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Everix Edge Review – Fake Trading Edge Leads Registrants to Loss

Everix Edge Review

No fees charged, hundreds of trading tools and facilitators available and a dedicated account manager and/or financial advisor to every person that signs up. What a magnificent offer this may seem at first. 

Without much clarification, and while staying completely anonymous, this sparkly website wants us to simply trust their word on everything. That is not how the online trading world and regulations work, however, so keep reading our Everix Edge as we investigate these matters for you. 

General information
Name Everix Edge
Type of the company Affiliate Campaign
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since Use Active since info
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from Italy, United Kingdom, France, Denmark
Customer support Yes – Online Form
Compensation fund No

Anonymous Fraudsters

As soon as you start looking around the website and explore the content you’ll determine that something is heavily off. Immediately we started asking questions about who runs the site, where the company’s headquarters are located and how the conduct is regulated. Nothing, however, could be learned from the web presentation itself.

That’s why we moved on to looking through the legal documents, but they provided no hints, either. Judging from the Google results, it doesn’t seem like this business even exists outside of the internet. The Everix Edge scam is an affiliate scheme that doesn’t need an online trading license by the book, but that doesn’t make the problem any less severe. 

As a matter of fact, the Everix Edge crypto business is as dangerous as any other fraudulent online campaign that drags customers into financial disaster while promising guaranteed profit. The only difference is that these swindlers are unknown and do not even try to fake their corporate data.

No Social Networks Appearance

What you’d usually expect from an esteemed organization or an online financial services provider is wide internet presence. These companies usually have social network profiles with thousands of followers and an established user base.

That’s exactly what differs this scheme from a regulated firm’s activities and online appearance. Cons running this unscrupulous site are not known, the brand doesn’t have any online presence and no links to their social networks pages are not given. 

While the scammers behind the site are most probably present and lurking on Facebook and other platforms, they do not display association with the brand itself. That is also why you won’t find any Everix Edge reviews online on any of the popular review portals, like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Tricksters Have Their Ways

Who wouldn’t want a trading bot and a financial manager to run their account for them and allocate their capital accordingly, when all an investor should do is sit back and wait for profit to arrive. Nothing sounds better, easier and more attractive than such offers. 

Doesn’t this sound too good to be true, though? Boiler room agents you leave your contact info for while trying to create a Everix Edge login will pester you persistently, while trying to sell you the idea of wealth coming from zero effort. 

What this suspicious website does as an affiliate scheme is collect user data from their registrants and then sell it to illicit brokers that are always looking for new victims. Another mechanism or tactics they use to profit is redirect their users to unregulated brokerage platforms and earn commission that way.

Mysterious Platform – Does it Exist?

The allegedly multi purposeful and reliable web-based trading software is advertised as if it was a newest and most promising technological discovery. We’re supposed to believe, only based on empty promises, that this remarkable and exceptionally accurate software will lead us to our financial goals in no time. 

Even after sharing our contact information on the portal (something we do not recommend you to do) we encountered not a single proof of this web trader. 

Everything was carefully designed to lead you into believing you’ll be the next Bill Gates with Everix Edge AI tools. 

However, none of it is real – the platform doesn’t exist and now you have a bunch of greedy and pushy scam agents insisting you sign up for this scheme.

Zero Costs? Improbable

Regulated brokers are, first of all, known for their transparency, especially when it comes to trading conditions and costs, as well as commissions and payout taxes. That is so because financial authorities oversee their activities and make sure the truth is all that is presented to customers. 

Since this shady conduct we’re reviewing operates under no legal supervision, they can claim just about anything they want on their site. When they’re not supervised and properly sanctioned by any authority, it’s no wonder to see them claim how all their services are free. 

We’ve already seen promises of the Everix Edge bot being completely free to download and use. Not only does this ghostly app perform miracles in trading but it is also absolutely free? Hardly. Especially when we hear that the portal also doesn’t charge any trading commissions and payout taxes. How realistic does that really sound – you be the judge.

Funded Trading – Make the Right Choice!

An abundance of false online trading platforms, affiliate campaigns that steal your data and fake trading bots and AIs can be quite discouraging for a talented Forex trader. Affiliate campaigns won’t just subject you to torture from their boiler room agents and potentially steal your identity. These cyber criminals straightforwardly deliver you to even more vicious scammers – illicit and offshore brokers.

To avoid any turmoil and get your profit based on your own effort and skill, we recommend something you can actually rely on. Our proprietary trading firm is a transparent business that helps prospective Forex investors to profit from their expertise and competency. 

The best part of our offer – you won’t even have to risk your own capital while trading! Our funded program supports traders with up to $180.000 and guess what? You can become one of our countless traders today! If you’re interested in becoming funded by our prop firm, all you have to do is book a free zoom consultation with our company representatives. 


What is Everix Edge?

The conduct is just a flashy website that is a trap for investors looking to be empowered by AI trading tools.

Is Everix Edge Legit?

Most definitely not. The business is completely anonymous and presents no substantiated proof of their legitimacy.

How to Trade Without Using Own Capital?

The best solution for that is signing up for our prop trading firm - we offer funded programmes for talented traders with up to $180.000 funds available for a single trader.

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