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CryptoSoft Review: How Fraudulent Marketing Schemes Generate Revenue

CryptoSoft review

Hiding behind a seemingly different domain name, the CryptoSoft fraud is actually another one of the “immediate” fraudulent sites. We have already reviewed a bunch of similar sites, and told our readers all about the dangers of these devious information gathering agencies.

If you’re a newcomer to our platform, take a few minutes to read our CryptoSoft review, and learn how to recognize these fraudsters in the future.

General information
Name CryptoSoft
Type of the company Affiliate Campaign
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is Hidden
Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Philippines
Customer support Online Form 
Compensation fund No

Run by Anonymous Entities and Persons

There’s simply no way to trace this firm in any way. The website hasn’t revealed their registration number, country of origin and legal jurisdiction or even the physical address of the conduct.

Although affiliate campaigns do not need regulation by law as they do not provide financial services, they still need to show some form of transparency and abide by the AML standards that govern their area of operation. 

That is certainly not the case with the mentioned entity, as well as any other from the “Immediate family scam” like Immediate Growth.

Many Faces of One Fraud

CryptoSoft scam appears under several names. Since there’s no transparency to the conduct or their legal background, these swindlers can refer to themselves however they wish. Their business doesn’t exist inside any legal framework or outside of the internet, anyway. 

Other names that this con goes by are Immediate ePrex V1, Immediate 100 ePrex and Immediate ePrex 6.0. All of these aliases serve the unified goal of confusing customers and keeping the fraudsters’ anonymity uncompromised. 

No Online Presence

Various con artists will try different methods to advertise their services. One of the most common tactics include use of viral advertising on social media, or employment of boiler room agents to endlessly pester potential marks.

All of the misleading sites of the “immediate” kind use a somewhat different approach, however. Just like with Immediate Fortune, there are no social links and nobody will call you in the middle of the night to ask for money. In this case, the advertising is embedded in the site itself, through a careful use of search keywords.

These search terms are hidden in plain sight, with many of the company aliases we already mentioned acting as these keywords themselves. This ensures that the company website will pop up in the search results of whoever starts looking for a forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange, or a prop trading firm.

Mechanisms of Deceit

Scam affiliate campaigns are deceptive and fraudulent marketing schemes that aim to generate income through various dishonest methods. In legitimate affiliate marketing, individuals or companies earn commissions by promoting and driving traffic to another company’s products or services. However, illicit promotional schemes abuse this model for unethical purposes.

For example, in this concrete case, the owner of the domain attempts to convince their targets to sign up with their portal to unlock supreme AI trading software. At that, the platform their clients will be connected to is marketed as if it was a premium service provider with countless benefits to offer. 

In truth, unsuspecting victims leave their contact information and other personal details during the sign up, which is then sold to offshore unregulated brokers. Also, the new signups get redirected to suspicious online trading portals that aim to rob them blind.

CryptoSoft app: No Proof of Existence

The alleged CryptoSoft bot that conducts trading instead of users and places unmistakable trades is called the Immediate 100 ePrex.

 As an AI-powered terminal it is asserted that it can make beginners and professionals successful in all markets and make them rich in a blink of an eye. 

Fraudsters of this kind always promote nonexistent or low-quality products or services to generate sales and commissions. Victims, sadly, end up with useless products, receive no service at all, or are often even convinced to install malicious software on their machine. 

Costs Made to Look Attractive 

Hidden costs and mandatory fees that are revealed only after you ask for a withdrawal are common occurrences in the scammer circles. 

What also makes an affiliate scheme recognizable is the fact that a vast majority of them require upfront payments. That includes joining fee, membership taxes and an abundance of other made-up costs that are demanded to be paid without any prior notice. 

On the front, you’ll see false advertising at work, trying to convince you that joining is quick and easy and it costs absolutely nothing. At that, the masterminds behind these unscrupulous projects also like to claim that there’s no hidden costs, no trading commissions and no fee for using their revolutionary yet completely fictitious software.

Financial Instruments Advertised

The arrival of cryptocurrencies has forever changed the world of online trading, shifting the main focus to digital assets buying and selling. Unfortunately, even after more than a decade since digital coins have stepped into the scene, countless investors have yet to learn about the basics of the gigantic crypto apparatus. 

Cyber criminality heavily exploits this lack of experience of a vast number of investors and sells them useless products, abuses their trust and snatches their hard-earned money in a matter of minutes. It’s no wonder this is the main focus of the CryptoSoft crypto fraud.

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What is CryptoSoft?

It is a fraudulent domain that belongs to a group of nearly identical websites, all made with the purpose of defrauding clients and abusing their personal data.

Is CryptoSoft a Legit Crypto Trading Platform?

No, the company is completely illicit, and any advertised software on the site is just vaporware used as a bait.

How to Select the Right Broker for Trading Online?

Always make sure to verify the company’s legal status with the main financial regulators in the relevant jurisdiction.

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