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CryptoKings Review: Kings of Lies and False Millionaire Lifestyles

CryptoKings Review

Individuals that masquerade as seasoned online trading experts entice eager earners with their fake educational courses that cost a small fortune. Insufficiently informed traders that wish to dive into the crypto trading world often look for quick ways to learn and become easy targets.

We advise you to pay attention to our CryptoKings review as we expose the rotten strategies employed by these fake crypto gurus and how damaging they can be for your budget. 

General information
Name CryptoKings
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2021
Registered in N/A
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from Norway, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands
Customer support Yes – email
Compensation fund No

Shady Website

When you encounter a suspiciously untransparent website selling certain products, you immediately know the business doesn’t abide by any rules. This anonymous site doesn’t reveal any corporate data, company background, leadership team or legal aspects of their business.

While this niche related to online trading doesn’t require particular regulatory permits from financial authorities, it still has to be transparent about the company registration. Sadly, this bunch of fake crypto trading gurus and multi millionaires only flashes their fake lifestyle and discloses no relevant information.

Bewitching With Riches

Whoever is behind the company really cakes on the viral advertisement. The firm by itself is available on Instagram and X, but the real brainwashing starts with the persona of one Kyl Jay.

This entrepreneur, forex professional, life coach and whatever else the propaganda needs him to be, is an incredible human being. The guy pushes the usual “yachts and pina coladas in Dubai” hogwash on Instagram and YouTube in order to impress the youths and beginners.

One of his incredible feats includes mastering the crypto markets in only 12 months, just in time to predict huge market movements and become a millionaire overnight. Anything to make potential victims get motivated to complete their CryptoKings registration. His IMDB biography page says so, so it must be true – as is the information on some Wikipedia clone site called Wikitia

Company Services

The company advertises their products in such a way that it quickly convinces trading novices to buy them. After all, victims quickly start believing that these services are exactly what they need in order to also get rich overnight as the ones advertising the learning materials. Nothing of this is verifiable, of course, as there are no CryptoKings reviews to be found online.


The company offers various courses to their clients. These are divided into Beginners’ Course, Trading Bootcamp, Trading Mindset and Temperament courses.

Unfortunately, any information about these is locked behind a CryptoKings login paywall. The firm merely promises to set you up for trading excellence, and that’s it – you’ll have to trust their word on it.

Additional services included in the client are Weekly Recordings, FAQs and a Risk Reward Ratio Calculator, which, again, remains unexplained. Vaguely reminds us of yet another site that lacks transparency about their products: Fractalert.

Moonmoney Academy

The Moonmoney academy is supposed to be tailor made for those CryptoKings members that are impatient, and want to launch their career immediately. It’s supposed to cater to investors that don’t have a lot of money to work on their trading – that’s exactly why it’s so expensive!

Following the already established norm, the company again throws around a few trading terms, but this time flashes the word “psychology” a couple of times.

One of the prominent courses teaches applicants “rules of the $hark”, or in English – how to read indicators. It consists of video courses, an exam, and a live trading session with the posterboy.

Kyl Jay Mentorship

One of the major selling points for the CryptoKings education are the 1 on 1 tutelage sessions. The program includes 6 one-hour mentorship classes on Zoom with no other than one and only Kyl Jay!

The mentorship is supposed to teach applicants the basics of cryptocurrency investing. This includes introduction to Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto wallets, TradingView, and some other topics.

Not exactly something you can’t already learn by reading a few Wikipedia articles and forum posts on Reddit. The tutelage costs a hefty sum too – money that would be better spent investing. If you are looking for investment opportunities, you should read our take on Stash and learn about risks.


Nothing says “successful business” like pushing various paraphernalia through the website. Some of the items that are on offer include overpriced t-shirts, overly expensive hoodies, and socks with the company logo and brand.

It’s important to note, however, that the company’s poster boy is not wearing the company merchandise in his social media photos. This sends a mixed message – the items are allegedly of high quality, but not good enough for the people who are already “in the money”.

CryptoKings Price Ranges

Trade secrets and tools advertised by this nameless company are exactly that – a secret. It is never said what the courses can teach you, what kind of specialized education and trading information they include or anything of the sort.

There’s an allegedly free beginners guide that is meant for people who are all about the cryptocurrency hype and want to join in, who wish to invest in Bitcoin but don’t know how and etc.

The other two courses require you to pay for CryptoKings subscription:

  • Bear2Bull Standard Portfolio Strategy – $490
  • Bear2Bull VIP Strategy – $690

Of course, once again, there’s no specifics about what these courses consist of or what kind of education they provide.

However, if you want the whole package, you will have to buy the Moonmoney Mentorhsip package that costs $2.000 and features six hours of lessons with 1 on 1 tutoring. This package should allegedly equip you with enough knowledge to navigate crypto markets wisely.

Don’t Risk It – Try Funded Trading

Speaking of earning and actually getting a chance to increase your capital, CryptoKings Global is probably not the solution you’re looking for. They’ll sell you false information for extremely big amounts of money and it will never pay off. 

Our funded trading program is meant for all talented Forex investors that lack a stable pool of investment capital. Prop firm account we offer can provide up to $180.000 for fueling your trading campaigns on all world’s markets. So what are you waiting for? 


What is CryptoKings?

CryptoKings is an online fraudulent website that sells false crypto trading knowledge and signals.

Is It Safe to Learn From CryptoKings Global?

Absolutely not. Firstly because they sell nothing substantial or useful and secondly because they’ll only steal your money and provide zero of everything they promise.

Is Crypto a Good Investment in 2024?

Despite the dramatic market turns and changes, digital currencies remain the most lucrative and popular online investment niche as of yet.

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