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Affiliate campaign Scam

Bitiplex Review
BitiPlex Review – Don’t Waste Your Money On Fake AI Promises

Trading bots empowered with the latest artificial intelligence mechanisms turning beginners into mil…

Everix Edge Review
Everix Edge Review – Fake Trading Edge Leads Registrants to Loss

No fees charged, hundreds of trading tools and facilitators available and a dedicated account manage…

Algo Robot review
Algo Robot Review: One Page Scam Sells AI Trading Illusions

AI trading solutions are still in their infant stage, and will need a lot of time and development to…

CryptoSoft review
CryptoSoft Review: How Fraudulent Marketing Schemes Generate Revenue

Hiding behind a seemingly different domain name, the CryptoSoft fraud is actually another one of the…

Bitcoin Sprint Review
Bitcoin Sprint Review: Breaking Down Bitcoin Sprint

Bitcoin Sprint talks big game about some innovative trading features, but is it the real deal? Our i…

Smartbitboost Review
Smartbitboost Review – The Mirage that Exploits Dreams of Wealth

The idea that this site is trying to sell you is based on highly accurate AI technology used to empo…

Graminator Review
Graminator Review: Data Collection Agency Supports Scam Industry

Illicit companies need to start somewhere when looking for potential victims. This information is pr…

Crypto Genius Review
Crypto Genius Review: Is Crypto Genius the Real Deal or Just a Scam?

Are you curious about Crypto Genius and eager to know if it’s a legit trading platform or just ano…

LimmerCoin Review
LimmerCoin Review: New Year, New Trading Scams

Are you curious about LimmerCoin and its role in the world of crypto trading? Well, hang on tight be…

NFT Profit Review
NFT Profit Review: New 2024 Crypto Affiliate Scams

So, have you ever heard of the NFT Profit scam and its promises of easy crypto trading? Well, buckle…

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