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Danelfin Review – Can You Elevate Your Methods With This Tool?

Danelfin Review

Discover the power of Danelfin, a platform that leverages AI to provide insightful analytics on stocks and ETFs. While many tools may appear similar, Danelfin’s commitment to innovation and accuracy sets it apart. Keep reading to uncover how Danelfin’s AI technology revolutionizes investment strategies and empowers investors to make informed decisions in today’s dynamic markets.

General information
Name Danelfin
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Spain
Contact info +34 902106113 
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada
Customer support Available
Compensation fund No – Free Trial Available

User Reviews

This tool has garnered a 4.0 rating on Trustpilot, yet with a limited number of Danelfin reviews; just 14 in total. While it’s intriguing that the platform has yet to amass more reviews given its establishment in 2020, the existing feedback offers a mixed, still mostly positive perspective on its services.

One user, expressing their initial experience as a newcomer to investing, lauded the platform for its predictive capabilities, emphasizing its significant role in shaping their investment strategy. 

However, the journey to satisfaction with Danelfin hasn’t been entirely smooth for all users. Some encountered hiccups during the upgrade process. Nonetheless, through communication with Danelfin’s customer service, these issues were ultimately resolved, with the user noting the company’s commendable efforts in rectifying the situation.

In essence, while Danelfin may encounter occasional bumps along the road, its overall positive reception highlights its potential as a valuable resource, offering a blend of accessibility, functionality, and customer support.

Additional Feedback

One Reddit user expressed their curiosity about the platform and sought insights from others. Another user responded, stating there is a lack of online presence for Danelfin and referencing a negative experience with the platform. However, the reviewer later mentioned that Danelfin contacted them to address their system misuse, suggesting a resolution to the situation. 

The Reddit thread highlighted a mixture of curiosity, skepticism, and optimism among users regarding Danelfin’s capabilities and effectiveness in guiding investment decisions. Overall, while researching its user feedback, mostly positive feedback will show up, which is a good sign.

Option Plans

Upon exploring Danelfin’s offerings, we discovered three distinct plans available for users. These plans can be easily compared on the official website, enabling clients to gain a better understanding of the features included in each option.

Users should keep an eye out for promotional periods as Danelfin frequently offers discounts. Currently, there’s a sale ongoing with 50% off on all pricing plans. This news is particularly beneficial for users contemplating investment in the Danelfin AI tool. Furthermore, users can take advantage of a free trial period.


  • 10 stock/ETF reports per month
  • Top 10 ETFs & stocks in ranking
  • 1 Danelfin portfolio, 5 stocks/ETFs per portfolio
  • Top 2 Trade Ideas

We greatly appreciate platforms that provide demo accounts or free versions of their plans, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the tool and explore its features firsthand. For users interested in reading about prop firms, check out our Waka Funding Review


  • Top 10 stocks to buy daily newsletter
  • Unlimited stock/ETF reports and rankings
  • Unlimited stock rankings
  • 5 portfolios, 30 stocks/ETFs per portfolio

Pro – has all Plus features, with additional:

  • Unlimited top sectors and industry rankings
  • Unlimited portfolios and stocks/ ETFs
  • Unlimited Trade Ideas
  • Top, technical, fundamental, and sentiment alpha signals
  • Export to CSV


In terms of Danelfin pricing ranges, as stated, for those seeking a cost-effective option, the Free plan stands out as an attractive choice, providing access to basic features at no charge indefinitely. What’s more, no credit card information is required to sign up.

For users desiring additional features, Danelfin offers two premium plans: Plus and Pro. The Plus plan offers significant savings of USD 72 annually compared to the monthly subscription. Additionally, users have the option to try the Plus plan free of charge for 14 days before committing to a subscription.

On the other hand, the Pro plan caters to more advanced users with its comprehensive set of features. Subscribers to the Pro plan enjoy even greater savings of USD 216 annually compared to monthly billing. On another note, for individuals looking for a legitimate wealth management fund, be sure to read our Chase Buchanan Review

Pricing Plan PLUS PRO
Monthly USD 19 USD 228
Yearly USD 52 USD 624

Similar to the Plus plan, users can explore the Pro plan through a 14-day free trial before making a decision. Both premium plans offer secure payment processing through major credit cards and automatic renewal at the end of each billing cycle, with the flexibility to cancel or modify the plan at any time.

Danelfin App

Users can have an enhanced experience through the desktop Danelfin app, available for 

  • Mac
  • Windows (PC)
  • Linux systems via WebCatalog Desktop

Unlike traditional trading platforms that may offer mobile apps for on-the-go access, Danelfin’s focus lies in providing a streamlined desktop experience tailored for serious investors and traders. 

While the desktop app caters to users seeking a robust and feature-rich trading experience, Danelfin also provides a convenient web app for members to access the platform from any internet-enabled device. 

Through the web app, current members already have available Danelfin login, and can easily access their accounts. Whether users prefer the immersive experience of the desktop app or the convenience of the web app, Danelfin incorporates both.

Does Danelfin Offer a Refund?

Danelfin does not provide refunds for its premium plans. This policy is based on the availability of a free plan that allows users to explore the platform’s AI-powered Danelfin stock picker and portfolio management features before opting for a premium subscription. 

However, users have the flexibility to try a plan with the monthly option first before deciding to commit to an annual plan. This approach enables users to assess the platform’s suitability for their needs without the obligation of a long-term commitment.

Customer Service

Users can choose customer support through two main channels: a web form and a help center. Members have available assistance by filling out the web form, detailing their query or issue, and submitting it directly to the support team. 

Additionally, the platform offers a robust help center, where users can explore a range of categories covering topics such as stock and ETF analysis, investment ideas and strategies, portfolio management, technology, emails and alerts, billing, and account-related queries. 


Despite its relatively recent establishment, Danelfin has garnered positive feedback from users, highlighting its predictive capabilities and user-friendly interface. The availability of a free plan and transparent pricing options further enhance its appeal, providing users with flexibility and accessibility. 

While challenges may arise, Danelfin’s commitment to customer satisfaction underscores its potential as a valuable resource for traders. Yet, as with any trading tool, be sure to evaluate all the pros and cons before committing to any platform.


What is Danelfin?

It’s an AI-powered platform that utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to generate predictive scores and insights.

Is Danelfin Reliable?

Its reliability is rooted in its commitment to accuracy and transparency. While no tool can guarantee success in investing, Danelfin's track record and positive user feedback suggest that it offers valuable insights for investors.

How Does Danelfin Work?

Danelfin works by analyzing data related to stocks and ETFs using sophisticated AI algorithms.

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