indeed lays out a buffet of crypto trading goodies. From slick trading bots to a number of crypto coins, they’re all about suiting every trader’s appetite. But, a word to the wise is to keep an eye on user reviews.

And when you’re exploring other trading options, steer clear of shady corners. Our tip? Consider our alternative—the proprietary trading gig we talked about earlier, promising you a shot at that sweet $180,000. We’re all about secure and prosperous trading, so choose wisely! 


Is CryptoHero Worth It?

Yes, for its features and low cost, CryptoHero proves a solid investment for all crypto enthusiasts.

How Does CryptoHero Work?

It uses AI tech, automating trades easily, and making crypto trading accessible and efficient.

Is Crypto Trading Bot Legit to Use?

We can say crypto bots can be legitimate and efficient trading tools. Still, caution is advised.

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