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Duplikium Review – Genuine Copy Trading System or Another Scam?

Duplikium Review

Duplikium presents itself as a reputable copy trading system, partner of FXCM, and other reputable brokers. Allegedly, it’s a Mirror Trading Platform supported by any Forex or CFD broker in the world.

But, for a copy trading system to be successful, it does have to have a good source of information. Let’s go through this Duplikium review together and see how their offer sounds.

General information
Name: Duplikium Sarl
Regulation status: Unregulated 
Warnings from Financial Regulators:
  • No official warnings
Website link: 

Active since: 2013
Registered in: Switzerland
Contact info: [email protected]
Trading platforms: Mirror trading platform
Majority of clients are from: Italy, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, India
Customer support: Email, Telegram, social media
Compensation fund: No

Is Duplikium a Legitimate Copy Trading System?

Duplikium is a brand of Duplikium Sarl, registered in Switzerland. As such, the company belongs under Swiss laws and EEA zone rules. However, they do everything in their power to ensure that only you suffer losses in your trading, including a clause that there will occasionally be technical problems, internet issues, software or hardware failures, and delays. 

Furthermore, as a copy trading system, this company doesn’t belong under FINMA authorization, meaning that the compensation fund does not protect you, nor do you have any financial guarantees.

What Can You Trade With Duplikium?

Since it is not a brokerage itself, Duplikium offers a copy trading system for whatever assets their broker partners do. In most cases, these are:

  • Commodities – gold, silver, natural gas
  • Stocks – Amazon, Apple, Microsoft
  • Indices – AU200, DAX30, CAC40
  • Binary options, etc.

Note that binary options trading has not been legal in the EU since 2018 due to its risky nature and issues with gambling-like processes.

Available Trading Platforms

According to its website, the company supports trading through various platforms and technologies, including:

  • cTrader,
  • LMAX,
  • FXCM
  • FIX API, 
  • NinjaTrader,
  • TradingView.

You can register as a trader or a signal provider and offer access to your followers through a dedicated Cockpit. Furthermore, you can use RESTful API and customize the Trade Copier according to your wishes or integrate your own technology into the website.

What we find rather odd is that there’s no mention of MetaTrader as a viable platform to connect to, knowing that this software holds around half of the market share.

Duplikium Pricing Plans

Duplikium accounts overview

There are several pricing plans with Trade Copier that allow you to connect to their system. Each comes with its own limitations, which we’ll try to present here.

Free Plan:

  • 1 Master and 1 Slave account
  • A maximum of 10 lots per day / 20 lots per month
  • A maximum of 20 orders per day / 50 orders per month
  • Lots of unavailable features, such as global account protection and pending price updates
  • No email alerts
  • API, Cockpit, and a dedicated server are only available with an add-on

Flexible Plan:

  • Unlimited volume/orders
  • All features included
  • API included with a minimum of 10 accounts
  • Free email alerts

If you wish to upgrade, you will need to pay a subscription of 19 EUR/month if your billing period is monthly, 16.67/EUR per month for 3-month billing, and 12.50 EUR/month for yearly billing.

Each additional connected account will cost you 3.90 EUR per account.

Duplikium Add-Ons

As you can see, the company offers various add-ons to both Free and Flexible plans.

You can add a dedicated servicer for 140 EUR/month if your billing is annual, register as a signal provider for 69 EUR/month, or add web service API for 34 EUR a month, again, if billed annually.

These services should improve your experience, but you have no guarantees as the company openly states that FINMA or any other relevant financial authority does not regulate it.

Duplikium Reviews – Customer Opinion

At the time of writing, we found a total of 19 reviews on Trustpilot, with 53% being 1-star. Customers claim that they were assured they would be able to use MT4 and MT5, but this technology is not supported. Furthermore, they weren’t getting refunds even though they were misled to purchase the service.

Additionally, canceling the subscription seems like a real hassle as the support team is hard to reach, and they don’t check their emails or help in time. Seems like a classic rip-off to take one last deposit.

Earnings and Withdrawals

Surprisingly, the FAQ section doesn’t contain any information about available payment options for subscription payment and profit withdrawals. From what we were able to extract from their Business Terms and Conditions, you can use your:

  • Debit/credit card,
  • Cryptocurrency.

Of course, it’s your sole responsibility to manage your subscription, and if the subscription renews automatically, you cannot get a refund.

As per withdrawals, we understand that they should be done from your broker account even though you used the Duplikium server to copy trades. Not very well clarified, if you ask us.

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Of course, making money from online trading is perfectly possible. However, you have to be very careful who you trust. You need a reliable broker with a license within your legal jurisdiction and the proper tools.

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What is Duplikium?

Duplikium or Trade Copier is a copy trading system that gives you signals to follow and increase your profits.

Is Duplikium Regulated?

Duplikium is a brand of Duplikium Sarl registered in Switzerland, and the company doesn’t belong under FINMA or any other financial authority supervision.

Why Should I Test Your AI Analysis Bot?

Our tool utilizes the latest AI technology to scrap the real market data without relying on someone else’s opinion. By registering today, you’re granting yourself 20 days of free access.

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